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SpaChina Jan/Feb 2018


关键字: 养生,休闲,水疗

human body to remove free radicals, and the
root of health. SOD level is a direct indicator
of aging and death. It combats and cuts off the
harm that oxygen radicals exert to cells and
repairs damaged cells immediately.

High life pressure, environmental pollu-
tions, various radiations and over exercises
will cause oxygen radicals to be formed. SOD
effectively removes free radicals and thus delays
aging. Therefore, people begin to attach more
and more importance to SOD.

es. When females enter climacteric, estrogen old, the morbidity of colon cancer doubles Factor related to aging:
decreases rapidly. As a result, all the tissues, every five years. The colon cancer morbidity Inflammation
organs and systems that house the estrogen rate of estrogen users has decreased from 0.71
receptors undergo big changes and lead to to 0.55. Different skin problems like color spots, coup-
sever constitutional symptoms before and after erose skin, and coarse pores all have one root –
menopause. Factor related to aging: skin inflammation. The inflammatory respons-
Free radicals es taking place in the dermis layer is hard to
Skin changes: skin loses elasticity and radi- be perceived by the naked eye, so people often
ance, and becomes dry, crumpled and itchy. Free radicals are the harmful compounds gen- neglect this crime culprit. Skin inflammation
Pigmentations of different kinds begin to erated in the oxidative metabolism process. is a result of external invasion. Inflammation
emerge. Hair becomes dry and grey. And all Sunshine, computer radiation, cigarettes and reduces the self-defense and repair capacity
outward aging symptoms become more and alcohol, pressure, bad mood, insomnia, high of the cells, deteriorates skin conditions and
more obvious. temperature, over-exercise and junk food may accelerates aging.
all increase the number and activity of free
Increasing morbidity of coronary heart radicals in the body. Existing in the deepest Factor related to anti-aging: EGF
disease: estrogen protects blood vessels from subcutaneous tissues, free radical is the main
being hardened and blood lipid from ris- cause of skin spots and skin aging. It will not Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is an active
ing high. With the decrease of estrogen, the only largely stimulate the generation of pig- substance in the human body. It stimulates
morbidity of cardia-cerebrovascular diseases ment cells, but also speed up their secretion, cells’ proliferation and differentiation and
increases. Meanwhile, triacylglycerol, cho- which is melanin. As melanin accumulates, replaces aging and dead cells with newborn
lesterol and low density lipoprotein see clear color spots emerge. cells. EGF makes the epidermis cells more
increases. plump and the appearance younger. It also
Free radicals can trigger over 100 diseases prompts collagen growth and repairs aging and
Osteoporosis: when estrogen declines, the including the most common ones such as arte- cracked elastic fibers.
calcium in the bones declines gradually. The riosclerosis, apoplexy, heart disease, cataract,
fastest calcium loss happens during the 1-7 diabetes and cancer. They reduce body immu- Younger age witnesses whiter and tender-
years after menopause, with an average los- nity and anti-oxidation competence and thus er skin, higher EGF content and faster skin
ing rate of 2-3% per year and the highest may cause color spots, dull complexion and wrin- renewal speed. EGF is thus known as the “fac-
reach 71% a year. The result of calcium loss is kles. Improper lifestyle and dietary habits will tor of beauty” because its content decides the
osteoporosis, which largely increases the pos- increase the generation of free radicals and lead tenderness of the skin. However, as EGF stimu-
sibility of fractures. to cell mutation into cancer cells. lates cell proliferation uniaxially, such ceaseless
stimulation may cause unpredictable problems.
Amblyopia and blindness danger: the The more the free radicals are, the shorter
occurrence rate of cataracts is much lower life span one has. It is safe to say that free radi- Only when we first know our congeni-
with females over 65 years old who take sup- cals are the root of all evil and the cause of all tal deficiencies can we then effectively make
plements of estrogen than those who don’t. illness. improvements. Likewise, to know our “beauty
Females who have delayed menarche are more gene” is the first step to make an oriented whit-
likely to have cataracts. Moreover, post-men- Factor related to anti-aging: SOD ening/anti-aging solution to target our own
opause females have a higher risk of suffering needs and thus achieve ideal effects.
retina macular degeneration. Superoxide dismutase(SOD) is regarded as the
most powerful antioxidase, scavenger in the Shanghai Morgantan Life Science Center
Colon tumor: among females over 40 years Ltd provides full-set gene testing covering all
the items listed above concerning skin whiten-
ing and anti-aging. The testing will detect the
genotypes, tell the influence of these genes to
whitening and anti-aging, make comprehen-
sive assessment to relevant factors and offer
suggestions to personalized skincare. This ser-
vice will surely benefit many SPAs. For more
information, please contact luh@mtgene.cn or
call 18918130063

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spa AND WELLNESS knowledge | 专家论坛


Biologique Recherche Haute Couture

来自巴黎,原液之谜以“定制” Originate from Paris, Biologique personalized skincare by soothing, balancing
为核心,基于活性萃取与独创 Recherche is dedicated to personal- and enhancing the skin epidermis.
疗程,满足每一位客人的个性 ized skincare to meet the demands
化需求。 of every customer, backed up by powerful Meanwhile, the Skin Instant Lab® results
active ingredients and exclusively designed are delivered to Biologique Recherche Labora-
品牌提出“皮肤即时性®”理论:一天 treatments. tory in Paris where the personalized skincare
之内,也在我们的一生之中,皮肤状态一直 team consisting of dermatology experts, cos-
在不停地变化。外部因素如气候、温度、空 The brand puts forward The Skin Instant® metics formulators, pharmacists and biolo-
调、烟草和污染,内部环境如压力、荷尔 concept: throughout the day, and our whole gists tailor the unique products targeting at
蒙、卫生和年龄,都会影响皮肤。 life, our skin status keeps changing, continually the individual’s skin needs. Their source is
affected by external factors including climate, BR’s large formula base covering 60 different
原液之谜皮肤测试仪®(Skin Instant Lab®) temperature, air-conditioning, cigarettes and active ingredients with targeting functions such
是一款随时间变化对皮肤即时状态变化进行 pollution, as well as internal factors such as as supplying water, combating free radicals,
监测的独特系统。测选仪由五个探头和一台 stress, hormones, sanitation and age. eliminating inflammation, balancing beneficial
连接的电脑构成,电脑内配备原液之谜专项 oil secretion, controlling harmful oil secretion,
研发的诊断和分析软件。五个探头分别用以 Biologique Recherche Skin Instant Lab® is firming the skin, reducing pigmentation and
测量皮肤水分含量、脂质屏障功能、皮肤弹 a unique system to monitor the instant skin wrinkles, etc. Customers will get personalized
性、黑色素指数以及皮脂含量。 status changes during a certain period of time. creams and serums that are tailored for their
The equipment is composed of five heads and a own skin status, on each of which are marked a
根据医学护肤分析、测试仪的测试结果 connected computer which is installed with the VIP code. There will also be professional skin-
和问卷反馈,专家顾问先从原液之谜现有产 diagnosis and analysis software developed by care suggestions for the future.
品中为客人搭配出准备阶段的家居产品和护 Biologique Recherche. The five heads are used
理方案,即私人定制护理前的皮肤表皮准备 to monitor skin’s moisture content, lipid bar- Customer feedback is very positive. “When
阶段护理,为期一个月,以强健、安抚、平 rier function, skin elasticity, melanin level and you have tried Biologique Recherche personal-
衡表皮层。 sebum content. ized skincare, you will be surprised at why you
had tried so many meaningless cares in the
同时,测试结果被寄往法国原液之谜巴 Based on the results of Skin Instant Lab®, as market that are generally designed for every-
黎实验室,由皮肤学专家、护肤品配方专 well as medical skin analysis and questionnaire one.” “In the past, my sebum level is a little
家、药剂师、生物学家等组成的定制团队, feedback, the expert team firstly selects proper low, and now it is restored to standard. In the
调配出完全针对客人皮肤即时状况的专属产 products and skincare programs from exist- past, my skin elasticity is of ordinary level, but
品。原液之谜拥有一个囊括60种针对性活性 ing BR ranges for customers’ usage during the now it reaches ‘extraordinary’ level. I have got
成分的配方库,功效包括:补水保湿、捕 preparation phase. The purpose of this one- more plump, elastic and firmer cheeks.”
获自由基、消除炎症、平衡有益油脂分泌、 month phase is to prepare the skin for the later

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spa AND WELLNESS knowledge | 专家论坛


佐佐木重仁 文

Spa通常愿意给客人提供一站式的美丽 也可使牙齿变黑。 喷砂洗牙是颗粒磨砂美白的升级。是使
服务。最近,牙齿美白开始从牙科诊 牙齿美白是指将化学氧化性漂白药物放 用高压气流,把特制的二氧化硅盐砂喷射到
所走入Spa、美容院、健身中心。 牙齿表面,清除不易刮除掉的牙齿表面的附

我们平时看到的牙齿的颜色不仅是牙齿 使牙齿本身的颜色变白,或用物体粘附在牙 着物,这些颗粒状的盐类到嘴里就溶化了,

表面的颜色,还包括透过牙齿表面的牙釉 齿表面遮盖牙齿本色,使牙齿颜色变白的过 感觉非常象Spa里的身体海盐磨砂去角质。

质显现出来的牙本质的颜色。幼儿时乳牙是 程,就是一种是化学漂白,另一种是遮盖美 喷砂能瞬间柔和地把附着在牙齿上的茶垢、

乳白色的,随着年龄的增长,牙齿会慢慢变 白。还有就是通过洗牙,洁牙喷砂的方法, 烟垢及食物软垢清理干净,并能清洁超声洁

黄。造成牙齿着色,发黄的原因很多,一般 还原牙齿的本色。其方法主要有颗粒喷砂、 牙机不能达到的牙面窝沟点隙。喷过砂的牙

来说分为内源性和外源性两种: 冷光、超声波、以及目前最新颖安全的光触 齿也就是被抛光过,非常光洁,且不易再次

外源性着色是由于牙齿表面存在着多种 媒等多种方式,其利弊和效果详见下述。 沉积牙石、牙菌斑和色素,所以洗牙和喷砂

细菌,它们在牙齿表面分泌许多黏性物质, 美白牙膏和喷砂美白 常常结合进行。在洁治过程中对釉质损伤很
日常饮食中的茶垢、烟渍、以及饮用水中的 小, 因此也经常被炒作成为“无痛洗牙”。

某些矿物质和人们唾液中的矿物质吸附在这 最早的美白当然是牙膏类的,含有颗粒的 超声波洗牙
些黏性物质上形成菌斑和牙石,逐渐使牙齿 美白牙膏,磨去牙齿釉质表面的色素,但

变黄或变黑。 是如果使用不当会造成损伤牙釉质。现在 之后开始流行的就是超声波洗牙。超声波龈

内源性着色是在牙齿发育过程中形成 的美白牙膏已经安全很多,还有一些好玩 上洁治术,俗称洗牙。超声波的机械振动可

的,如四环素沉积在牙本质内,就会使得 的漱口洁牙泡沫。这可以改善因为长时间 使水流形成特有的超声汽泡,利用超声汽泡

牙齿变成黄色、棕色或暗灰色,称为四环素 饮用深色饮料或抽烟而造成的牙齿变色, 破裂瞬间所释放的强大超声能量,松解顽固

牙;如果饮用水中含氟过多,也可能导致氟 更可以做为专业美白后的有效维护方式。 的牙结石,达到洁齿除垢去牙石的目的。

斑牙,牙面呈白粉笔色、棕褐色斑块;如果 牙膏中的美白颗粒还可有效控制口腔细菌 超声能量可轻易地清除隐藏于牙缝间及牙龈

牙神经坏死后,血色素与细菌分解产物结合 的生成,防止蛀牙。 下的牙石和菌斑,对牙面的损害非常小,但

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徐姗姗 编译

技术要求高,整个过程严格执行无菌操作, 咖啡、红酒,或抽烟而造成的牙齿变色发 体缺损、牙列缺失的主要方法。但是,因人
因此需要由专业牙医来实施。超声波的强大 黄,但效果说实话不太理想。 而异,还是会脱落、易变色,容易引起牙龈
能量和温热作用产生的内生热,可清除口腔 肿胀、出血发炎等后遗症。不过,凡是贴面
内及牙齿各处的污垢、菌斑,同时杀灭细 贴面美白和牙涂料美白 美白,都是不可逆的,在实施过程中多少都
菌,有效防止顽固细菌对牙齿的侵害,达到 要磨去牙齿表面一层,损伤牙齿,因此牙科
杀菌、消毒防牙病的目的,疗程对牙结石、 遮盖美白法的专业版。是在牙齿表面粘上 医生也不会主动推荐 。
黄牙、烟斑牙等洗后即可看见卓越的美白效 一层贴面,对已经变色的牙齿起到遮挡的作
果,但事实上,去除的仅仅是依附在牙齿表 用。现在流行的牙齿贴面可以分为树脂贴面 牙涂料也是一种暂时的遮盖美白,指涂
面的色素,而不能让牙齿真正意义上变白, 和瓷贴面两种。瓷贴面是汇集了烤瓷牙和树 敷于牙齿表面,能与牙齿表面很好粘结并形
说洗牙可以,说美白谈不上。 脂贴面的优点,美观逼真,这是由最新计算 成完整保护膜的物质,为白色悬浮液体,口
机超精密雕塑切割设备与技术,将与牙齿珐 感味淡,薄荷香型,粘附在牙齿表面相当于
冷光美白和牙托美白 琅质相似的“美白贴片”切割成与牙齿完全 牙釉质,真实感强。牙涂料是由牙医用水门
密合的形状,用特殊活性接口材质将贴片紧 汀及复合树酯牙齿粘胶、超细食用级颜料及
冷光牙齿美白是将较高浓度的漂白药物涂于 密镶嵌在牙齿上,因而价格较贵,相比树脂 食用香精等组成 。操作也很方便,只需均匀
清洁和预处理过的牙体上,再用冷光催化分 保持的时间也要长,理论上可达十几年。 涂刷在牙齿表面上,等其干燥固化即可。涂
解漂白药,使其产生自由氧原子。自由氧原 刷牙涂料遮盖美白牙齿跟牙齿底色无关,用
子活性很高,可渗达牙齿深部,与色素分子 烤瓷贴面色泽好,形态好,跟真牙几乎 牙涂料可以做到想多白涂多白,如刷口红。
广泛结合再释放出来;同时冷光穿透深度相 毫无区别,它的制作工艺很精细,是治疗牙 但它也是如化妆一样,早晚刷牙就会洗掉牙
对较大,可去除深层牙齿腐败分解物中的色 涂膜,牙齿又回到原来本色,只能天天涂。
素分子,由内而外漂白,达到牙齿美白的效 不过这个方法非常适合在家操作。
的高科技方法,使外源性色素污染牙和内源 光触媒美白
牙都有所改善,美白后自然、有透明光泽。 最后我要说的是目前最好的光触媒美白。这
但其美白效果也只能持续几年,并需要由齿 是一项正流行于欧美和日本的最新牙齿美白
科专业机构来做安全操作。但是,记得这是 技术。它运用二氧化钛和光触媒的吸附作
化学漂白剂,对牙龈会造成伤害,让牙齿有 用,不渗透牙髓体就可以去除牙齿表面的色
疼痛,这种副作用已经被大家所重视。 素沉积,进入牙齿深层达到脱色的效果。对
牙托美白是冷光美白的家用型,采用的 不全、龋齿、死髓牙都有效,操作过程仅需
是低浓度的化学漂白剂。是在欧美比较流行 15-30分钟,无副作用,美白效果可维持两
的一种牙齿美白方法。使用者可以根据牙齿 年以上,好的无紫外线的光触媒美白是可以
形状很简单的制作一个齿模。每晚将美白剂 长期连续使用的,不会有牙齿敏感的情况产
和定向酶放在齿模里,每次20分钟,连续使 生,反而能杀菌消炎。光触媒美白是操作最
用9天,效果保持时间为半年到一年左右。 为便捷的牙齿美白方式,很适合在Spa,美
适用于轻、中度的色素牙,长时间饮用茶、 容美发,以及健身中心这类非齿科的机构操

佐佐木重仁/Sasaki Shigehito
Sasaki Shigehito is the Representative of Japan-China Advanced Medicine Bureau in China,
Director of the Hong Kong Oriental Shuyuan Educational Management Institute, China
Regional General Director of Japan Beauty and Economy Agency, Director of Shanghai Weizi
Biotechnology co. Ltd and INFAJAPAN China Representative. Sasaki began his career in the
beauty world as a hairstylist. He has participated in the planning and development of several
best-sell beauty products. He was also in charge of the opening design and preparations for var-
ious salons. In 2008, he moved to China and was able to deepen his communication with China’s
beauty and wellness industry. He thus has become a bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia.
As the China’s representative of Asian International Beauty Association, Sasaki keeps striving
for the development of Japan’s and China’s beauty industry.

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spa AND WELLNESS knowledge | 专家论坛

Teeth Whitening

Coming to join common spa concepts and programs like skincare, wellness, hair care and fitness, a new member

has joined the spa family – teeth whitening. By Sasaki Shigehito

Every Spa is always willing to provide Excessive amounts of fluorine in the drinking ple used to whiten their teeth. Nowadays, there
one-stop beauty services to guests. water may cause dental fluorosis, in the case are more and more quality whitening tooth-
Recently, teeth whitening has begun of which you will see white-chalk and brown pastes and mouth rinse/foam sold in pharma-
to show up at spas, beauty salons and fitness plaque on the teeth surface. Likewise, after the cies. They are effective in dealing with teeth
centers. necrosis of dental nerves, the hemachrome staining caused by long-term intake of dark
meets the bacterial decomposed substances and color drinks or cigarettes. They are also effec-
The teeth color that we perceive is not thus darkens the teeth. tive maintenance ways to keep the effects of
only a surface color, but also the dentin color previous professional medical teeth whitening
reflected by enamel. During our infancy and One practice of teeth whitening is to place treatments. The toothpaste contains whitening
childhood, the deciduous teeth were milk- chemically oxidizing whitening gel on or particles which can restrain the production of
white. With growing age, our teeth gradually inside the teeth. Chemical reactions occur oral bacteria and thus prevent tooth decay.
turn yellow. The causes of teeth staining and between the teeth and the medicine and whit-
yellowing are many. Generally speaking the en the teeth. Another practice is to attach Abrasive blasting whitening is the updated
causes can be divided into endogenous causes certain substances onto the teeth surface to version of toothpaste particles whitening. The
and exogenous causes. cover the original teeth color and make them treatment sprays specially-made silicon diox-
appear white. The former is called chemical ide salt particles onto the teeth surface with
Exogenous staining is a result of the exist- whitening while the latter covers whitening. high pressure draft to clear away the attached
ence of various germs on the teeth surface Teeth wash and abrasive blasting teeth clean- substances on the teeth that is originally hard
which generate viscous substances. When tea ing are also common practices to restore the to be removed. The salt particles melt away
residue, smoke stains, and the mineral sub- natural teeth color. Besides, some of the latest in the mouth just like a body salt scrub at the
stances from drinking water and our saliva join practices include abrasive blasting whitening, Spa. The abrasive blasting can immediately
with these viscous substances, dental plaque cold light whitening, ultrasonic teeth wash, softly clean up the tea residue, tobacco dirt and
and dental calculus begin to form, resulting photocatalyst teeth whitening and more. The food materia alba attached to the teeth. The
over time in yellow or dark teeth. details are listed below. teeth which receive the abrasive blasting treat-
ment are also at the same time polished so that
Endogenous staining takes place in the Whitening Toothpaste and they appear bright and clean. The treatment
dental development process. For example, Abrasive Blasting Whitening can also prevent the formation again of dental
the tetracycline gathering in the dentin makes calculus, dental plaque and pigments. So teeth
the teeth become yellow, brown or dark grey, Whitening toothpaste was the earliest way peo- wash always goes hand in hand with abrasive
which is called tetracycline stained teeth. blasting. The process exerts little harm to the
enamel and is therefore hailed as “painless
teeth wash”.

Ultrasonic Teeth Wash

Then, ultrasonic teeth wash became popu-
lar. Ultrasonic supragingival scaling is com-
monly known as teeth wash. The ultrasonic
mechanical vibration turns water flow into
special ultrasonic steam bubbles. The powerful
ultrasonic energy released by the bubbles when
they burst can loosen the stubborn dental cal-
culus and thus achieve the goals of teeth clean-
ing, descaling and dental calculus removal.
The ultrasonic energy can easily eliminate the
dental calculus and plaque hidden in the slit
between the teeth and under the gingiva. And
it exerts little harm to teeth surface. However,
professional operation is needed. The whole
process must be strictly conducted with aseptic
technique by standard dentists. The endog-

56 | SpaChina • 2018

enous heat generated by the powerful ultra- chemical bleach used in the treatment will do tooth. Veneering whitening boasts meticulous
sonic energy and thermal effect clear away the harm to the gingiva and cause pains. and sophisticated craftsmanship and is now the
dirt and dental plaque in the oral cavity and on major means to treat teeth defects and denti-
the teeth and kill the bacteria at the same time Denture whitening is popular in Europe tion defects. However, the effects may vary
to comprehensively achieve sterilization, dis- and the U.S. as a household teeth whiten- with different individuals. There are also cases
infection, and dental diseases prevention. The ing product using the chemical bleach of low where the veneers fall off, change color or even
treatment has instant and remarkable whiten- concentration. Users can make a tooth mold cause sequels like gingiva tumefaction, bleed-
ing effects to combat dental calculus, yellow according to their own tooth shape and put ing and inflammation. Nevertheless, all kinds
teeth and smoke stained teeth. However, it just lightener and directed enzyme inside every of veneering whitening will inevitably damage
removes the pigment attached to the surface, evening. They wear the tooth mold 20 minutes the teeth surface. So dentists normally don’t
but it is unable to turn the teeth completely for nine days in a row and the effects will last strongly recommend it.
whiter. So we would rather call it teeth wash for half a year to one year. This method is most
instead of teeth whitening. suitable for treating mild and medium pigment Teeth coating is the substances spread
teeth and yellow teeth caused by long-term on the teeth surface which can be perfectly
Cold Light Whitening and intake of tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. cohered to the teeth and form a complete
Denture Whitening But frankly speaking, the effect is not so ideal. protective film. It is a temporary covering.
The substances are white suspending liquid
Cold light whitening involves wiping whitening Veneering Whitening and Teeth with light mint taste and served as enamel
medicine of comparatively high concentra- Coating Whitening when being attached to the teeth. The coat-
tion on the pre-cleansed or treated teeth and ing is absolutely safe, made up with cement,
then use cold light to catalyze the medicine Veneering whitening is the professional ver- composite resin teeth viscose, superfine edible
decomposition and generation of free oxy- sion of cover whitening. It involves pasting a pigment and edible essence. It is also easy to
gen atoms. With high activity, the free oxygen layer of veneer on the teeth surface to cover the handle. Just evenly wipe it on the teeth surface
atoms can penetrate into the deep part of the already changed teeth color. Popular veneers and wait until they are dried and solidified.
teeth and clear away the pigment molecules now are resin veneer and porcelain veneer. The teeth coating method is not influenced by
in the decomposed substances so as to whiten The latter has all the advantages of the former the original color of the teeth and can turn the
the teeth from inside out. This is a hi-tech in addition to its porcelain essence. It is vivid teeth as white as you wish, similar to the usage
method integrating physics, chemistry and and good looking. This “whitening veneer” of lipstick. But just like make-up, the coating
medicine, improving both the pigmentation which resembles teeth enamel is cut into a will be cleansed away while you are washing
stained teeth of exogenous cause and the pig- shape perfectly fit for the tooth and through your teeth every morning and evening. So you
mentation teeth, fluorotic teeth and hereditary special linking materials, the porcelain veneer must do the teeth coating every day if you want
yellow teeth of endogenous cause. As a result, is closely and tightly attached to the tooth. A to make them appear white continually. It is a
the teeth become more natural and lucent. But porcelain veneer is usually more expensive, yet good household application.
the effect can last for only several years and it with longer effects, than a resin veneer, theo-
must be conducted at professional dentistry retically speaking, for several decades. Photocatalyst Teeth Whitening
institutes. Moreover, the high concentration
Porcelain veneered tooth has good color, Photocatalyst teeth whitening is one of the
luster and form, with little difference to dermal latest and best teeth whitening technology
methods prevalent in Europe, the U.S. and
Japan. Taking advantages of the adsorptive
action of carbon dioxide and photocatalyst, the
treatment removes the pigmentation on the
teeth surface and enters into the deep layer to
discolor without penetrating the dental pulp.
It is powerful in combatting dental fluoro-
sis, tetracycline stained teeth, pigmentation,
enamel hypoplasia, dental decay and devitali-
zation. The process takes only 15-30 minutes
basically without any side effects. The whiten-
ing result can last for over two years. Quality
non-ultraviolet photocatalyst whitening can be
done continually over the long term without
causing any tooth sensitivity. On the contrary,
it kills bacterial and combats inflammation.
At present, this practice is the most conveni-
ent-to-operate teeth whitening method, highly
welcomed by non-dentistry facilities such as
spas, beauty and hair salons and fitness cent-
ers because it doesn’t demand much input or
manpower cost.

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spa AND WELLNESS knowledge | 专家论坛




11月 香 港 美 博 会 展 出 的 “ 美 齿 口

安全无机化合物美白溶液 使用。它可以将有害物质分解为二氧化碳和 后通过刷牙,将被分解的色素洗净。二氧化
水,变为无害化,具有清净空气,水净化, 钛还能形成一层保护膜,确保牙齿在很长的
传统的美白凝胶是一种过氧化脲凝胶,其 除臭,防污,防雾等效果。目前为止,我们 一段时间内不被再附着色素。和以往的美白
成分是高浓度过氧化氢,尿素,其中的高 生活的环境中主要的“光触媒”作用都是由 不同,光触媒美白彻底告别了酸、痛、软的
浓度过氧化氢有腐蚀性,会对口腔黏膜造 太阳光来产生的。 感觉,疗程后也不会有任何禁忌,可以立刻
成伤害。 饮用茶和咖啡,甚至冰水。
而“美齿口”美白溶液的主要成分是二 (halogen lamp),会发出强烈热量,损害牙齿 短时间内的显著效果
氧化钛,在蓝光LED光线照射下,产生光触 本体。而现在的蓝色LED灯则是可视光线,对
媒作用,有分解牙渍、抗菌抑菌、除臭及形 人体无害。但要注意的是,好的LED灯本身不 每次疗程的时间大约30分钟,即使只使用了
成保护膜的效果,这是一种在食品和化妆品 太发热,且不含紫外线,而差的则会快速发 一次都会有2个色阶左右的改变。建议每周
里常用的安全成分,喷入口腔对身体无害。 射并含紫外线,这点还是要细细鉴别的。 一次,三个月后可以每月一次作为维护。每
无紫外线的安全波长LED灯和“光触媒” 二氧化钛美白溶液在LED灯的作用下, 同,因人而异。


美白牙齿的产品和方法很多,但也会听 示患者的牙齿是明显的黄牙。在专业牙齿美
到有人抱怨自己用了产品,牙齿却好 白治疗中,疗程前、疗程后根据VITA进行牙
像并没变白。其实,牙齿白没白,不能仅凭 齿颜色对比,就可以对美白效果有一个客观
肉眼观察。 真实的评价。

专 业 牙 医 会 使 用 国 际 上 通 用 的 VITA 比如:患者在美白方案使用前牙齿是D4,
比色板作为牙齿比色标准,对牙齿着色 治疗后变为B2,就说明患者获得的美白效果
的患者进行诊断。专业牙齿美白比色板 是8个色阶。因为B2对应的是数字3,D4对应
由 浅 至 深 的 排 列 顺 序 : 1→ B1、 2→ A1、 的是数字10。
8→ D3、 9→ A3、 10→ D4、 11→ B3、 牙齿美白产品并不可能使每一位患者的
12→ A3.5、 13→ B4、 14→ C3、 15→ A4、 牙齿变得雪白,这要依据个人的牙齿条件。
16→C4。 所以,产品的美白效果不能一概而论,如专
数字代表色阶,英文字母代表患者牙齿 可提高5-14个VITA色阶。
色;C代表灰色;D代表红灰色。变色程度 牙齿美白是一个相当专业的领域,所
用数字表示,数字越高,偏色程度越重。比 以,在专业指导下使用VITA比色板,了解自
如:患者的牙齿颜色是C3,就说明这位患者 己牙齿的颜色异常到什么程度,之后获得专
的牙齿属于中度四环素牙,如果是A3.5则表 业的建议和治疗,可以避免盲目使用不适合

58 | SpaChina • 2018

New Teeth Whitening Fit for SPA

Japanese Photocatalyst Teeth Whitening Treatment

Several years ago, cold light teeth whit- and water, deodorize, and combat pollutions
ening began to prevail in Europe, the and fogs. Most photocatalyst effects in our
U.S. and Hong Kong. Due to the limited daily life are generated by sunlight.

technology at that time, while there were certain The lamp formerly used in teeth whitening

whitening effects, the treatment left teeth more treatment was halogen lamp, which sent out

sensitive to coldness and sourness. But now, the intense heat and hurt the teeth. Now, the blue

situation has been largely improved. Thanks to LED is visible rays and won’t cause any harm

the latest photocatalyst technology from Japan, to the human body. But we still need to assess

the treatment doesn’t cause pain, irritation or the quality of the LED lamp. Good LED lamps

soreness any more. It has a better natural whit- don’t emit much heat or contain ultraviolet ray

ening effect in a safer way and a shorter time. while low quality ones send out much heat and

The Bihaku self-service teeth whitening contain ultraviolet ray.

machine shown at Cosmoprof Hong Kong Exposed to LED light, the titanium dioxide

2017 drew a lot of attention. It serves as a per- whitening liquor initiates the catalysis and thus

fect supplementary service to beauty salons and decomposes the pigment on the teeth surface.

spas alone with hairdressing, manicure and The decomposed pigment is easily washed away

waxing. It is recommended by Japan’s dentists by daily teeth washing. Titanium dioxide can

as the most effective teeth whitening prod- to decompose teeth stains, resist bacteria, deo- further form a protective film over the teeth to

uct. Through a self-service approach, it helps dorize and form a protective film. Titanium guard it from further pigmentation. After the

restore the natural whiteness, cleanness and dioxide is a very safe ingredient applying in food treatment, users can immediately drink coffee,

health of teeth step by step. and cosmetics and does no harm to human tea and even iced water, which is hard to imag-

body after being sprayed into the mouth. ine with traditional teeth whitening treatments.

Safe and inorganic compound whitening

liquor: Non-ultraviolet LED light with safe wave Remarkable effects in short time

Traditional whitening gel is a urea peroxide gel length and photocatalyst Every treatment lasts for about 30 minutes.

rich in high concentration hydrogen peroxide Photocatalyst is a substance which can trigger Only one treatment will give your teeth a

and urea. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong corro- certain chemical reactions when exposed to change of 2 color levels. It is recommended to

sive substance and will hurt oral mucosa. blue ray LED or to sunlight. It is extensively do the treatment once a week and after three

The main component of Bihaku whitening applied in various fields. As it can decompose months, once a month. Of course, each indi-

liquor is titanium dioxide. When it is exposed to hazardous substance into harmless carbon vidual has different teeth conditions, so the

blue ray LED, it activates catalysis which works dioxide and water, it is often used to purify air number of treatments they need also varies.

Criteria for Teeth Whitening

There are various methods and products yellow, C is grey and D is reddish grey. The while D4 to 10.
to whiten the teeth. But still some users numbers after the letters are the levels of color Teeth whitening products cannot guarantee
complain that their teeth seem to not become change. The bigger the number is, the more the
whiter after using the products. In fact, we can- teeth color has been changed. For example, if every user’s teeth will become snowy white. It
not judge it with the naked eye alone. a patient’s teeth color is C3, it means he has depends on the specific teeth condition of each
tetracycline pigmentation teeth of a medium individual. So we can’t give a general conclu-
Professional dentists use the international level. If one is diagnosed as A3.5, it means he sion for the whitening effects of any one certain
standard - VITA shade guide - to deal with has obvious yellow teeth. In professional teeth treatment or product. For instance, the cold
teeth stain patients. According to VITA, the whitening treatments, dentists compare the light whitening equipment used at professional
sequence from light to dark are: 1→B1, 2→A1, teeth color pre and post the treatment accord- clinics will improve 5-14 VITA color levels
3→B2, 4→D2, 5→A2, 6→C1, 7→C2, 8→D3, ing to VITA and thus get an objective assess- with different individuals.
9→A3, 10→D4, 11→B3, 12→A3.5, 13→B4, ment of the whitening effect.
14→C3, 15→A4, 16→C4. Teeth whitening is a professional field. It is
If a D4 patient turns to B2 after the teeth highly recommended to apply the VITA shade
The first numbers indicate color levels while whitening treatment, it means he has improved guide to understand the extent of teeth’s color
the letters represent the color trend of patients’ 8 color levels. Because B2 is corresponding 3 change and get proper treatment accordingly in
teeth staining: A is reddish brown, B is reddish order to avoid blind usage of improper products.

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spa journey | spa之旅



60 | SpaChina • 2018


Paradise of Diving 无限绵延的银白珊瑚








SpaChina • 2018 | 61

spa journey | spa之旅

Sailing Match 充满激情的非洲鼓乐节奏,翩翩起舞。 醉。东海岸的安娜希塔高尔夫球场是毛里求
Sega并非毛里求斯专属,而是印度洋马 斯第一处以USGA标准设计的球场,宽阔的
慢,适合喜欢缓慢节奏的人群及中老年人, 球道,优质的植被使这里发球阻碍较小,非
快艇则更适合寻求刺激的年轻人,可以更接 斯克林群岛常见的一种音乐形式,这些群岛 常适合初级高尔夫球爱好者前来体验。每年
近海豚,有不少人直接跳入水中追海豚,或 包括马达加斯加,毛里求斯,法属留尼旺, 12月,亚非高尔夫大师赛会在这里举行。传
也可选择下水浮潜看海豚。如果你恰好在九 塞舌尔,罗德里格斯等。然而,毛里求斯的 承高尔夫球场位于山海之间,起伏不断的地
月造访,还能遇到一年一次十分壮观的鲸鱼 Sega却是最华丽、最浓艳、最声色的。Sega 势及绝妙景观使其成为毛里求斯极富魅力的
迁徙。 由非洲传来,黑奴劳工把它带到毛里求斯 18洞,72标杆冠军球场。设计师将球场近100
后,将非洲大陆和马达加斯加的马尔加什音 英亩的地域特征精心规划,该球场适合任何
潜水 乐融合在一起,此后又加入欧洲音乐元素, 水平的球手。
三十三万米长的海岸线被珊瑚礁环绕,守 毛里求斯特色的世界音乐。 自然生物王国
精彩的体验之一——探寻美轮美奂的海底世 日落时分,夕阳将天际渲染成幻 高大的王棕、巨大的睡莲、世界珍稀动物茶
界。潜入海底,轻轻松松就可以见到斑斓 彩,Sega在每个度假村里轮番上演。热情洋 隼和粉鸽⋯⋯得益于火山起源和独特的地形
的珊瑚和热带鱼群。毛里求斯是专业潜水教 溢的音乐响起,伴着清脆的三角铁,活泼的 地势,毛里求斯有着独特的动植物群,尽管
练协会五星潜水胜地,拥有至少40家潜水中 吉他,澎湃的手鼓,克里奥尔的游吟歌手忘 随着人类活动的剧增,不少动植物遭到破坏
心,为不同级别的人士提供各类专业的潜水 我地弹唱,描绘着传统毛里求斯人的生活图 甚至灭绝,不可否认的是其生态种类之丰富
项目和精良设备。 景。和着激昂的节拍,抚弄着华美的大裙 在全世界依然罕见。为了满足自然爱好者的
摆,或只是身着便服尽情舞动。岛上所有的 心愿,毛里求斯建造了许多自然保护区和植
东南部的蓝湾(Blue Bay)是毛里求斯最 音乐商店都有兜售Sega音乐专辑,推荐著名 物园。
大的珊瑚保护区,巨大的珊瑚丛里,成群的 Sega艺术家Ti Frère的作品。
岩礁鱼来回穿梭。科罗拉多(Colorado)潜水 海岛西部的黑河谷国家公园占地超过
地则更具挑战,海底布满裂口、隧道、缝隙 高尔夫 16,680英亩,是毛里求斯最重要的自然遗产
和岩石,里面藏着大量龙虾、狗鱼、石斑鱼 保育处之一。不仅拥有风光壮美的热带雨林
和梭鱼。北部海岸邀请所有潜水者前来探 早在1844年英国殖民时期,毛里求斯就有了 景观,还栖居着众多濒临灭绝的土生动植
险,在13米乃至更深的海域里,可以观看船 第一座高尔夫球场,成为世界第三个引进高 物,包括311种本土原生或本地特有的花卉
只残骸,体验急速下降潜水以及简单的入门 尔夫运动的国家,因出色的硬件设施,绝美 植物,以及9种只栖息在毛里求斯的鸟类。
级潜水。Waterlily和Emily这两艘很美的船只 的印度洋海景,和得天独厚的南半球温暖气 茶隼、 粉红鸽及毛里求斯回声鹦鹉在森林深
在1987年沉没于此,位于26米深的海底,一 候,受到全球挥杆迷们的一致推崇。岛上共 处低吟。
直以来都是潜水者的最爱。毛里求斯气候温 建有8座18洞标杆高尔夫球场,5座标准9洞高
和,适合潜水的好天气贯穿全年,水温在22 尔夫球场,大多数位于酒店及度假村内,入 公园设计了多种徒步路径,可在峡谷平
到28摄氏度之间。 住酒店或度假村的客人,还有机会免果岭费 原漫步,也可登上高原山地,美丽的亚历山
享受无限畅打。 德拉瀑布一泻而下,高矮植物密布四处。最
Sega舞 理想的游览时间是每年9月到次年1月,此时
鹿岛托斯洛克高尔夫球场几乎占据了整 繁花盛开,林木葱郁,景致更为绚烂。需要
当地人常说,如果不学一次Sega舞,就算白 个鹿岛,需要搭船才能抵达第一洞的位置。 注意的是园内没有商店和餐厅,因此需要自
来了毛里求斯。无论你是专业舞蹈家,还是 岛上有洁白的沙滩和绿色的山丘,风光迷

62 | SpaChina • 2018

备食物、饮用水和安全急救用品等。 煎蛋、虾仁、玉米仔、蘑菇、青菜、木耳、 疗及美容品牌Seven Colours也受到广大游客
始建于1750年的希乌萨古尔·兰姆古 青椒等层层有序地叠加在米饭或面条上,拌 青睐。
兰爵士植物园是以毛里求斯独立后的第一 饼Gateaux piment、咖喱角Samoussa以及用琼 多元文化造就了水疗中心丰富的疗程选
任首相命名的。八十种形态各异的棕榈树 脂、牛奶、香草或者杏仁酿造而成的Alooda 项,从亚洲阿育吠陀按摩,甄选海洋成分的
是植物园景观的重要组成部分,粗短的瓶 都很受欢迎。 滋养疗程,到采用当地花卉、草药、精油
棕、高大的王棕、40年才开一次花的贝叶 的非洲和克里奥尔特色护理。因得天独厚的
棕,以及有趣的酒椰、糖棕、孔雀椰、蒲 丰富的海产定能让你大饱口福,特色包 自然风光和温暖气候,许多度假村水疗都设
奏等。一池亚马逊王莲随风摇曳,只消几 括玛玲鱼、鲜吞拿鱼、烟剑鱼、生蚝、迷你 有户外理疗区,或坐落热带花园,或设于海
小时光景,新生的嫩叶便缓缓展开成2米宽 龙虾。又因地处亚热带区域,全年盛产新鲜 滩上。即使不是住店客人,也不需担心,大
的经典茶托形状。花朵被巨大的叶子簇拥 蔬果,烹制而成的鹌鹑沙律配草莓醋汁、煎 多数酒店和度假村都欢迎非住店客人的光
在中央,隔天便开花一次。园内亦有丰富 香蕉、芒果椰子鸡胸卷等菜式颇受欢迎。如 临,并且在岛上还有着众多城市水疗/美容
的鸟类以及大量鹿群。 果预算足够多,不妨尝试下百万富翁沙律, 中心。
毛里求斯东南沿海外的离岛爱格雷特岛 料烹调而成,一棵棕榈需五年的时间长成, 推荐毛里求斯奥瑞格海滩度假酒店的
(又称白鹭岛)上栖居着许多海岸森林的幸存 只有树心能吃,一棵只够八人享用,可谓桌 Navasana水疗,中心里有一个非常正宗的土
物种,如200公斤重的亚达伯拉象龟、色彩 上珍品。另外,因盛产甘蔗,毛里求斯的朗 耳其浴体验室,完全复制摩尔式风格,配
异常鲜艳的壁虎、粉色的鸽子、特尔费蜥蜴 姆酒非常有名。 合原汁原味的疗程,带你探寻摩洛哥养生
等,还有上万种植物。 奥秘。另外Navasana的水按摩走廊、日光浴
酒店与养生 室、传统毛里求斯按摩都不可错过。坐落
多元美食文化 在山谷中的Les Mariannes养生中心则由一众
毛里求斯拥有充足的酒店资源,目前共建有 养生专家组成,专业医师,水疗师,健身教
毛里求斯的美食受到了很多美食家们的推 110家酒店,一半为当地特色品牌,一半则 练,营养师为客人度身定制各类健康方案和
荐,和毛里求斯本身的文化一样,这里的美 为知名国际品牌,越来越多的酒店开始聘用 体验。另一个不得不提的就是毛里求斯本土
食既有着混搭的元素,又不缺乏自己的特 会说中文的员工。国际酒店集团包括雅高、 的七彩水疗(Seven Colours),基于东方养生
色。以克里奥尔风味为基调,用咖喱和番茄 丽世、喜达屋、四季、希尔顿、洲际、英迪 智慧中的能量概念,以光的七种色彩对应人
肉煮食,再混搭进法国、印度、非洲、亚洲 格、One&Only唯逸、太阳酒店度假村等等。 体的七大脉轮为灵感而创建。七彩水疗利用
的传统菜式,演绎出独特的毛里求斯口感, 此外还有众多坐落美丽泻湖旁银色沙滩上的 岛上丰富的自然馈赠, 结合充满活力的环境
比如以番茄为底菜的炖鸡肉Daube、印度咖 精品酒店,提供温馨舒适的入住体验,多以 铺陈、色光疗法、音乐、芳香疗法和理疗师
喱肉Vindaye等。 周到体贴的服务和毛里求斯传统家庭式烹饪 独具灵性的双手,帮助客人达到身心和谐。
为特色。 目前,七彩水疗进驻了Heritage和Veranda两
众多令人垂涎的街头美食不容错过。被 大度假村品牌,每家七彩水疗都会最大化利
誉为国宝级的Dholl Puri是在油炸薄饼里填满 大多数酒店里有水疗中心,特别是国际 用度假村的独特优势,提供个性化项目。
豌豆酱,并配以腌蔬菜和新鲜番茄酱,满口 品牌的酒店度假村内。客人可来此体验种类
鲜美。玉米粉薄饼Roti用纸将小土豆、番茄 繁多的疗程,顶端的养生和美容设施,以及 此外,毛里求斯也日渐成为一个热门的
等口味各异的咖喱包裹成小纸筒,交到客人 各类高端美容产品,如娇韵诗、纪梵希、娇 医疗旅游目的地,许多游客来这里进行整容
手中,每个只要10-20卢比(1-2元人民币)。魔 兰、莱珀妮、资生堂等等。毛里求斯本土水 手术、牙科疗程、植发等,质量和性价比都
术盒Magic Box恰如其名,把倒扣的碗打开, 相对较高。
Colorful Underwater World



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spa journey | spa之旅


Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Amazing white coral sand beach- the world's third largest coral reef. The whole authentic Mauritius life rather than a popular
es and crystal clear lagoons island enjoys a quite diverse geography. The east tourism destination, go to the middle area.
are set against the backdrop coast has some of the most beautiful beaches,
of black volcanic mountains – as well as an array of world-famous luxury ho- Mauritius was colonially ruled by Nether-
forming a strong and beautiful- tels and resorts. Heading south, you will see a lands, France and Britain before it finally de-
ly inviting contrast. This is the first impression more pristine and natural picture, represented clared independence in 1968. Such an unusual
that Mauritius leaves on people. by basalt cliff, hidden sandy bays and old fish- past has bestowed the island with a unique
ing villages. The southwest is covered by forests, charm integrating multiple cultures.
Mauritius is a small, multi-cultural island featuring several well-known scenic spots such
in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, and as Black River Gorges National Park, Seven Outdoor Activities
about 2,000 kilometers off the southeast coast of Colored Earths, Le Morne Peninsula and more.
the African continent. It was created by volcanic Local citizens mostly dwell in the middle of the Life in Mauritius revolves around the warm wa-
activity some 8 million years ago, surrounded island where lots of lakes and extinct volcanoes ters of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can try out a
by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches spread. Therefore, if you want to experience the variety of water sports and activities including
and lagoons protected from the open sea by pedaloes, kayaks, water skis, sea karting, surfing,
stand up paddleboarding, glass bottom boats,
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Europe, Africa, India and China… The whole dive down, you will immediately be greeted
world in one island! More than a tropical island by a whole world of color reefs and tropical
with breathtaking scenery, Mauritius is brimming fish. Mauritius is a five-star diving destination
with exotic charm due to its diverse cultures and granted by Professional Association of Diving
ethnicities Instructors. There are at least 40 diving cen-
ters on the island that provide a range of diving
Ocean View programs and advanced equipment to different
levels of divers.
catamaran cruises, and big game-fishing… But water. And you can also jump into the sea to
that is not all. swim with them if you like! The catamarans are In Blue Bay, a nature reserve in the southeast
bigger and slower, suitable for middle-aged and of the island, you can take a glass bottom boat
Dolphin Watching older people, while the motorboat is welcomed into the reserve and then snorkel in the lagoon.
Most islands offer dolphin watching activities, by thrill seekers for it is much more speedy and There are huge coral thickets where groups of
but the chance is rare when one can really en- can take one closer to the dolphins. If you hap- reef fish shuttle back and forth. For more chang-
counter dolphins, let alone a group of them. In pen to be in Mauritius in September, you may ing diving experience, the Colorado diving spot
Mauritius, however, everyone can swim abreast even get to spot the whales as they migrate at features plenty underwater breaches, channels
with the lovely dolphin team. that time of the year. and rocks where lobsters, pikes, garrupa and
mullet hide. The diving area in the north offers
Every morning, nearly a hundred mild bot- Diving some of the most unforgettable experiences for
tlenose dolphins will gather at Tamarin Bay in With 330 kilometers of coastline encircled by some shipwrecks are found there. The beautiful
the west Mauritius to seek food. Take a mo- a coral barrier reef, Mauritius offers exclusive Waterlily and Emily are two ships which sank in
torboat or catamaran to the sea, and you will diving experiences all year round. When you 1987 and now lie 26 meters underwater. Due to
amaze at these lovely creatures jumping in the the mild climate and a constant water tempera-
ture between 22 to 28 cent degrees, you can dive
any time around the whole year.

Sega Dance
You cannot possibly leave Mauritius without
learning to dance a few Sega steps. Whether you
have twinkle toes, or two left feet, this vibrant
local dance with distinctive African rhythm will
have your hips undulating to the beat!

Sega is not exclusive to Mauritius but is com-
monly seen in Madagascar, Reunion, Seychelles
and other islands in the Indian Ocean. However
the Sega in Mauritius is surely the most gor-
geous, vibrant and inviting. Sega was brought
to Mauritius by black slaves from Africa. It was
then innovatively infused in European musical
elements including polka from Czech, Waltz
from Austria, and quadrille dance of the 19th
century, thus forming the characteristic Mauri-
tius Sega.

Each resort has its own Sega show, which is a
perfect way to end an evening. The spirit of Af-
rica resonates through the musical instruments
– usually ravanne, maravanne or triangle are
played, while the songs, sung in Creole, depict
the Mauritian way of life. If you want to keep
moving to the beat, you can purchase a range
of Sega music in all music stores around the is-
land. A well-known Sega artist is Ti Frère but
there are dozens to choose from, each with their
unique flare.

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spa journey | spa之旅

City Scenery of Mauritius

Golf the Mauritius government has built a dozen na- ous birds and deer in the garden.
As early as 1844 when Mauritius was still a col- ture reserves and botanical gardens, plus moun- Located off the southeast coast of Mauritius,
ony of Britain, the first golf course on the island tainous vistas, waterfalls and tropical forests.
was built, making Mauritius the third country Île aux Aigrettes is a small 27-hectare island,
in the world that introduced golf. Owing to ad- Located to the west, the Black River Gorges home to the last remnants of dry coastal forest,
vanced facilities, breathtaking ocean views and National Park extends over 16,680 acres. There once found around most of Mauritius. A pro-
privileged warm climate, Mauritius is highly are around 311 species of native and endemic fessional will guide you amongst the kestrels,
praised by golf lovers. There are eight standard flowering plants and nine species of birds that giant tortoises and pink pigeons that have been
18-hole golf courses and five standard 9-hole are only found in Mauritius including wind rescued and freed after a 30-year conservation
golf courses on the island and most of them are hover, pink pigeon and echo parakeet. You can effort.
inside hotels and resorts. The hotel guests usu- walk along a number of dedicated trails inside
ally have the chance to enjoy free plays. the gorges itself or even hike up to the plateau. Cuisine Palette
Make sure you wear the right shoes and cloth-
Le Touessork Golf Course extends nearly ing if you want to attempt a hike, and take food Mauritian cuisine is one of the most diverse in
the whole island of L’Ile aux cerfs. One has to and drinks and other supplies along with you, the world, borrowing from French, Indian, Afri-
take a boat to arrive at the first hole. Vast white as there are no shops or medical support within can and Asian kitchens to create its own unique
beaches and green hills spread around to make the park. The most ideal visiting time is Septem- flavors. They are based on Creole cuisine with
the playing quite enjoyable. The Anahita Golf ber to January when flowers come to full blos- curry and tomato as the major boiling sources.
Course on the east coast is the first course in som and trees turn the most green. Be sure to scan restaurant menus for daube, a
Mauritius that is designed according to USGA classic tomato-based chicken stew, and fish vin-
standard. The wide fairways and quality veg- Created in 1750 and considered to be the daye, a Mauritian take on Indian vindaloo.
etation largely improve the success of first tee. oldest botanical garden in the Southern hemi-
Therefore, it welcomes a lot of primary level golf sphere, the Ser Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Bo- You can also try Mauritian snacks like Dholl
lovers. The Afro-Asia Masters Golf Tournament tanical Gardens in Pamplemousses has 500 Puri, a traditional flatbread filled with spicy
is held here every December. species of plants, including giant water lilies ground split peas and served with chutney. Roti
and more than 80 varieties of palms, including is another best seller. It’s a thin pancake wrapped
Flora and Fauna bottle palms, royal palms, talipot palms, raffia into a tube. The pancake is made of corn flour
palms, sugar palms and more. The giant Victo- while the fillings include various flavored curry
Thanks to its volcanic origin, age, isolation, and ria Amazonica waterlilies sway with the breeze. made from potatoes, tomatoes and more. It
unique terrain, Mauritius is home to varied flo- It takes only a few hours for the newborn ten- only costs 10-20 rupees (1-2 yuan RMB). Magic
ra and fauna, with many species unique to the der leaf to develop into a two-meter wide saucer Box is exactly like its name, with a full array of
island and some of the world’s rarest plants and shape. Flowers are wrapped in the middle which fried egg, shrimp, maize, mushroom, green veg-
animals. To fulfill the wishes of nature lovers, bloom every other day. There are also numer- etables, agaric, green pepper and more things
being orderly placed on the rice or noodles,
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mixed with garlic sauce. Moreover, don’t miss Surrounded by white, sandy, spotless beach- independent health and beauty centers around
the Gateaux piment, a spicy pastry, Samoussam, es enclosed by safe turquoise lagoons, a wide the country.
a triangle curry pancake and Alooda, made of range of small and medium-sized hotels offer
agar, milk, vanilla or almond. more homely and cozy experience. These estab- Special local experiences include Navasana
lishments place emphasis on ‘the human touch’, Spa at Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort which
As a tropical island, Mauritius never lacks customised services and delicious home-cook- boasts a hammam set in a Moorish atmo-
for seafood – tuna, dorado, oyster and mini ing – Mauritian style. sphere, a perfect place to experience the secrets
lobster, to name but a few, and fresh fruits and of Moroccan wellness. Guests can enjoy vari-
vegetables, which are the main ingredients for Most hotels and resorts have spas, in addi- ous treatments and soothing Mauritian mas-
local specialties like quail and strawberry vin- tion to a series of day spas. With the increase sage, as well as hydro-massage corridor, sauna
egar sauce salad, fried banana, chicken roll in demand by foreign visitors, the market has and solarium featuring a swimming pool. Or
with mango and coconut. Besides, the delicate become extremely competitive, resulting in an visit Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary nestled
‘heart of palm’ salad is famous and something amazing range of pampering treatments and in the lap of a mountain where the expert team
to try if your budget allows. It takes five years state-of-the-art health and beauty facilities. The of qualified health practitioners, spa therapists,
for a palm to grow mature and only the heart of big cosmetics names such as Clarins, Givenchy, fitness instructors and nutritionists will ensure
the palm can be eaten, and one palm can serve Guerlain, La Prairie and Shisheido, are found a personalized service for every individual. As
only eight people. Since Mauritian history and in the best spas in the country. A local brand, mentioned above, the local brand Seven Co-
prosperity are linked to the sugar cane industry, Seven Colours, has earned wide respect from lours has something quite original. According
its by-products, such as rum, remain extremely clients as well. to age-old Eastern wisdom, light – the primary
popular. source of energy – breaks down into seven co-
The island’s mix of cultures has inspired an lours, which resonate with our seven energy
Hotels and Wellness eclectic blend of therapies, with visitors able to centers, called “chakras”. Seven Colours, seven
choose from a range of Asian Ayurvedic mas- chakras – that is where the name comes from.
There is a wealth of accommodation to choose sages, ocean-inspired treatments, and African Seven Colours draws on the island’s natural
from in Mauritius – ranging from small to and Creole treatments made from locally grown richness as well as local know-how and mul-
medium-sized hotels and charming villas right flowers, herbs and essential oil. Making the ticultural influences to offer a colorful array of
through to luxury resorts. More and more ho- most of their beautiful surroundings and the experiences. An optimal energetic atmosphere
tels in Mauritius now begin to recruit staff who warm year-round temperatures, some wellness is created through chromotherapy lights, vi-
can speak Chinese. Major hotel groups include centers have created dedicated outdoor treat- brational music, aroma therapeutic fragrances,
Accor, Starwood, Four Seasons, Hilton, Inter- ment areas, in gardens or private gazebos on the energized water and healing hands, for the
continental, Lux* Island Resorts, Indigo Hotels beach. If you are not staying in a resort, do not stimulation of all the senses and the harmoni-
and Resorts, Sun Resorts, Veranda Resorts and despair! Most hotels and resorts welcome non- zation of the chakras.
Heritage Resorts, and One&Only Resorts, etc. guests to their spas and there are a number of
From cosmetic surgery to dentistry and hair
grafting, Mauritius has become one of the top
destinations for medical tourism. The tranquil,
dreamy location is a sure recipe for a relaxing
vacation while the quality of the healthcare and
the competitiveness of the prices are very attrac-

Luxury Resort by the Sea Sega Dance Popular Events
Relaxation in the Resort
Embraced by the tranquil azure above and the
vast ocean all around, Mauritius is also a nation
full of energy. A trail of amazing events runs
through the whole year. The monthly Regatta
takes people back to the past. The Marathon
held every July is a must for running lovers. It is
not only a match but more a chance to meet the
beauty of the island. Other traditional events
like the Holi Festival, Creole Festival and Mau-
ritian Light Festival give visitors a deep under-
standing of the culture of this marvelous island.

Generally, the best time to visit Mauritius is
between June and November because it is the
cool season without too much rain. January to
March, however, sees much rain and frequent
visit of tornado and the weather is hot and hu-
mid. Visitors with China passports are exempt-
ed from visa applications to Mauritius.

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A Selection of Mauritius Hotel and Resort Spas

度假胜地毛里求斯不仅有美丽的海岛风光,因其殖民传统与独特地理 Mauritius boasts not only the splendid sights of a tropical island, but also an infusion
位置,亦拥有着绚烂的多元文化,使毛里求斯的SPA独具魅力,融汇 of diverse cultures due to its colonial past and unique geography, which exerts an influ-
东西方疗愈智慧,自然之馈赠,在毛求的迷人背景中开启养生旅程。 ence on the SPA as well. Against an azure backdrop, a wellness journey sets off with
East-meet-West healing wisdom and a whole nature mine.

毛里求斯巴拉克拉瓦悦椿度假村 Angsana Balaclava Mauritius

巴拉克拉瓦悦椿度假村坐落毛里求斯西 Situated on the northwest coast of Mauritius in the secluded area of Turtle Bay, Angsana Balaclava
北海岸,地处海龟湾宁静一隅。以茅 Mauritius luxury resort and spa is an oasis of relaxation and privacy for romantic getaway and wellbeing
草为顶、藤草为墙的别墅中,融汇东西方及 escape. The resort offers a myriad indoor and outdoor activities, including exhilarating water sport
非洲元素。Oryza餐厅里,亚洲混合餐饮、欧 activities, bike tours, cooking classes and more. Taste sensations abound with delectable cuisines at Oryza.
式美食、正宗克里奥尔风味、还有辛辣印度 There is a diversity of Asian Fusion, European, Authentic Creole or piquant Indian menus to choose from.
纷呈的室内外活动,如各类水上运动、骑行 Angsana Spa offers a range of Asian and Ayurvedic spa treatments using local ingredients from
探险、烹饪课程等。 botanical coconut, ylang ylang and sugar cane to marine elements such as seaweed and mud. Combining
aromatherapy, the therapeutic sense of touch, and a fusion of techniques from the East and West, the Spa
悦椿Spa专注于使用本土新鲜花卉与水果 helps refresh and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. The unique offering – Angsana Spa Journeys consist
等天然原料,搭配芳香疗法、多种经典按摩 of spa treatments, hydrothermal treatments and leisure activities according to the choice of Angsana,
技艺,全面焕活身心灵。从椰肉、香茅、青 Wellness or Ayurvedic Journeys focusing respectively on signature treatments of Angsana Spa, holistic
柠、依兰、甘蔗到海藻、海泥等海洋元素, wellness and weight management, and Ayurvedic healing.
陀的疗程之中。悦椿水疗旅程(Angsana Spa There are nine treatment rooms, a yoga pavilion, a restorative vitality pool with different water jet
Journeys)结合度假村入住(至少三晚)、水疗 stations and a hammam.

Turtle Bay, Balaclava, Republic of Mauritius

毛里求斯奥瑞格海滩度假酒店 Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort

毛里求斯的贝尔欧布莱(Bel Ombre)自然保护区拥有着岛国最纯净的泻湖与美丽 Surrender your senses to Bel Ombre nature reserve with the most
的珊瑚礁,坐落于此的奥瑞格海滩度假酒店置于葱郁的热带花园中,一幢幢 pristine lagoon and coral reef at side; stroll through the tropical
低层别墅依偎在印度洋的环抱之中。现代毛求菜肴搭配种类繁多的葡萄酒、下午茶 gardens and low-rise accommodations; relax in guest rooms
精选任君选择。日落时分,不妨加入热情的Sega舞队,沉浸在毛里求斯文化风情。 with glorious Indian Ocean views; enjoy modern Mauritian
cuisine, international wine tasting, afternoon tea, and pampering
Navasana水疗中心栖息海边的禅意花园内,占地1800平方米。除了室内理疗 Navasana Spa; join a toast to the sunset with lively sega music...
出了一系列新疗程,包括以英国水疗品牌雅容玛香薰之家的天然精油为主打的护 The Navasana Spa is a haven of serenity in a 1,800 sqm
理,以及生命灵性导师Jeeten设计的15款身心套餐。芳香疗法与阿育吠陀的结合势 Zen-inspired tropical garden by the sea. There is a total bliss
必将带你踏上一场不同寻常的水疗旅程。 offered at 13 treatment rooms, seaside beach kiosk, or the private
couples VIP cabin. An array of new signature therapies is created
土耳其浴和毛里求斯式按摩是Navasana的明星项目。摩尔式风格装潢的土耳其 to feature natural essential oils by Aromatherapy Associates of
浴室里,可体验到正宗的Rhassoul仪式,包含一系列摩洛哥疗程,排毒解压的身体 London. Besides, the resort Reiki master, Jeeten, also designs 15
裹肤,滋养肌肤的摩洛哥坚果油等。每周一和周三下午在日光浴室内还将开设瑜伽 new rejuvenating treatments for both men and women. Lose
课程。 yourself in the 120-minute Clear Your Mind experience where
you unwind with aromatherapy massage and an Ayurvedic facial
in an atmosphere of exotic frankincense.

Navasana Spa’s star offers are invigorating hammam and
soothing Mauritian massage. Set in a Moorish atmosphere,
the hammam is the perfect place to experience the secrets of
Moroccan wellness: indulge in the Moroccan Rhassoul Ritual, a
journey of authentic hamman, a toxin-releasing body wrap, and
an application of nourishing argan oil.
Allee des Cocotiers, Bel Ombre, Mauritius

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徐姗姗 编译

毛里求斯四季度假酒店 Les Marianness养生度假村

毛里求斯四季度假酒店的所在地是阿娜希塔世界级保护区的一 毛里求斯Les Marianness养生度假村坐落群山环绕之中,举目之
部分。天然木材和当地风格家具与翠绿的红树林交织;从池 处遍布葱郁绿植、秀美山谷和倾城日光,不远处的海浪声声
畔的寿司轻食到星空下的精致晚宴,五间餐厅和酒吧打造味蕾盛宴。 入耳。作为该地区唯一一家医美养生度假村,Les Marianness聚集了
还可乘帆出海,和海龟交友,体验热带丛林生态,漫步洁白沙滩,尽 众多行业专家——专业医师、水疗师、健身教练、营养学家等,结合
兴打一场高尔夫⋯⋯ 现代医学与功能医学的精髓,为客人订制身心疗愈和生命转型方案。

坐落环礁湖面上的四季水疗拥有12间水上理疗套房,由木桩支 五大经典养生套餐包括排毒、压力管理、减重、疼痛管理和细胞更
撑,热带植被环绕四周。水疗中心将毛里求斯多元文化中蕴藏的疗愈 新。其中,细胞更新选针对癌症康复患者,或长时间接受治疗的人群专
智慧、亚洲养生传统与现代技艺结合。数千年来,椰子和芦荟被广泛 门设计,旨在重整人体系统,让他们感受焕然一新。另有常规综合项目
用于传统治愈中,理疗师从水疗花园中新鲜采摘,用于疗程。经典项 结合膳食、营养补充、自然疗法帮助提升免疫系统,重拾活力。
蜜和椰子制作身体膜裹肤,而后进行阿育吠陀头部按摩,以及使用有 水疗疗程主打阿育吠陀疗护理,结合巴厘式、泰式、中式、印式和
机初榨椰子油的综合按摩。 欧式按摩彻底放松身心。广受欢迎的水区域内,按摩池、桑拿室、土耳
独特的水疗品牌是养生体验的重要支柱。TERRES D’AFRIQUE的 间,山谷清风佛面,体验瑜伽、冥想、太极、漫步、或健身课程。
SÉMONIN将微量元素与精油结合,深层浸润肌肤。药妆品牌MCCM Les Marianness Wellness Sanctuary
Nestled in the lap of a mountain featuring panoramic views of fresh
俯瞰热带花园的美容沙龙里还有别样惊喜。除了专业的手足护 green plantations, valleys and ocean, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary
理、美甲、蜜蜡脱毛,客人还可体验到纯天然植物身体彩绘HENNA, is the first and only medical wellness and spa centre in the region. Various
牙齿美白,Kérastase美发造型,以及果味飘香的儿童水疗天地。 specialists in the field of wellbeing - health practitioners, spa therapists,
fitness instructors and nutritionists, etc - have been brought together under
Four Seasons Resort Mauritius one roof, combined with the expertise in modern medicine and functional
medicine, to offer guests individualised plans for deep healing and personal
In the heart of the Indian Ocean, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita transformation.
stands as a luxurious tropical sanctuary. All the villas boast natural wood
furnishings and sublime views of mountains, mangroves and the azure A diversity of Wellness Packages is tailored to target detox, stress
beachfronts. From a casual sushi lunch served poolside to a multi-course management, weight loss, pain management and cell revitalization. Cell
dinner under the stars, the chefs put creativity into every aspect of the cuisine. revitalisation program has been designed especially for guests who are
Otherwise, spend all day coasting across the water in sailing boat; tour a recovering from cancer or those who are following heavy treatments and need
former sugar plantation; and make friends with a giant tortoise. support to revitalize their whole system.

To further the experience, visit the award-winning Spa set on wooden Comprehensive programs developed by an expert team of therapists,
pillars above the lagoon and surrounded by lush vegetation, with 12 nutritionists, doctors and psychologists will help guests feel stronger and
overwater treatment suites. Blending the African roots of Mauritius with the build up one’s mental and physical resilience. The programs make use of
traditions of Asia, as well as modern approaches, the Spa offers global, holistic special diets, food supplements and naturopathic techniques to boost up
wellbeing experience. Fresh coconut and aloe are plucked directly from the immune system.
Spa garden and prepared for guests. The COCONUT AND ALOE ISLAND
RITUAL includes full body exfoliation with dried coconut; fresh aloe, honey Besides, an extensive option of Ayurveda treatments are offered, along
and coconut body masque; Ayurveda oil scalp massage; and Mauritian fusion with a blend of several styles of massage - Balinese, Thai, Chinese, Indian
massage with organic virgin coconut oil. and European, as well as other practices such as yoga, meditation, Taichi and
guided walks, aqua gym and fitness classes.
Three exclusive brands help fulfill the promises. TERRES D'AFRIQUE Les Mariannes, D'Epinay, Mauritius
offers an organic tour to let your body and soul experience the harmony www.lesmariannes.com
of nature; ANNE SEMONIN combines trace elements and essential oils
to penetrate the skin; and medical cosmetics MCCM focuses on tailoring SpaChina • 2018 | 69
innovative treatments and products with the latest technology.

The beauty salon has some of the most special offerings including
HENNA, a natural body dye; teeth whitening; face threading, an ancient facial
hair removal technique; Kérastase hair services; Kids’ Corner, along with
manicure and pedicure; nail polish; waxing and more.
Coastal Road, Beau Champ, Mauritius

health and cuisine | 健康美食



抗营养因子(ANF)是植物代谢产生 营养因子有:抗性淀粉、硫代葡萄糖苷、皂 状腺肿大、甲状腺激素水平降低及肝功能异
的一些物质,它会破坏或阻碍营 苷、单宁、寡糖、植酸等。 常。硫代葡萄糖苷及其降解物溶于水,烹调
养物质的消化利用,对健康和生 中损失大,如甘蓝煮10min后硫代葡萄糖苷
长性能产生某些不良影响,也就是一系列具 抗性淀粉 含量降低30%-50%。
含抗性淀粉的食物有:燕麦、香蕉、薏米、 植酸
抗营养因子存在于所有的植物性食物 土豆、糙米等。抗性淀粉也叫阻碍淀粉或抗
中。也就是说,所有的植物都含有抗营养因 消化淀粉。它不能在小肠消化吸收和提供葡 多存在于谷类、豆类和油料作物的种子中。
子,这是植物在进化过程中形成的自我保护 萄糖,但在结肠内被细菌发酵后可重吸收。 在消化道中,可与多种金属如钙、镁、锌、
物质,在遇到被动物和鸟类啄食后,以抗营 抗性淀粉发酵后的产物有益生元(益生元就 铁等形成不溶性盐,从而降低这些营养素的
养因子而拒绝被吸收,之后被排出体外而生 是人体益生菌的养料),可调节肠道有益菌 生物利用率。当我们的膳食中摄入植酸较多
存的一种手段。 群,刺激肠道蠕动,从而减少肠道癌、便 的食物时,会出现矿物元素的缺乏,这是要
秘、盲肠炎和痔疮等病的发病率。 非常小心的。
主要有蛋白酶抑制剂、植酸、凝集素、芥 抗性淀粉的黏度和延缓胃排空的性质, 植酸会抑制胃蛋白酶、胰蛋白酶的活
酸、棉酚、单宁酸、硫苷等。但有一些抗营 可影响血糖指数和胰岛素水平;可降低胆固 性,导致蛋白质的吸收利用受阻;还会使淀
养因子对人体健康具有特殊的作用,如大豆 醇的合成与吸收,降低人体血浆和肝脏胆固 粉酶和脂肪酶的活性降低,影响淀粉和脂肪
异黄酮、大豆皂苷等,不过如果食用过多, 醇水平,预防冠状动脉硬化、胆结石和心脑 的吸收。从治疗营养过剩的角度来讲, 植酸
还是会对人体的营养素吸收产生影响的,甚 血管疾病;抗性淀粉带来的饱腹感也可以帮 抑制淀粉生成葡萄糖,因而对防治心血管病
至会造成中毒。 助减肥。 和糖尿病多少具有些功效。

抗营养因子会抢夺人体内的营养素。但 硫代葡萄糖苷 平衡膳食
们平时最希望摄取的健康食材中,如绝大部 广泛存在于十字花科植物中。十字花科的甘 因此,我们说,不同的生理需要、不同的活
分的十字花科蔬菜、绿叶蔬菜、水果中的莓 蓝、西兰花、萝卜等都含硫代葡萄糖苷含量 动,营养素的需要量也不同,加之各种营养
类、坚果豆类和种子。 一般在500-2000ug/g。有报道显示,含硫代 素之间存在着错综复杂的关系,食疗绝非单
葡萄糖苷的植物有调节内分泌功能的作用, 单的“食素”或者“排毒”那样简单;营养
但是,换一个角度来看,由于营养过剩导 被广泛用于再生荷尔蒙。硫代葡萄糖苷降解 素摄入量间的平衡因人而异,因周期而异。
致的疾病如糖尿病、肥胖症、高血压、冠心病 产物异硫氰酸酯能激活参与致癌物解毒过程
等越来越多,所以抗营养因子受到了人们的关 阶段的酶,具有抗癌功效。 对于喜爱SPA和崇尚健康生活素食者而
注。一些跟这些疾病有关的食疗,会有意识地 言,在了解更多关于抗营养因子的营养学知
利用抗营养因子,来阻碍营养物质的消化吸收 但是,硫代葡萄糖苷的降解产物也是一 识后,也能更好的了解如何平衡自己的素食
和利用,从而降低食物的营养成分。 种激素,有抗营养作用。食用含硫代葡萄糖 膳食,也适用于育儿人士和老年看护者在营
苷成分较高的食物可使动物的食欲降低、甲 养学方面的实际应用。

70 | SpaChina • 2018

徐姗姗 编译


We can get all the nutrients we need from food, perfect both in amount and proportion.

Nevertheless, it is important to know more about anti-nutrient factors

Anti-nutrient factors (ANF) are the The following ANF are mainly studied at mone regeneration. Isothiocyanate, the degra-
substances generated in the process of present to target over-nutrition diseases: resist- dation product of glucosinolate, can activate
plant metabolism, which will destroy ant starch, glucosinolate, saponin, tannin, oli- the enzyme which participates in the detoxifi-

or hinder the digestion and utilization of nutri- gosaccharide, phytic acid etc. cation process of cancerogen. It means glucosi-

ents and therefore harm health and growth nolate also features anticancer effects.
But the degradation product of glucosi-
performance. To put it simply, they are biotic Resistant Starch

factors that influence nutrient digestion and Foods that contain resistant starch include oat, nolate is also a hormone that plays an anti-

absorption. banana, pearl barley, potato and brown rice. nutrient role. Food rich in glucosinolate will

Anti-nutrient factors are found in all plant Resistant starch is also known as hindering decrease appetite and thyroid hormone levels,

foods. They are the result of plant evolution as starch or digestion-resistant starch. It cannot and result in thyromegaly and dysfunction of

a self-protection mechanism. When plants are be absorbed in the small intestines or provide the liver. Glucosinolate and its degradation

devoured by animals or birds, they release ANF to glucose. However, after being fermented by products are soluble in water so it will easily

refuse being absorbed and then they are expelled bacterial in the colon, it can be reabsorbed. run away in cooking. For example, 10 minutes

out. It is their way to survive the predators. One product of its fermentation is prebiotics boiling of cabbage will see a decrease of glu-

There are many anti-nutrient factors. The (the nourishment for probiotics in the human cosinolate by 30%-50%.

major known ones include protease inhibitor, body) which can adjust the effective micro- Phytic Acid
phytic acid, lectin, erucic acid, gossypol, tan- bial community in the intestine and stimulate

nin, thioglycoside and more. However, some intestinal tract movement so as to reduce the Phytic acid is widely found in the seeds of cere-

ANF benefit human health such as soy isofla- morbidity of intestinal tract cancer, constipa- als, beans and oil crops. It can join with metals

vone, soyasaponin and others. But an exceed- tion, appendicitis and hemorrhoids. such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and ferrum

ing intake will also affect nutrient absorption Resistant starch features viscosity and can pro- in the digestive tract to form insoluble salt and

or even result in poisoning. long gastric emptying process, so it can adjust the thus reduce the bioavailability of these nutri-

Anti-nutrient factors will snatch away the glycemic index and insulin level, weaken choles- ents. When we have too much intake of food

nutrients existing in the body. But the big- terol generation and absorption, reduce plasma abundant in phytic acid, it is most possibly that

gest annoying thing is that ANF are common- density and liver cholesterol level, prevent coro- we may suffer a lack of mineral elements. This

ly found in our most desirable healthy foods nary sclerosis, gall-stone and cardiovascular and is very dangerous.

including most cruciferous vegetable, green cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, resistant Phytic acid will restrain the activity of pep-

leaf vegetable, berries, nuts, beans and seeds. starch will easily give people a sense of satiety sin and trypsin, hindering the absorption and

However, seen from another perspective, they which is helpful for weight control. utilization of protein. It will also reduce the

may be helpful in curing the increasingly preva- Glucosinolate activity of amylase and lipase and therefore
lent diseases caused by over-nutrition like dia- affect the absorption of starch and fat. From

betes, obesity, hypertension and coronary heart Glucosinolate is commonly seen in cruciferous the perspective of curing overnutrition, phytic

disease. Some dietary therapies that target these plant. The amount is 500 to 2,000ug/g in cab- acid blocks starch from generating glucose, so

diseases will purposely take advantage of ANF to bage, broccoli and turnip. Reports reveal that it has certain curative effects to cardiovascular

hinder the digestion and absorption of nutrients plants with glucosinolate can regulate endo- disease and diabetes.

and decrease the nutritional content of food. crine functions, so they are widely used in hor-

Balanced Diet

Therefore, due to the difference of physiologi-

cal needs, the demands for nutrients also differ

in amount and types. Taking into considera-

tion the complicated relationships among vari-

ous nutrients, dietary therapy is by no means

a simple approach of “vegetable only” or

“detox”. The proper intake of nutrients varies

with each individual and specific period.

For SPA lovers or vegetarians seeking

healthy lifestyles, knowledge of anti-nutrient

factors will help them make more effective diet

plans. It also has practical significance for those

who raise children or take care of elders.

SpaChina • 20178 | 71

spa cuisine | spa美食


A Bite of Spring Festival at Shàng-Xí

随着农历新年的即将来临,家家 As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches, Growing up in Hong Kong, Chef Simon Choi not
户户要为准备“年菜”而忙 every household begins to be busy with only loves to eat, but also studies the culinary art of
碌。如今的“年菜”与过去不 festival dishes. Apart from the tradition traditional cooking ways. At the beginning, he just
同,除了传统中国显示富足的鸡鸭鱼肉放一 of “chicken, duck, fish and meat”, people nowa- tried to impress his parents with his cooking, then a
桌外,那些营养健康、寓意吉祥的菜肴更 days show much more preferences to healthy and relative introduced him to work at a restaurant. His
是不可或缺。本期SpaChina特意邀请浦东四 nutritious food with symbolic meanings. In this entire career has unfolded in restaurant kitchens,
季“尚席”的主厨,蔡港文厨师,来跟我们 issue, SpaChina invites Mr. Simon Choi, the Execu- including more than a half-dozen times as Executive
分享几道兼具美味,健康与好彩头的年味佳 tive Chinese Chef of Shàng-Xí, Four Seasons Hotel Chef. Unlike many people in his profession, howev-
肴。 Shanghai at Pudong, to share with us several Spring er, he still likes to cook at home. He says “Many chefs
Festival dishes which perfectly integrate taste, health don’t do that, but I do. Nothing pleases me more
位于浦东四季酒店2楼的尚席,以古时掌 and propitious implications. than when I can wow my friends, my wife and my
管宴席的官衔为名,提供各色粤式特色菜, child with my cooking.” So he will surely cook a big
从讲究精致巧手的传统厨艺,到要求灵感创 Shàng-Xí is the official title of the person in feast for his family every spring festival. “Pan-Fried
意的新派菜式,这间高级粤菜馆的出品从来 charge of royal feast in the old days. The Shàng- Lotus Root Patties with Minced Pork” and “Sautéed
没有让人失望过。典雅精致的室内设计,别 Xí restaurant of Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Australian Scallops, Mixed Bell Peppers, Asparagus”
具心思的孔雀羽毛及老虎石等材料的细节点 Pudong is named after it. An array of Cantonese are not only popular among guests at Shàng-Xí, but
缀,令餐厅散发着一股难以抗拒的魅力。五 cuisine is offered with both traditional sophisticated also frequenters of Simon Choi’s private tables.
间尊贵私密的贵宾宴会厅备有高雅华贵的装 production featuring many cooking procedures and
潢,适合商务酬酢、良朋共聚。 modern creation full of innovations. Moreover, the 尚席/Shang-Xi
delicate interior, complemented by mysterious ele- 浦东世纪大道210号上海浦东四季酒店2楼
很爱吃的主厨蔡港文师傅,来自香港, ments like peacock feathers and tiger stones, gives the 2/F Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai,
他不但自己喜欢品尝各类美食,更喜欢研究 whole atmosphere a tempting charm. Five luxurious 210 Century Avenue Pudong
传统方式的料理艺术,最初只是希望用他的 private rooms are sumptuously decorated, fit for Tel: +86 21 2036 8888
厨艺给父母带来惊喜,后来在一个亲戚的推 business and friends gatherings.

72 | SpaChina • 2018

彩椒芦笋炒澳带 1个/1
Sautéed Australian Scallops, 150克/150g
Mixed Bell Peppers, Asparagus 250克/250g
原料 Ingredients 5克/5g
红椒/Red Bell Pepper 5克/5g
黄椒/Yellow Bell Pepper 5克/5g
芦笋/Asparagus 8克/8g
澳洲鲜带子/Fresh Australian Scallops 适量/some
小葱段/Green Chives 适量/some
小姜片/Ginger Slices 适量/some
草菇片/Sliced Mushrooms
韭黄/Yellow Chives
胡椒粉/Powdered Pepper
花生油/Peanut Oil

Method of preparation 制作方法
D ry the fresh scallops with kitchen paper. Put 5g salt, powdered pepper and a little cornstarch 澳 带吸干水,用5克盐,胡椒粉,捞匀,放入少许

together and mix with the scallops. Put the scallops in the fridge for 20 minutes. 的生粉,放入冰箱醒20分钟。
Rinse the red and yellow peppers, cut them into triangular shapes. Remove the skin of the 红椒,黄椒洗净,切成三角块。芦笋洗净刨去老

asparagus, and cut them into chunks. Rinse the yellow chives, and dry with kitchen paper. 皮,切段。韭黄洗净吸干水备用。
P ut some peanut oil into the wok.When the wok is heated, slightly fry the scallops on 2 sides 锅 里加上少许花生油,油温起来后放入澳带,煎

to turn them golden yellow, then remove from the wok. 至两面金黄,倒出备用。
Put a little peanut oil into the wok, then add green chives, ginger slices, and sliced mush- 锅内放入少许花生油,放入葱段,姜片,草菇片

rooms to the wok to release the spices' fragrance. Add the red and yellow peppers, asparagus, 爆香,放入红椒,黄椒,芦笋,炒至半生后,放
and wok-fry them to “medium”, then add slightly-fried scallops and a little salt. Yellow chives 段拌炒即可。

has been added and fried for seconds.

香煎莲藕饼 250克/250g 制作方法
250克/250g 选粗细均匀的莲藕洗净刨皮吸干水,切成1CM左右的厚片,备用
Pan-Fried Lotus Root Patties 余下的莲藕切成小粒,吸干水,备用。
With Minced Pork 50克/50g 五花肉洗净吸干水,去掉肉皮,斩剁成肉末,虾仁挑去虾筋,吸干水,剁成虾茸,肉
原料 Ingredients 末和虾茸混在一起,加入盐,姜末,胡椒粉,麻油,鸡蛋搅拌上劲之后放入冰箱醒10
鲜莲藕/Fresh Lotus Roots 5克/5g 分钟后加入藕粒,葱末拌匀成肉馅,备用。
五花肉/Pork Belly 5克/5g 藕片撒上少许生粉轻拍,使藕片均匀沾上生粉,肉馅揉成肉圆放置在藕片上,掌心沾
虾仁/River Shrimp 8克/8g
鸡蛋/Egg 适量/some 点水轻轻按压成和藕片同样大小的扁平饼状,再略微拍上一点生粉。
葱末/Mashed Chives 适量/some 平底锅加上少许花生油,油温起来后将藕饼肉面朝下排入锅中,2-3分钟至金黄焦香后
姜末/Mashed Ginger 适量/some
盐/Salt 适量/some 翻面,再煎1-2分钟即可起锅。
麻油/Sesame Oil 可以直接食用或蘸辣椒酱、番茄酱均可。
胡椒粉/Powered Pepper
生粉/Cornstarch Method of preparation
花生油/Peanut Oil R emove the skins of the lotus root and dry it with kitchen paper. Slice the lotus root into

pieces of 1 cm thickness.
Dice the remaining lotus root (head and tail) into small cubes and dry it with kitchen paper.
Rinse the pork belly, dry it with kitchen paper, remove the skin, and mince it. Remove the

black part of the shrimps, dry with kitchen paper and mince the shrimps. Mix the pork and
shrimp mince together, add salt, ginger, powdered pepper, sesame oil and 1 egg.Put the mix-
ture into the fridge for 10 minutes.Then mix it with diced lotus roots and chives.
Put a little cornstarch evenly onto the sliced lotus root. Make the mixture into a ball and put it
onto the sliced lotus root. Put a little water on your palm and press the mixture to make it the
same shape as the sliced lotus root, then put some cornstarch onto it.
P ut a little peanut oil into the pan. When the pan is heated, put the sliced lotus root onto the
pan, with the meat mixture side facing down. Wait for 2 – 3 minutes until the meat surface
turns to golden yellow, then flip it and pan-fry it for 1 – 2 minutes.
T hen you can enjoy it directly, or you can have some chili sauce, or ketchup to go.

SpaChina • 2018 | 73

brand review | 品牌故事

魅力Away 暖意冬日



上海北外滩的旅顺路上以潮流至 梯相连,设有三间双人房、四间单人房以及 脊椎的滑动,热能被源源不断的注入体内,
上的W酒店,对面即是上海老 一间水疗套房,内部电梯的设置增加了私密 驱散了体内寒冷湿气,背部与四肢紧绷的肌
式的居民小区群,另一边则是 性与便捷度。水疗中心贴心的将休息等候区 肉瞬间得到了放松,整个人如同被和煦的阳
气派的高楼和浦江对岸的摩登建筑,旧貌与 域与接待区域面对面而设,中间隔开一条窄 光照耀着,暖暖的,很舒服。之后的按摩过
新颜、东方与西方、古韵与时尚的反差,让 窄的走道,感应式玻璃门的设计让客人能够 程,抛弃了传统按摩项目用手掌推揉与手指
位于其中的W酒店尤为引人瞩目。 既拥有一个独立休息的区域,又能与对面 按压相结合的一贯模式,更多的依靠理疗师
的接待区域遥相呼应,连成一体。懒懒的斜 的肘部和前臂循序渐进的施力,轻柔中带着
动感的音乐、悬空的霓虹灯艺术装置、 靠在沙发上,喝上一杯水疗中心特制的薄荷 韧劲与力道,增加身体受力面积和力度,彻
耀眼的W标志、炫彩的环绕LED灯,酷劲十 茶,听着轻快的音乐,走道上来往的人群也 底缓解肌肉疲劳,几十分钟下来犹如冬日里
足的W酒店大堂打破了传统酒店的呆板冰冷 是一道亮丽的风景。 睡了一场美梦,身心愉悦。
墙,由六边形金属营造而来,将整个区域 “我们的客人关注外在完美形象的同时, Away水疗中心
的动态反射出来,带来全新的感官体验。 又追求内在的心灵畅享,因此我们的水疗护 上海市旅顺路66号,上海外滩W酒店W层
这里就是迎来送往客人的前厅工作区,只是 理,旨在通过高效的护理产品、理疗师娴熟的 W Floor, W Shanghai,
不再有前台和礼宾部的字样,取而代之的 技术,达到内在的呵护,外在的蜕变,保持疗 66 Lvshun Road, Shanghai
是“Welcome”,“Whatever/Whenever”这 效的循序渐进,让客人无论何时何地健康并持 Tel: +86 21 2286 9970
些非常亲切的名称。大堂采用开放式格局, 久的内外焕彩。我们的定向身体调整和解压护
一侧的Woobar与Welcome无缝连接,用 理让客人可以在参加大型活动前舒展筋骨,重
紫色、橘色、绿色以及红色搭配沙发区域, 焕光彩,也可以在闹市疯狂派对之后舒缓疲惫
跳跃的颜色给人以视觉冲击。另一侧相连的 身躯。”Away水疗总监Beverly一边带着我们
Away水疗中心则完全打破了传统水疗的固 参观,一边介绍到。Shanghai Glam魅力上海特
定模式,无论从空间设计,还是疗程设置, 色按摩是这里主推疗程,将传统中医手法与西
都延续着“无拘无束、恣享生活”的W态 方香薰按摩相结合,再加上来自日本的热能量
度,用富有活力的“Away”方式让客人在 按摩仪,光听着理疗师的介绍,就已经充满了
此找回容光焕发的自己。 吸引力。

现代感气息浓郁的Away水疗,以干净 躺在温暖柔软的按摩床上,理疗师细心
的白色为主色调,红色沙发与椅子来点缀, 的将灯光慢慢的调暗,淡淡的精油香味在一
鲜明的色彩对比,让这里简约雅致,又不失 呼一吸之间悄然的安抚着情绪,感受着耳畔
时尚活力,与W的品牌定位非常契合。整个 音乐中每个跳动的音符,也变得轻松起来。
水疗中心共有两个楼层,以白色的螺旋形楼 疗程以热能量按摩仪开始,随着按摩盖头在

74 | SpaChina • 2018

Warm Winter at Away Spa

Away Spa at W Shanghai – The Bund breaks the traditional Spa mode in a pure and elegant
environment with signature treatments warming up body and heart this chilly winter

By Karen Kuang

Located on Lvshun Road in the North both of body and mind. Spa reception with a narrow aisle in between.
Bund area, global trend setter W Filled with modern ambience, Away Spa The induction glass door gives guests an inde-
Shanghai – The Bund stands out strik- pendent area for relaxation without leaving
ingly with a vintage residential area on one takes pure white as the dominant hue, com- them totally isolated. Leaning against the sofa
side and modern skyscrapers on the other, pleted with red sofa and chairs to form an cozily and sipping a specially-made mint tea
facing the splendor of the opposite bank of the inviting color contrast. Simple and pure as with joyful music greeting the ears, you will
Huangpu River. The hotel witnesses a big con- it is, it is also full of fashion and energy, in totally calm yourself down before the treat-
trast of old and new, East and West, traditional accordance with the brand position of W. ments. The passing guests outside also form a
and modern. The Spa extends over two floors connected beautiful picture.
by white spiral stairs. There are three double
Featuring pulsating music, a suspended rooms, four single rooms and a Spa suite. The “Our guests not only focus on outward
neon light art piece, a shining “W” and the per- private elevator guarantees the privacy and appearances, but also pursue a joyful renewal
vasive LED lights, the lobby of W Shanghai – convenience of Spa guests. A relaxation wait- of heart and mind, so our Spa aims to help
The Bund breaks away from the dull design of ing area is considerately designed to face the them achieve both inner healing and outward
traditional hotels. Stepping out of the elevator, transformation with effective products and
you will be greeted by a kaleidoscope-styled professional therapists,” Beverly, Director of
wall with hexagon metal patterns, creating a Spa, told us while guiding us around. “We
lively ambience and an amazing experience pay attention to a step-by-step care so that
for the senses. This is the reception area. But our guests can always maintain their best both
instead of “Reception” or “Concierge”, W uses inside and outside at any place and any time.
more cordial and vivid expressions such as We also offer targeted tune-ups and decom-
“Welcome” and “Whatever/Whenever”. The pressing on-demand fixes for those going for a
lobby adopts an open style. “Welcome” seam- main event or needing to unwind from a night
lessly stretches to Woobar on one side with of party.” The signature treatment Shanghai
a sofa area as the connection which features a Glam integrates traditional TCM manipula-
striking color palette of purple, orange, green tions with Western aromatherapy, completed
and red. On the other side of “Welcome” is the by the thermal energy massage from Japan.
Away Spa, which breaks the clichéd pattern
of traditional Spas in every aspect from space After you lie down on the warm and soft
design to treatment menu, continuing the pur- massage bed, the therapist will turn down
suit of W for a free and enjoyable lifestyle and the light. The pleasant aroma of essential oils
helping guests to restore their glowing best helps calm down every nerve and the soothing
melodies will lead you to further relaxation.
The treatment begins with the thermal energy
massage. As the device slides along the spine,
heat is infused into the body continuously to
remove coldness and dampness. The muscle
on the back and limbs are relaxed immediately.
You will feel like being embraced by warm
sunlight. The following massage forsakes the
traditional mode of using palms and fingers,
but therapist’s elbow and forearm instead to
carry out a progressive application of force by
expanding the stressed area and force intensity
step by step. As a result, the previous muscle
exhaustion completely melts away and you
achieve a perfect harmony of body and mind.
It’s like having a sound sleep in the depths of a
cold winter.

SpaChina • 20178 | 75

brand review | 品牌故事


Swiss line源自瑞士崭新科技

瑞士高端护肤品牌Swiss line与上海四季酒店“沁”SPA携手,

新年 伊 始 , 瑞 士 专 业 护 肤 品 性青睐。Swiss line还设计了一系列创新的医 品专业度和安全性均经过临床证实。首次合
牌 Swiss line与 上 海 四 季 酒 店 学美容疗程,高效抗衰焕颜,运用于居家护 作中,Swiss line为上海四季酒店“沁”SPA
“沁”SPA正式达成合作,不 肤和专业护理皆宜。 特别定制了四款纯正的瑞士护肤疗程,分别
仅将Swiss line的高效类医学护肤产品运用到 为“瑞士之源面部护理”、“瑞士之净面
“沁”SPA水疗菜单中,更为其特别设计护 首次参展SpaChina峰会 部护理”、“瑞士水氧之光面部护理”、
肤疗程,带领体验者踏上瑞士冰川水疗之 获得关注 “十面霾伏塑颜修护疗程”。疗程推出过程
旅。此次合作亦标志着五星级酒店SPA与瑞 中,Swiss line与“沁”SPA进行反复研讨,
士高端护肤品的深度合作拉开序幕,势必将 Swiss line全 球 市 场 总 监 Custodio D’avo在 以及多次疗程设计优化与体验,从产品的安
为市场带来更加高品质的疗程体验。 2017年SpaChina中国水疗行业峰会上进行了 全度、疗程的舒适度、疗程效果的持久、稳
SWISS Glamedical的演讲,向与会者分享奢 定和时尚性等方面加以甄选。上海四季酒店
纯正瑞士血统 华类医学护肤和魅力时尚美肌的先锋护肤概 总经理Fredrik Blomqvist先生亦亲身体验了疗
独创Glamedical理念 念。为了让大家进一步了解与体验产品的效 程,对其效果赞赏有加。
果,Swiss line在会场多功能厅内推出水疗定
1989年,Swiss line诞生于瑞士,这个美丽、 制体验服务。特色疗程“十面霾伏”塑颜修 上海四季酒店“沁”SPA位于繁华的商业
纯净的国度赋予了品牌深邃的内涵。作为瑞 护疗程中所使用的雪肌奥妙娇颜新生精华液 地段,两大品牌的此次联手意在共同创造出
士五大美妆品牌之一,Swiss line致力于通过 富含葡萄水活性成分及辣木子精华,有效帮 “大隐与市”的都市“世外桃源”理念。引导
创新的尖端科技,将活细胞生化核心技术应 助肌肤抵御环境污染的侵扰,同时雕琢完美 忙碌于现代都市生活的客人们在此静享一段纯
用于美容护肤产品的研发,瑞士雷曼纳健康 轮廓。“大开电眼”密集修复疗程有效减退 净安宁的时光,给肌肤与心灵一个悠闲假期。
医疗中心为其提供支持。2002年,Swiss line 眼部浮肿和黑眼圈,明显淡化眼部细纹和干
成功研制出Cellactel II Complex第二代植物活 纹,唤醒靓眸,电眼立现。 未来,Swiss line将在全球范围内与更多高
细胞紧致复合元素,替代传统护肤产品中的 端五星级酒店集团SPA进行全面深度的战略合
动物活细胞成分。这一全新的植物活细胞配 两大国际品牌联手 作,打造高端护肤水疗的全新体验模式。
方,赋予产品更加理想的活化肌肤效能。 打造都市“世外桃源”
品牌独创的Glamedical(魅力医学美肌) 四季酒店集团以卓越的服务品质,以及 Shanghai Dermalab Corporation
专利概念和全球市场定位,加之产品蕴含的 “管理有道,宾至如归”的管理理念而闻名 http://swissline-cosmetics.com.cn
专业医学成分,细腻质地,自然亲肤的使用 于世。Swiss line则拥有着20余年的专业护肤 WeChat: Swissline1989
感受,以及令人愉悦的香气,而受到广大女 和高品质类医学护肤疗程的研发经验,其产 Tmall:http://swissline.tmall.com

76 | SpaChina • 2018

Authentic Swiss Spa
Experience at a City Oasis

Swiss line joins hands with Qin The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

to create Swiss pure spa journey in a city oasis

On the eve of the New Year, Qin The fessional medical ingredients but also boast director of Swiss line, gave a presentation –
Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Shang- smooth texture and pleasing aroma. Along SWISS Glamedical – at the SpaChina Summit
hai announced a partnership with with its patent Glamedical (Glam+Medical) 2017, sharing with participants the innovative
Swiss line. Starting from 2018, spa treatments unique concept and a global market position- concept of Swiss line’s luxurious glam medi-
at Qin The Spa will be completed with Swiss ing, Swiss line has won numerous fashion lov- cal skincare. In order to give guests a deeper
line products. In addition, Swiss line will tailor ers’ hearts worldwide. In addition, Swiss line understanding, Swiss line introduced two sig-
four new treatments for the Spa, guiding guests has developed a series of creative medi-spa nature spa treatments in its booth at the sum-
on a pure Swiss wellness journey. The collabo- treatments which are fit for both daily house- mit venue. “Swiss Detox and Rescue” is geared
ration marks the first partnership between a hold usage and professional spa therapies. towards alleviating the symptoms of urban
renowned 5-star hotel chain and a GLAMEDI- stress by easing environment-caused discom-
CAL Swiss brand. Presence at forts found in the form of tired, red, dry, saggy
SpaChina Summit 2017 and mottled skin. “Swiss Eye Awakening” pow-
Swiss Heritage and Glamedical erfully combats swelling and black eyes and
Philosophy Mr. Custodio D’avo, the global marketing reduces fine lines around the eye area.

Founded in 1989 in Zurich, the original Swiss Collaboration with Four Season
line products were developed in partnership Hotel for a City Oasis
with Switzerland’s Clinique Lemana, a pioneer
in the field of cellular therapy. Swiss line, a The Four Seasons Hotel is a world famous
revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand 5-star hotel chain that prides itself on quality
with both a consumer and professional range, service and with its “customer-first” manage-
combines a proud heritage in the field of cel- ment policy. Meanwhile, Swiss line boasts over
lular therapy, a science-led approach to beauty 20 years’ experience in professional skincare
and a penchant for innovation. In 2002, Swiss and high quality medi-spa treatment develop-
line introduced Cellactel 2 into its products. ment. In this first collaboration, four new Swiss
Cellactel 2 is a signature anti-aging complex line treatments will be introduced to Qin’s
formulated to accelerate cellular metabolism existing repertoire, respectively the “Swiss Col-
and increase collagen production. Being used lagen Infusion”, “Swiss Purity Treatment”,
together with other ingredients, it can deliver “Swiss Hydra Oxygen Treatment” and the
impressive results. aforementioned “Swiss Detox and Rescue”.
They are the results of a prolonged and sophis-
Swiss line products not only contain pro- ticated planning, selection and revision pro-
cess taking into consideration safety, comfort,
and the effects’ duration, stability and fashion.
Mr. Fredrik Blomqvist, the General Manag-
er of Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai expressed
praise towards Swiss line team’s efforts and
the remarkable effects of the treatment after a
personal trial.

Both brands share the same wish of creating a
City Oasis at the business center where Four Sea-
sons Hotel Shanghai is located, and guide guests
on a serene journey for their skin and mind.

In the future, Swiss line will continue to
carry out more comprehensive and deep strate-
gic collaborations with 5-star hotel spas world-
wide to transform the spa experience modes to
a higher and more innovative level.

SpaChina • 2018 | 77



冬意渐浓,又到了每年皮肤最脆 湿,同时具有填充细纹的效果,使皮肤饱满 雅诗敦活颜补水喷雾
弱的季节!低气温,冷空气, 紧致。雅诗敦玻尿酸水光修护霜特含的抗降
再加上寒风雨雪,不仅带走了 解因子,可防止玻尿酸的降解和流失,维持 雅诗敦的明星产品,强效保湿,补充肌肤能
你的温度,还有你的水分。干燥缺水已然成 肌肤修护效果,长效保湿。 量,是皮肤最想“喝”的水,被视为“肌肤
为这一季节的常态,所以别忘了,在给身体 能量弹”。其主要成分为“真细胞水”发明
喝饱水的同时,也要让皮肤喝饱水! 雅诗敦玻尿酸水光精华露 专利,分子结构,成分和pH值与人体细胞液
为了彻底改变因缺水带来的皮肤干粗、 主要成分为玻尿酸“水光”技术专利配方,适 精,是独一无二的肌肤年轻之源!雅诗敦独
各种皱纹、脱屑等一系列肌肤问题,雅诗敦 合各种肤质,特别适合极度干燥,缺水纹,脱 家发明专利真细胞水可提升细胞能量环境,
带来了新的补水解决方案——全新升级密集 屑,紧绷刺痛,激光微创手术后的脆弱肌肤。 活颜补水喷雾如“能量弹”般作用于肌肤,
养颜系列!雅诗敦玻尿酸水光精华露和雅诗 经测评中心保湿效果测试,雅诗敦玻尿酸可达 迅速被皮肤细胞辨认和吸收,随时随地为肌
敦玻尿酸水光修护霜,再加上雅诗敦明星产 到即刻可见的美肌效果,受试者皮肤初始水 肤提供能量,保持肌肤最佳生态环境,使随
品活颜补水喷雾,补水三效合一,让你轻松 分值为32%,用后即时水分值可达64.3%,用 后搽上的护肤成份功效倍增。
告别“缺水肌”。 后15分钟水分值维持在55.3%。密集保湿的同
时,紧致抚纹,使皮肤柔嫩、光滑、去皱、增 秉持着“青春源自细胞护理”的品牌理
玻尿酸又称透明质酸,是人体中的天然 加弹性、防止衰老。可以搭配雅诗敦玻尿酸水 念,雅诗敦从未停下探索的脚步,全新升级
成分,是真皮中的大分子之一,肌肤的天然 光全系列产品,以达到最佳效果。 的雅诗敦玻尿酸“水光”技术,效果可以媲
水库。在皮肤中发现总体透明质酸的含量接 美“玻尿酸注射”,密集保湿的同时,肌肤
近50%,提供皮肤水分及充盈度支持,填充 雅诗敦玻尿酸水光修护霜 盈润立现,让我们一起见证法国雅诗敦带来
细纹和幼纹。在皮肤中保存透明质酸,可以 的全新密集养颜之旅。
预防细纹和皱纹产生。 主要成分除了上述的玻尿酸“水光”技术之
外,还特别添加了肌因防护发明专利。可激 上海诺司贸易有限公司
雅诗敦独家玻尿酸“水光”技术专利配 发皮肤肌因防护本能,内在保护肌肤细胞不 Naos China Company Limited
方,含有三种不同大小的高纯度玻尿酸分 受风吹日晒损伤;对抗肌肤自然老化进程, 上海市浦东南路999号
子,作用于皮肤不同层面,补充皮肤水分, 抵御自由基,同时更可协助预防光老化及对 新梅联合广场12A
抵御干燥环境,保证有效的生物兼容性和保 抗一切氧化压力。拥有舒适的乳霜质地,适 12A, 999 Shinmay Union Square, South
湿效果。玻尿酸大分子可以在皮肤表面形成 合任何肌肤,特别适合严重干燥缺水肌肤。 Pudong Road, Shanghai
保湿薄膜,令面部肌肤更柔嫩光滑,同时锁 可密集补水保湿,增加皮肤弹性,延缓氧化 Tel: 86 21 6155 6566
住表皮层水分,使之不易流失;玻尿酸中 衰老进程,使皮肤达到哑光和天鹅绒般的效 www.institut-esthederm.com.cn
分子作用于皮肤表皮更深层的保湿;而玻尿 果,是水光针护理后肌肤的理想搭配。

78 | SpaChina • 2018

Intensive Hyaluronic Complex

An Updated Skin Moisturizing Solution

Institut Esthederm Introduces Intensive Collection to instantly moisturize the skin

with patent Hyaluronic® technology By Seana Liu

As the bitter winter goes into its depth, Meanwhile, hyaluronic middle molecule works also covered by the Global Cellular Protection
the skin reaches the most fragile sta- in a deeper part of the epidermis layer, and patent. It can stimulate the self-defense mecha-
tus of the year. Low temperatures, hyaluronic micro molecule reaches the bottom nism of skin cells against severe weather condi-
cold air, chilly winds and heavy rain not only to moisturize, leaving the skin supple and firm. tions, combat skin aging and free radicals, and
steal away your warmth but also your mois- The complex contains special anti-degradation prevent light aging and oxidative stress. The
ture. When dryness overwhelms your life, have factors which can guard against the degrada- cream features tender texture, fit for all types of
you ever thought of supplying the skin with tion and loss of hyaluronic acid so as to give skin, especially dry skin. The product densely
some water too? the skin long lasting moisturizing and repairing moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, delays
effects. oxidative aging and makes the skin appear
To combat a series of skin problems caused velvet smooth. It’s highly recommended to be
by dehydration such as dryness and rough- Intensive Hyaluronic Serum used after skin booster injections.
ness, wrinkles and fine lines, and desquama-
tion, Institut Esthederm introduces a new The serum’s main ingredient is the patent Hya- Cellular Water Spray
moisturizing solution – the updated Intensive luronic® complex, fit for all types of skin, espe-
Collection. With the help of Intensive Hya- cially skin suffering severe dryness, fine lines Institut Esthederm’s top-seller Cellular Water
luronic Serum, Intensive Hyaluronic Cream, resulting from dehydration, desquamation, Spray has strong moisturizing power and
and Institut’s star product Cellular Water, you overly tightness, and fragility after laser mini- continually inputs energy to the skin. It is the
will easily overcome all the skin problems of mally invasive surgery. Clinical assessments skin’s favorite water and regarded as “Skin
dehydration. show that Institut Hyaluronic® complex has Energy Ball”. The Spray’s main component
instant moisturizing effects. The moisture rate is the Cellular Water patent whose molecular
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the of the subject changes from the previous 32% structure, ingredients and pH value conform
human body and a kind of macromolecules in to 64.3% upon applying the complex. Fifteen to human cell sap. Totally free from pigment,
the dermis. It is called the natural water reser- minutes later, the moisture stays at 55.3%. alcohol or preservatives, the Cellular Water
voir of the skin. The amount of hyaluronic acid While intensively supplying water to the
found in the skin is nearly 50% of all that in the skin, it can also fill the fine lines, make the is truly the source of youth to the
whole body, giving continual support to skin skin tender and smooth, reduce wrinkles, skin. Through the tiny shower noz-
moisture and filling fine lines as well. To main- zle, the spray falls onto the skin
tain the hyaluronic acid in the skin improve elasticity and fight against evenly and gently. It is then rec-
will effectively prevent emergence aging. Used together with other prod- ognized and absorbed by the skin
of wrinkles and fine lines. ucts of the Intensive Collection will immediately and infuses energy
bring forth even better result. into the deep cells anywhere at any
Institut Esthederm patent Hya- time and therefore always guaran-
luronic® complex contains three Intensive Hyaluronic Cream tees the best ecological environ-
different forms of high purity hya- ment of the skin. Besides, it helps
luronic acid molecules. Working In addition to the Hyaluronic® com- enhance the effect of subsequent
in different layers of the skin, the plex mentioned above, the cream is skincare.
complex powerfully moisturizes
the skin and defends it against the Believing that “Youth is the
dry environment. It features effec- result of cellular care”, Institut
tive biologic compatibility and Esthederm moves forward continu-
strong moisturizing power. Hya- ously. The newly updated Hyalu-
luronic macromolecular can form ronic® Complex patent can achieve
a moisturizing film over the skin similar results with hyaluronic acid
surface, making the skin more ten- injections. It not only gives inten-
der and smooth and preserving sive moisture but also an instant
the moisture of epidermal layer. transformation of the skin.

SpaChina • 2018 | 79

brand review | 品牌故事



健康丰挺的乳房是女性美的重要标 此次,思妍丽将“古法美胸疏活护理” 瘀,预防调养乳腺疾病。
准,拥有一对健康美丽的乳房也 的专业评估、专利产品、专家手法原滋原味 思妍丽结合自身手法、技术、设备优
是每一位现代女性所追求的,然 的引入思妍丽门店,遍及全国40余个城市,
而乳腺癌发病率却在逐年上升,发病年龄也 这场“粉红革命”,对于促进全国女性关注 势,还创新性将活力气波按摩、艾灸、淋巴
日趋年轻化。据资料显示,我国育龄女性各 预防乳房健康问题,养成定期保养乳房的习 引流融入“古法美胸疏活护理”,全方位帮
种乳腺疾病患者高达52.4%。乳房对于女性 惯,起到了前所未有的推进作用。 助女性疏通腺管、淋巴管、微细血管,排除
来说,不仅关乎美丽,更是关乎于生命。 体内毒素,在舒适愉悦中,实现乳房健康。
专业养护 “乳”此美丽
粉红革命 呵护乳房 关爱自己 才能关爱家人
思妍丽21年载誉前行,始终秉承“不只是美 不痒,也没造成什么影响,我也就没管它, 许多女性忙于工作和家庭中,常常忽略了
丽”的服务理念,致力于让每位女性都有享 结果上次去医院体检,竟然已经开始恶变 自己的身体和健康,尤其对乳房疾病所知
受美丽、健康、幸福的权利。面对居高不下 了,医生的建议是尽早切除病变乳房⋯⋯” 甚少,其实,关爱自己才能够更好的关爱
的女性乳房健康问题,思妍丽倾力上线“古 正因为大家普遍忽视的乳房小问题,才使得 家人。
法美胸疏活护理”,关爱女性,为女性乳房 女性乳房健康问题日益增长和严重。因此,
健康保驾护航。 乳房健康问题必须得到重视。 借助思妍丽“古法美胸疏活护理”,可
思妍丽专家团队经过近一年的胸部护理 人体70%的血液都会流经胸部,也是女 肤干燥及乳房凹陷,加速淋巴系统循环及恢
项目调研,投入大量资金和精力,走访国 性淋巴系统最多的部位,胸部的保养可以有 复排毒功能,疏通经络、行气活血,减压放
内近十家知名医院及上千位乳腺疾病患者, 效加速胸部的气血循环,从而带动全身的气 松、舒缓情绪,柔软胸部、改善弹性等多方
最终确定引入拥有国家专利的“古法美胸疏 血循环,并且具有调节心率、增强肺活量、 位功效。
活护理”,并于2017年12月正式在思妍丽全 调节心肺功能的作用。胸部的日常养护、未
国上百家门店共同上线,希望通过此项目更 病先防尤为重要,这方面中医防治养护乳房 乳房健康不仅为女性增添了自信之美,
好地防治女性乳房疾病,让女性朋友重拾自 优势明显,具有天然安全、温和舒适、根源 更为家庭生活幸福提供保障。关爱自己,从
信,保持年轻状态。 调治的特点。 关注乳房健康开始。

“古法美胸疏活护理”相比市面上的其 “古法美胸疏活护理”尊宠女性,倡 上海思妍丽实业股份有限公司
它胸部养护项目,最主要的优势在于专业 导“内部健康决定美丽”的理念,从内部 Shanghai Siyanli Industrial Company Limited
性,该护理项目由全国著名中医院乳腺科博 “经络阻塞”入手,运用经过多年临床反复 上海市长宁区法华镇路100号
士结合《黄帝内经》理论渊源,以明代宫廷 验证的“乳腺健康状况评估系统”,靶向精 No. 100, Fahuazhen Road, Shanghai
秘方为蓝本研发,采取外用精油与经络按摩 准确定调理方案后,将源自国家发明专利的 Tel: +86 21 5489 0022
手法结合的方法,疏通乳络、理气散结,预 胸部按摩精油与全国著名中医院推拿科独创 www.siyanli.net.cn
防调理乳痛、结节等问题。 乳腺养护推拿手法结合,疏通经络、活血化

80 | SpaChina • 2018

Private Breasts Beauty

SIYANLI has recently launched “Chinese Medicine Breast Treatment” to focus on breast health for
females with professional assessment, patent products and specialist techniques

Apair of healthy, plump and good-shaped expertise. The treatment is a result of expertise By Amanda Yang
breast is a sign of feminine beauty. No from the galactophore doctor at well-known
wonder every modern female is long- traditional Chinese medicine hospital, plus the phatic systems. Breast care can improve the qi
ing to possess healthy and beautiful breasts. But theory basis of The Inner Canon of Huangdi and blood circulation of the breasts as well as
breast cancer keeps increasing with the years and and the imperial secret recipe of Ming dynasty, the whole body. It can also adjust heart rate,
the onset age becomes younger and younger. as well as an integration of essential oil and enhance vital capacity and regulate cardio-pul-
Data shows that 52.4% of all females at childbear- massage techniques targeting body meridian monary functions. It is particularly important
ing age are suffering different kinds of breast dis- channels. The treatment effectively dredges the to do daily care and breast disease preven-
eases. To females, the breasts are not only about breast meridian channels, regulates the flow of tion. Natural, safe, gentle and comfortable,
beauty, but more about life. vital energy and removes stasis, and prevents traditional Chinese medicine treatments boast
and reduces breast pain and nodules. strong advantages in breast care. They can
A Pink Movement completely root out breast problems.
for Breast Health SIYANLI introduced “Chinese Medicine
Breast Treatment” with professional assess- “Chinese Medicine Breast Treatment”
Sticking to the concept of “More than Beau- ment, patent products and specialist tech- advocates that inner health decides overall
ty”, SIYANLI has been committed to improv- niques to its chain stores in over 40 cities beauty. The treatment adopts the clinically
ing every female’s beauty, health and happi- nationwide. This “Pink Movement” has largely proven “Breast Health Assessment System”,
ness for 21 years since foundation. Facing the awakened females’ concern to breast health and combines national patent breast massage
increasing severity of breast problems, SIYAN- and regular breast care. oil with exclusive massage manipulations cre-
LI launched “Chinese Medicine Breast Treat- ated by the Tuina expert of prestigious TCM
ment” to care for females’ breast health. Professional Care to Possess hospital, to dredge meridian channels, pro-
Perfect Breast mote blood circulation and remove stasis, and
SIYANLI expert team has input huge financial prevent and heal breast diseases.
resources and energy for nearly a year’s research “I have known there was a lump in my breast
on breast care. They have visited ten famous since long ago. But it was neither painful nor With the brand’s signature manipulations,
hospitals nationwide, as well as more than a thou- itchy, so I just ignored it. But when I had a body skills and equipment advantages, SIYANLI
sand breast disease patients. Consequently, they check at hospital last time, I was told that the innovatively combines dynamic air wave mas-
officially introduced the national patent “Chi- lump had begun to turn malignant. The doctor sage, moxibustion and lymphatic drainage into
nese Medicine Breast Treatment” at all SIYANLI suggested to remove the lesion breast…” Most treatments to help females dredge the glandu-
chain stores in December 2017, aiming to prevent people just ignore the small problems of the lar ducts, lymphatic and capillaries, eliminate
and heal females’ breast diseases, and help them breasts and that is why breast diseases become body toxins and restore breast health.
restore confidence and youth. more and more severe. It is time for us to pay
more attention to breast health. Your Health is Important
Compared to other breast treatments in the to Your Families
market, SIYANLI “Chinese Medicine Breast 70% of body blood passes through the
Treatment” takes pride in its time-honored breasts and the breasts own the most lym- Many females are busy with work and house-
hold trivia so that they always neglect their
own health. They have little knowledge about
breast problems. In fact, only when we become
healthy first can we better take care of other
family members.

SIYANLI “Chinese Medicine Breast Treat-
ment” effectively prevents and reduces breast
swelling pains and nodules, alleviates breast
skin dryness and breast sunkening, improves
lymphatic system circulation, restores body
detoxing functions, dredges the meridian chan-
nels and promotes qi and blood circulation,
reduces pressure and improves mood, softens
breast and enhances breast elasticity.

Healthy breasts not only give females more
beauty and confidence, but also guarantees the
happiness of family life. Love yourself from
caring for your breasts.

SpaChina • 20178 | 81

brand review | 品牌故事

可可浓情 唤醒真我

Let Cocoa Awaken Your True Self

天寒地冻的时节,如果手捧一杯热 Isn’t it wonderful to have a cup of warm By Amanda Yang
乎乎的可可,是不是感觉格外幸 cocoa in the chilly winter? YI SPA has
福呢?YI SPA推出的“可可浓情 launched “Cocoa Bean Nourishing Treat- the essential oil and plant essence extracted
寻真护理”在寒冷的冬日给身心喝一杯香浓 ment” to give the body and heart a hot cocoa, from rare organic cocoa beans grown in the old
的热巧克力,给予身心充分的滋润、呵护与 leaving one feeling nourished, pampered and forests in Peru, as well as Inca seed oil, Andi-
温暖。 emotionally comforted. roba seed oil, Acai berries and many other pre-
cious herbs and seed oil from Amazon. These
坐落于国际一级旅游度假区滇池湖畔洲 Located at InterContinental Kunming Hotel organic elements can be fully absorbed by the
际酒店内的YI SPA,是昆明怡兰堂企业管理有 beside the charming Dian Lake, YI SPA is a skin and adjust hormone levels. As a result, the
限公司旗下的高端SPA品牌,也是国内不多见 high-end spa brand of Kunming Yi Lan Tang guests achieve healthy skin, a cheerful mood
的、以定制专属能量SPA水疗疗程为特色的能 Enterprise Management Limited Company, and a deep harmony of body and mind.
量SPA。使用国际有机认证德国AMALA及德 and a domestic leading energy spa brand fea-
国PRIMAVERA原生植物能量产品,辅以专属 turing tailor-made spa treatments. YI SPA The treatment package includes a bubble
特色的能量疗愈技法,更凭借云南地缘环境 employs Amala and Primevea from Germa- bath with essences of cocoa and milk, a Bali
优势,在传统水疗功效基础上,结合玉石、 ny, both of which have international organic shiatsu with cocoa fragrance, and a 60-minute
水晶、颂钵、花精等自然能量的治愈力,带 certifications. Based on characteristic energy Amala Peru organic cocoa beans antioxidant
给顾客极具仪式感与修复性的全面感受,帮 healing techniques and Yunan’s geographical facial treatment. Precious organic cocoa beans
助顾客找到真正属于自己的心灵栖息地。 privileges, YI SPA unveils its exclusive wellness from the Amazon Jungle and other organic
journey that combines traditional therapy with herbs are helpful to rejuvenate the body and
“可可浓情寻真护理”采用德国AMALA the healing power of jade, crystal and singing refresh the mind, giving one’s metabolism an
品牌来自秘鲁的百年树种珍稀有机可可豆萃 bowls, bringing a sense of ritual and total reju- instant boost.
取出来的有机精油和植物精华,结合印加果籽 venation to guests.
油、安迪拉木种子油、巴西莓等来自亚马逊的 Ms. Wang described the treatment: “The
一系列珍贵的植物和种子油,其天然有机稀有 “Cocoa Bean Nourishing Treatment” uses whole process was like a cheerful journey at
成分完全被皮肤吸收的同时还能调节人体荷尔 a chocolate palace and the cocoa aroma gave
蒙,让人心情愉悦的同时能够滋养肌肤,从而 me unprecedented joy. The full body massage
获得深度放松、身心合一的美好感受。 was very relaxing. With the perfect massage
strength and gentle finger dance, the profes-
此疗程包括可可精华牛奶泡浴,可可芳香 sional therapist made me feel like being a well-
巴厘岛指压按摩和雅蔓兰秘鲁有机可可豆抗氧 cared baby. The facial treatment firmed and
化面部护理,是一个60分钟抗衰老面部护理和 moisturized my skin, and gave it an instant
60分钟可可精华牛奶浴以及巴厘岛全身按摩的 boost of radiance.”
克力,来自于亚马逊丛林珍贵的有机可可豆, In addition to helping the skin achieve its
配合其他有机植物巧妙配方,具有活化细胞, best status, the Cocoa Bean Nourishing Treat-
促进代谢及提振精神多重功效。 ment can also awaken the true self within every
modern person.


Kunming Yi Lan Tang Enterprise
Management Limited Company
5 Yijing Road, Dianchi National Resort
Tel: 0871 6362 2888 www.yilantang.com

82 | SpaChina • 2018

无界自然 精致之美

Exquisite Beauty from Infinite Nature

美甲是时尚不可或缺的一部分, Nail beauty is a key component of By Seana Liu
五彩斑斓的指端,搭配风情万 fashion. Just imagine a diversity of
种的造型,或知性优雅、或甜 colors and patterns dancing on your tively protects nails without the need of further
美可人、或前卫个性,将女性魅力演绎得淋 fingertips! Graceful, lovely or cool, they vary polishing. Besides, the resin material in the
漓尽致。 in styles, yet unfailingly convey your unique products reaches dental standard and the color
feminine charm. paste material reaches the lip cosmetics stand-
为了倡导绿色健康的美甲和手足护理风 ard. That is why the nail bottles are designed
尚,Alban Muller,Stephen Bidinger和赵启元三 To advocate green and healthy mani- like lipsticks. JARDIN GLOBA products have
位创始人从世界著名原生态地区的独特植物 cures, Alban Muller, Stephen Bidinger and safety certificates against heavy metals presence
及Cosmetic Valley的尖端技术中汲取灵感,创 Zhao Qiyuan founded JARDIN GLOBAL and skin irritation granted by international
造出JARDIN GLOBAL,意为“环球花园”, (meaning Global Garden), drawing inspi- testing authority SGS, so as to guarantee the
为追求精致生活的万千女性精心打造充满法 ration from the precious plants grown in safety and health of both customers and tech-
式风情的美丽王国。 famous ecologic regions worldwide and the nicians.
cutting-edge technologies of Cosmetic Val-
品牌信奉以简约的方式打造无暇美 ley. Together, they create a French-style Each plant boasts its own active elements
甲,而出色的美甲产品无疑是最好的开 beauty kingdom for thousands of ladies who and every continent has its unique plant
始。JARDIN GLOBAL美甲产品系列,拥有安 pursue exquisite life. resources. Based on cutting-edge plant extrac-
全健康、气味极低、持久附着、颜色炫目、 tion techniques and environmentally friend-
功能多样、易于涂刷、迅速固化等鲜活特 JARDIN GLOBAL aims to help every lady ly high polymer material, as well as suffi-
质。让指甲在光线下看起来近乎完美,轻松 possess perfect nails with simple ways. All the cient research and adoption of diverse plant
获得梦想的自然效果。 brand’s products are safe, healthy, durable, resources, JARDIN GLOBAL infuses ecologi-
radiant, multi-functional, easy to paint, quick cal sustainable development philosophy and
产品采用独家研发的大分子引发技术, to dry and without much smell. As a result, methods into the whole procedure from cul-
胶体健康环保,无需打磨,精心呵护指甲。 your nails appear quite natural and beautiful tivating, processing, producing to packaging,
树脂原料遵循医用标准,达到牙科级别,色 especially under light. to ensure that every product has remarkable
浆原料达到唇部化妆品级别,这也是产品瓶 quality. The new arrivals (colors) for each
型近似于口红的缘由。通过国际权威检测机 The brand exclusively develops the macro- season are elaborate works of color specialists.
构SGS重金属安全认证和皮肤刺激性安全认 molecule initiation techniques to make the safe JARDIN GLOBAL wisely integrates nature
证,为客户和美甲技师的安全健康提供双重 and environmentally friendly gel which effec- and technology to create the most fashionable
保障。 and colorful nails. The brand persists in exert-
ing zero burden on the environment. While
每一种植物都有其特有的活性物质,全球 creating beauty, it also emphasizes health,
各大洲都有其独特的优质植物资源。JARDIN nature and supreme quality. Exquisite Beauty
GLOBAL基于尖端的植物萃取技术和环保健康 from Infinite Nature is the unchanged pursuit
高分子材料技术,充分研究和利用大自然的优 of JARDIN GLOBAL.
贯穿栽培、加工、制造和包装的全过程,保证 JARDIN GLOBAL, like a graceful lady,
所有产品的卓越品质。每一季的新色均取材 haunts one’s heart with its elegant charm and
于世界知名的原生态景区和色彩专家的精心调 unique characteristics. Nature, art and exqui-
配,自然与科技的完美结合,创造出最精致时 siteness are blended into one. It invites you
尚色彩的美甲。品牌始终以环境零负担为宗 into the world of manicure and the frontier of
旨,创造美丽,呵护健康与自然,追求完美品 fashion.
造梦想的完美花园。 上海零玖科技有限公司

JARDIN GLOBAL如同精致的女人,低调 O'NINE Technologies Co., Ltd.
中散发着优雅气质,彰显个人独特品味与魅 上海市浦东新区园西路318号9号楼2楼
力,令人无法舍弃。自然、精致、艺术融为 2/F Building 9, 318 Yuanxi Road, Pudong,
一体,全新理念注入品牌风格,为你打开全 Shanghai, China
球手足时尚的窗口,让你永远走在流行时尚 Tel: +86 21 6879 2209
的前沿。 www.oninebeauty.cn

SpaChina • 2018 | 83

hotel news & events | 酒店新闻与盛事 徐姗姗 编译

北京宝格丽酒店 The Bulgari Hotel Beijing Presents
传承品牌奢华 Brand’s Luxury Inheritance
Referred to as an ‘Urban Resort’, The Bulgari Hotel Beijing is located
北京宝格丽酒店坐落于 in the Chaoyang district amid the green surroundings of the Embassy
京城核心位置的使馆 District, balancing art and nature with sculpted gardens that extend along
区,面朝亮马河畔私属 the Liangma River. Hotel design features the brand’s inheritance with
花园。酒店在设计上传 contrasting color palettes, bronze touches and lavish Italian marble. For a
承品牌经典,青铜窗的 dining experience, Italian restaurant Il Ristorante offers spectacular views
深色线条与明亮的石灰 over the park and an outstanding terrace for outdoor dining. From cus-
石形成鲜明的色调对比,从珍贵的大理石、稀有的实木、手工定 tom-designed Murano glass chandeliers to chairs and columns wrapped
制的玻璃到带有宝格丽标志性图腾的织物,处处彰显酒店对于细 in dark-brown leather, every element has been crafted to ensure a seamless
节的追求。经典意式餐厅Il Ristorante坐拥花园景观,从定制款水 experience. IL Bar provides an array of cocktails, fine wine, champagne
晶吊灯到深棕色罗马柱及餐椅,每一处元素都精心设计;IL Bar and Bulgari’s renowned ‘aperitivo’. The 1,500 square-metre BVLGARI
窖藏丰富,提供多种葡萄酒、香槟、鸡尾酒,以及独具特色的 SPA adds a further luxurious touch with 11 treatment rooms, a fitness
宝格丽餐前酒。占地1500平方米的宝格丽水疗中心拥有11间理疗 center and a 25-metre pool made of shimmering mosaic tiles.



Shanghai Classics Take on New Silhouettes at 广州康莱德酒店俯瞰珠江
The Middle House
Italian visionary Piero Lissoni blended a local twist to his 去年五月开业的广州康莱德酒店坐落于珠江新城中央商务区的核心地段,设
modernist aesthetic at The Middle House, the fourth prop- 有309间宽敞客房和套房,大部分房间与餐厅都饱览珠江美景。酒店的餐厅和
erty from Swire Hotels’ The House Collective, opened at 酒吧由著名室内设计师André Fu操刀完成,通过独特有趣的方式诠释传统理
the end of 2017. The hotel’s exterior façade features a series 念。其中,星级厨师谭师傅掌勺的韵轩中餐厅创意烹饪地道粤菜;馥餐厅供
of round aluminum louvers, which provide privacy for the 应异国风情的地中海美食。毗邻艺术园区的大堂酒廊里可享用各式鸡尾酒和
guest rooms while distinguishing the hotel’s two towers 下午茶;入夜之后,镁吧的户外露台是社交休闲的不二选择。酒店六楼设有
from surrounding developments. For the interior spaces, 健身中心,配备25米泳池;水疗中心为客人们提供一系列放松、焕活的护理
Lissoni adopts subtle yet impactful combinations of bold 服务。
lines, materials and colours, enhanced by Shanghai’s culture
of art and craftsmanship. Complemented by generous win- Conrad Guangzhou Overlooks the Pearl River
dows affording ample views of the city, transparent room Created as a stylish urban oasis in the heart of CBD Zhujiang New Town, Conrad
dividers serve to brighten up the inner space. Backlit walls Guangzhou boasts panoramic river views from most of its 309 guest rooms and
and glazed screens are also used to lighten the otherwise restaurants. Guest may choose from three signature restaurants along with a
secluded bathroom areas. For the spacious serviced apart- lounge and bar designed by the famed André Fu and internationally acclaimed
ments, Lissoni created sliding wood panels finely carved design firm, AB concept. At Yun Pavilion, celebrated Chef Tan presents his
with traditional Chinese design elements to facilitate a flex- innovative take on traditional Cantonese cuisines. Sense is an all-day restaurant,
ible living space. offering a menu of international favorites served buffet style. Aroma, open for
lunch and dinner, features a seasonally-inspired menu and Mediterranean dishes.
Connect with happy hour cocktails or afternoon tea at Gem or gather at Mg,
Conrad Guangzhou’s chic destination bar offering a range of drinks and light
bites. Stay fit and inspired at the fitness center, 25-meter indoor pool and the
onsite Spa.

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brand review | 品牌故事

身心的多重呵护 探索蔚柳溪养生之道

Holistic Pampering at Willow Stream Spa

养生,从最开始的日常锻炼,到设 Wellness has witnessed an evolution. By Seana Liu
立健身房进行高效体能训练,再 In the past, it only meant daily out-
到全方位的水疗护理、按摩及营 door exercise. Then gyms became age departments, Willow Stream Spa is able to
养膳食的搭配,由生活环境、条件及饮食带 popular and people crowded there to have phys- further perfect its services in every detail. Be it
来的多种益处逐步受到更多人的关注。涵盖 ical and strength training. Now an increasing the elaborately designed turndown gift of lav-
了衣食住行,为差旅、度假与休闲提供一体 number of people begin to combine Spa therapy ender sachet or the fascinating red wine bub-
化服务的酒店,则是一个发展与体现养生理 with healthy diets for a more holistic experi- ble bath, all for the relaxation and renewal of
念的绝佳地点。 ence. No doubt, the best place to represent and guests. Start the day with the morning exercise
develop this wellness trend is an international or morning swim at Willow Stream. Enjoy a
蔚柳溪是费尔蒙酒店品牌旗下屡获殊荣 hotel which not only covers accommodation humid and aromatic heat experience to replen-
的水疗品牌,因其长期致力于探寻修复身体 and food and beverage, but also meets the exact ish water to the body and alleviate muscular
能量的创新疗法而闻名全球。在成都棕榈泉 needs of travelers, whether on business trips or tension. Then have a global feast at all-day din-
费尔蒙酒店,蔚柳溪专注健身与养身概念, for holidays and recreations. ing restaurant Spectrum. Don’t miss the Life-
配备高端意大利品牌“泰诺健”健身器械与 style Juices rich in vitamin and natural antioxi-
自然采光恒温泳池,并设立瑜伽、太极等多 The award-winning Spa brand of Fairmont dant ingredients to supply energy and improve
种健身课程,供宾客尽情舒展。以成都市花 Hotels, Willow Stream Spa is globally known work efficiency and life quality. Meanwhile,
芙蓉所定制的芙蓉花焕肤护理,成都本土竹 for its innovative treatments aimed at restoring guests can order healthy dishes through
子带来的蔚柳溪成都特色按摩与传统中式指 energy. Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Cheng- Willow Stream Spa. After the treatment is
压足疗,皆为宾客展示了蜀地的养生文化与 du is dedicated to an integration of wellness done, guests can immediately enjoy selected
魅力。搭配专属水疗的美食菜单,蔚柳溪以 and fitness. The fitness area is equipped with flavors such as Soy and Sesame Steamed Tofu
本真的体验,疗效立现的护理及平衡的生活 Italian brand Technogym® latest ranges. An and Grilled Teriyaki Salmon. Health and deli-
方式,给宾客提供全方位的养护。 indoor heated pool shimmers under the natural cacy meets to enhance an overall wellbeing,
light. Various fitness courses are offered such as well as purifying the mind and improv-
在客房及餐饮的配合下,蔚柳溪从生活 as Yoga, Taichi and more. Besides, a series of ing attentiveness. After a day’s labor, it’s time
的微小之处带给宾客不一样的养生感受。无 Spa treatments lead one closer to the essence of to relax and invigorate with Fairmont Fit, a
论是开夜床时精心准备的薰衣草香包,还是 Sichuan wellness culture, such as the Hibiscus 3-hour package combining spa therapy, mas-
温暖迷醉的红酒泡泡浴,皆可使宾客放松身 Skin Brigntening which is tailored with hibiscus, sage, nutritional recommendation and fitness.
心,重拾能量之源。以蔚柳溪的早练及晨泳 Chengdu’s city flower; Willow Stream Chengdu Or try the Oxygen Aroma Inhalation to relieve
开启美好的一天,湿润芬芳的蒸汽热疗及时 Signature Massage that uses the local bamboo fatigue and improve sleep quality. Super com-
给身体补充水分,缓解肌肉紧张。在“食百 to assist the manipulation and Traditional Chi- fortable bedding and sweet pillow options fur-
绚”全日制餐厅享用环球甄选美食,以富含 nese Foot Reflexology. In addition, Spa cuisines ther guarantee a night of sound sleep.
维生素及天然抗氧化成分的能量蔬果汁帮助 are provided to complement the wellness jour-
补充能量,为充实的工作与生活保驾护航。 ney. Willow Stream Spa aims to give guests all- Willow Stream Spa gives a holistic defini-
同时,体验者也可通过蔚柳溪预订水疗元素 around pampering that combines result-proven tion of wellness by integrating innovative Spa
膳食菜单,理疗后即可享受大豆和芝麻蒸豆 therapy with balanced lifestyle. treatments, proper fitness and balanced diets in
腐、照烧三文鱼等精选美食,专注于美味与 every detail of life. Escape the bustle of modern
健康,帮助凝神静思。结束一天的忙碌,卸 Supported by Room and food and bever- city and set off on a journey of energy recovery
下身心的浮尘,静享能量之源的自然体验; at Fairmont Chengdu.


Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Chengdu
4F, Fairmont Chengdu, 269 Tianfu Middle
Avenue, Hi-Tech Zone, Chengdu
Tel: +86 28 8064 8555
Email: spa.chengdu@fairmont.com

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hotel news & events | 酒店新闻与盛事

艾美酒店揭秘苏州 Le Méridien Strikes a Pose in Suzhou
Le Méridien Suzhou, Suzhou Bay opened last October on the south
苏州苏州湾艾美酒店正式开 of Taihu New Town, boasting picturesque lake views. The hotel
业,位于太湖新城之南美丽 houses 285 stylish rooms including six equipped with natural hot
的“苏州湾”。酒店拥有 spring tubs. The brand’s signature Le Meridien Hub™, featuring
285间客房,包括6间配备天 arrival experience and coffee culture, transforms traditional lobby
然温泉池的别墅客房。透过 setting into a creative social space. Nouvelle Vague, the well-known
落地窗,烟波浩渺的太湖胜 band from Paris, presents melody to welcome guests; an extensive
景和城市风光尽收眼底。艾 array of finger puff integrating French classic flavor and Suzhou
美创驿大堂通过品牌标志性 taste are offered; when evening draws in, people are gathered here
的抵达体验和咖啡文化打造 for sparkling wine and cocktails. Besides, three restaurants and a bar
全新社交空间。巴黎新浪潮乐队在此倾情演绎情境音乐;融合法式风 provide wide dining options including Huaiyang cuisines, Cantonese
味与苏州特色的手指泡芙值得一试;入夜,还可品尝到各类气泡酒和 dim sum, select Southeast Asian favorites, etc. For recreation, guests
鸡尾酒。三间餐厅及一间大堂吧供应新派淮扬菜、地道的苏式及粤式 can work out in the gymnasium, swim laps in the 25-metre indoor
点心、东南亚风味菜肴,和国际经典创意美味。休闲设施包括25米长 pool, or enjoy pampering spa and yoga sessions.



Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo Debuts in Sri Lanka 苏格兰圣安德鲁斯费尔蒙酒店重投运营
Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo opened on November 16,
2017 at One Galle Face, offering uninterrupted Indian 苏格兰圣安德鲁斯费尔蒙酒店在斥资数百万英镑的翻修工程之后,于去年秋
Ocean views in most of its 500 guestrooms and suites and 季开张营业。此次翻新包括对酒店中庭的改造,新增一家餐厅和Kittock’s酒
41 serviced apartments. Travelers are invited to experience 吧,并对211间酒店客房及套房进行翻新。高80英尺的中庭内,长60米的漩涡
a mix of Shangri-La’s Asian elegance and a contemporary 形雕塑吊顶将北海汹涌的海浪刻画得惟妙惟肖,可举办各类招待会和晚宴,
style inspired by the country’s abundant nature beauty. 以及最新推出的“Savoy下午茶”。从中庭往下便来到Squire餐厅,以松树和
Five restaurants, bars and lounges offer an extensive selec- 鼠尾草绿为主色调,点缀以耀眼的金色,富丽堂皇。Kittock’s酒吧借鉴了泰
tion of local and international cuisine, al fresco dining, 河河口以及周边渔村的水乡风情,用餐氛围舒心怡人。酒店还配备设施完善
daily live entertainment and innovative menus. For those 的水疗馆,采用欧缇丽和雅容玛香薰之家的产品。
seeking serenity, CHI, The Spa is a welcome addition with
9 treatment rooms, a 24-hour fitness centre, and a swim- Fairmont St Andrews Relaunches
ming pool and pool bar overlooking the Indian Ocean. Fairmont St Andrews was recently relaunched following a multi-million-pound
The hotel also features the most extensive events venues in redevelopment. The renovations involve a complete redesign of the hotel’s
Sri Lanka with over 4,500 square metres of space including Atrium, a new restaurant and the Kittock’s Bar, as well as renovation of the hotel’s
2 ballrooms, an outdoor lawn and several function rooms. 211 bedrooms and suites. The 80ft-high glass topped Atrium doubles as an event
space, popular for receptions, exhibitions, gala dinners and the newly-launched
Savoy Afternoon Tea. A bespoke 60-metre long ceiling sculpture imitates the
movement of the North Sea. Following the staircase down through the Atrium
into Squire Restaurant, dramatic lighting and refined materials with a colour
scheme of pine and sage greens create a sense of quality. The new-look Kittock’s
Den draws on nautical elements from the nearby River Tay estuaries and sur-
rounding fishing villages. The resort also has a well-appointed spa complex which
offers Caudalie and Aromatherapy Associates treatments.

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雅高酒店集团进驻马尔代夫 AccorHotels Enters Maldives
AccorHotels has announced its first luxury destination in the
去年9月,雅高酒店集团开设其在马尔代夫的首家奢华酒店——马尔代夫德瓦 Maldives - Dhevanafushi Maldives Luxury Resort, managed
纳芙希奢华度假酒店。酒店位于梅拉德(Meradhoo)私人岛屿,现设有21间岛 by AccorHotels. The resort presently boasts 21 island villas
上别墅和16间海上别墅,提供私人泳池,3间餐厅,1间坐拥秀美风景的鸡尾 and 16 ocean villas with private pools, 3 restaurants, a scenic
酒吧以及一系列活动设施,如水疗中心、水上健身中心、瑜伽课程、水上运 cocktail bar and an array of facilities and activities to relax,
动、私人就餐体验、24小时管家和私人厨师服务,以及最受欢迎的浮潜和潜 rejuvenate and reinvigorate the body, mind and spirit. These
水项目。酒店的潜水中心已获得PADI认证,宾客们可以畅游在全球最为惊 include an award-winning luxury spa, over-the-water fitness
艳的珊瑚礁中,展开精彩的冒险之旅。前往度假酒店需从马累机场搭乘55分 centre, yoga programs, water sports, private dining options,
钟的航班,然后换乘15分钟的快艇。 24-hour butler and private chef service, along with snorkel-
ling and diving at its finest - the resort’s PADI-certified dive
centre offers adventures through the wonders of some of the
most breathtaking coral reefs in the world. The resort can
be accessed by a 55-minute flight from Male Airport and a
15-minute speedboat transfer.


Wan Chun Ting取名源自中文的万春亭,供应地道的粤
衬生辉。宾客还可在Le Bar享受到各种法式红酒和下午
茶,或前往Nizza餐厅品味地道的法国美食。SO SPA水
户外泳池和SO FIT健身中心亦提供绝佳休闲体验。

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara 宜必思尚品乌兰巴托酒店开业
Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara opened in August 2017
with 312 rooms. The hotel’s interior blends local heritage 宜必思尚品乌兰巴托酒店位于汗乌拉区,设有95间客房,是雅高酒店集团在
with a sophisticated feature wall depicting the country’s 蒙古的首家酒店。客房采用时尚的室内设计方案,明亮的橙色和蓝绿色与墙
Wau Bulan otherwise known as the moon kite with French 壁上充满乐趣的涂鸦作品相映成趣,酒店距离成吉思汗国际机场只需15分钟
art vivre through an Eiffel Tower artwork. Among the five 车程。乌兰巴托是蒙古国的首都和最大城市,拥有大量的博物馆、美术馆、
restaurants and bars, the Chinese restaurant Wan Chun 剧院和俱乐部。宾客可以在ibis Kitchen餐厅品尝到具有当地和国际特色的各
Ting, which translates as Ten Thousand Springs Pavilion, 类美食。酒店配备两间会议室,最多可容纳100人,是举办各类商务会谈和社
offers authentic Cantonese and Imperial cuisine with 交活动的理想场所。其他娱乐设施包括一个儿童游乐区和健身房。
intricate fabrics, fine embroidery and gold damask velvet.
Enjoy a selection of French wines and afternoon tea at Le ibis Styles Ulaanbaatar Polaris Opens
Bar or relish authentic French cuisine at the casual French Located in Khan Uu District, the 95-room ibis Styles Ulaanbaatar Polaris is the
Riviera-inspired restaurant, Nizza. Wellness and leisure first AccorHotels property in Mongolia. Featuring a sleek interior design with
facilities include an outdoor pool, SO SPA and SO FIT. SO bright colours of orange and turquoise echoed by a wall of playful graffiti art-
SPA is the country’s first to offer a Moroccan Hamman work, the hotel is a 15-minute drive to Chinggis Khaan International Airport.
bath treatment. Ulaanbaatar is the capital and largest city of Mongolia, enjoying a cultural resur-
gence with numerous museums, galleries, theatre performances and clubs that
bring out the best in traditional Mongolian culture. Guests staying at the hotel
can enjoy a range of local and international favourites at the ibis Kitchen restau-
rant. For social events and business meetings, the hotel has two meeting rooms
that can host up to 100 guests. Leisure facilities include a children’s play area and
a gym.

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SPECIAL Promotions

Thailand Spa and Well-being Summit 2018

泰国是水疗爱好者的天堂,泰国水疗协会是泰国重要的水疗组织,旨在推 Thailand is a spa lovers’ paradise, and the Thai Spa
进泰国水疗行业以达到国际标准。2018年1月11日,泰国水疗协会将在 Association, an important spa organization in
曼谷半岛酒店举办“2018年泰国水疗养生峰会”,与世界各地的水疗协 Thailand, has set the aim to enhance the poten-
会和水疗爱好者一同打造国际知识的共享舞台,推动世界水疗行业的可持续发展。 tial of the Thai spa industry and the world’s spa industry
to meet international standards. On January 11, 2018,
在“2018年泰国水疗养生峰会”上,许多专家都将针对水疗创新话题展开重要讨 the Thai Spa Association will hold the “Thailand Spa and
论。WATPO泰国传统医学院院长Khun Preeda Tangtrongchit、Chaopraya Abhaibhubejhr Well-being Summit 2018” at The Peninsula Bangkok, in
医院的Supaporn Pitiphon博士、养生度假村奇瓦颂的自然疗法大师Nidcha Samantarat博 cooperation with spa associations from all over the world
士以及泰中香精香料工业有限公司副总经理Bung-Orn Kietthanakorn博士将共同探讨 and spa lovers to create the international knowledge-
“泰国草药医学的新维度”。目的地水疗管理公司总监Samantha Foster和SpaChina杂 sharing stage and to develop the world’s spa industry
志总监兼主编Fifi Kao也将分别带来“养生创新”和“中国水疗消费者想要什么”的有 sustainably.
At “Thailand Spa and Well-being Summit 2018”, there
晚上,与会者将在泰国第一大河湄南河的迷人风景中享受愉快的旅行,并见 will be important talk topics concerning spa innovations
证“2018年泰国水疗养生大奖”20个奖项获奖者的揭晓。此次活动中,欧洲水疗协 from many countries around the globe including “New
会(ESPA)秘书长Joachim Lieber Hon先生和欧亚的水疗领袖代表们将与我们一起分享 Dimension of Thai Herbal Medicine” by Khun Preeda
他们的观点,共享颁奖之夜。 Tangtrongchitr, Director, WATPO Thai Traditional Medi-
cal School, Phon. Dr. Supaporn Pitiphon, Chaopraya
2018年的水疗业务旨在将多种科学创新疗法相结合,更好地为身心健康养生做 Abhaibhubejhr Hospital, Dr. Nidcha Samantarat, Naturo-
准备。泰国作为水疗业务的中心和领导者,泰国水疗协会决定举办此次峰会,致力 pathic Doctor, Chiva-Som, and Dr. Bung-Orn Kietthana-
于为水疗业务和水疗产品的相关人士提供发展现代技术创新、确立行业标准的机 korn, Assistant Managing Director, Thai-China Flavours
会,创造良好的品牌形象,为世界各地的水疗消费者带来信心。 & Fragrances Industry Co., Ltd. Other interesting topics
are “Wellness Innovation” by Samantha Foster, Director
88 | SpaChina • 2018 of Destination Spa Management, and “What Chinese Spa
Consumers Want” by Fifi Kao, Director & Chief Editor
of SpaChina Magazine. In addition, there will be various
activities and workshops for the participants.

Importantly, in the evening, the participants will sure-
ly enjoy the Chaophraya crusing trip in the concept called
“The River of Happiness”, on Chaophraya River, the
main river of Thailand and the river of Thai civilization
and beautiful scenery. Also, the highlight of the evening
event is to announce the winners of the Thailand Spa &
Well-being Awards 2018 in 20 different categories. In
this event, Joachim Lieber Hon, Secretary General of the
European Spas Association (ESPA), and representatives
of leading European and Asia spas will join us to share
their views and enjoy the award night.

The spa business in 2018 aims to have the mixture of
various sciences and innovations of therapy for good health
and wellbeing of both body and mind. Thailand, as the
leader and center of spa business, and the Thai Spa Asso-
ciation are excited to hold this summit to provide oppor-
tunities for the spa business and spa-related products to
develop with modern technology, innovation and mutual
standards, and to create a good image and branding, bring-
ing confidence to spa consumers around the world.

SPECIAL Promotions

Get the Luxury Treatment
with Stylish Specialties

GUERLAIN invites you to discover the expertise of its

Orchidée Impériale Ultimate Face and Body Treatment.

Experience the 120-minute anti-aging treatment and heated

herbal delivered with flawless efficiency to leave you with a

feeling of complete well-being. Deep massaging ensures cel-

lular renewal and an amazing feeling of recovery.

时光逆转 绽放美丽 Overlooking the glamorous cityscape of Lujiazui, FLARE
娇兰御廷兰花卓能全效经典护理 Spa located on the highest floor of Four Seasons Hotel
Pudong, Shanghai on level 41, partners with prestigious
想要像兰花一般绽放美丽?法国娇兰邀您感受来自御廷兰花卓能全效经典护理。在120分 French brand GUERLAIN to offer signature GUERLAIN
钟的美妙时光中,体验面部与身体抗衰老定制护理,结合特色中草药包,促进循环,带 treatment as part of a carefully created menu of facials, mas-
来感知上的愉悦,与全身心的和谐健康。配合专业的按摩手法,确保促进肌体细胞的新 sages, body treatments and salon services. Treatment rooms
生,带来不一般的紧实年轻感。时光仿佛逆转,岁月痕迹迅速隐匿,肌肤重绽宛若兰花 include two luxurious VIP spa suites with steam, sauna,
般的完美无瑕,焕发年轻迷人光彩。 rain shower and whirlpool for two. Indoor infinite lap pool
and vitality pool both boast a view of the glittering Lujiazui
位于上海浦东四季酒店41楼的FLARE水疗中心设计幽雅脱俗,是追求高品质水疗护理 skyline, and the breathtaking night view of metropolitan
的理想之选。走进这片城市绿洲,顿觉远离繁嚣,轻松自在,恍如步入一个空中世外桃 Shanghai.
有两间宁静高雅的双人豪华贵宾水疗室,每间都拥有活力能量按摩池及独立淋浴间;另有 The intimate FLARE Spa is a very special urban getaway
4间贵宾芳疗室,均配备蒸汽浴和花洒淋浴间。水疗中心旁是水天一色的无边际室内游泳 where one can renew and regenerate, and indulge in a few
池,让您情不自禁跃入水中,如鱼得水地无忧畅泳,另有按摩池和池畔餐饮服务。 hours of pampering and attention to beauty.

垂询及预订:+86 21 2036 1380 For additional information, or reservations, please call
地址:上海市浦东新区世纪大道210号浦东四季酒店41楼 +86 21 2036 1380.


犒劳辛苦了一年的自己。璞丽酒店安纳塔拉水疗(Anantara Spa)于2017年12月1日至




俯视绿茵如画的静安公园,位于璞丽酒店3楼的安纳塔拉水疗(Anantara Spa)距众


极乐吟冬 120分钟

花瓣足浴 60分钟运动按摩



冬日促销价(单人/双人):RMB1,680* / 2,980*

* 水疗费用需另加10%服务费,总额需征收中国政府(自2016年5月1日起)的法定增值



SpaChina • 2018 | 89

SPECIAL Promotions


亚太区美容展完美闭幕,成绩打破历届纪录,成功践行了“一展两 牙、瑞士、台湾、泰国、土耳其、英国及美国,充分展现了展会的国际面
地”之展会模式。 貌。

Cosmopack Asia去年11月14日至16日在亚洲国际博览馆(博览馆)以进 韩国获2017亚太区美容展嘉许为“荣誉国”,通过专题研讨会及多场

行包装专区形式进行展览,而11月15日至17日则于香港会议展览中心(会 现场示范,展示韩式美容的特点及潮流趋势。

展)举行Cosmoprof Asia亚太区美容展。为期四天的展会刷新多项纪录,足 亚洲博闻有限公司执行副总裁兼亚太区美容展有限公司董事麦高德

证2017亚太区美容展为区内最具影响力的美容盛事,汇聚全球各地的买 表示:“亚太区美容展在区内广受欢迎,展会采用的‘一展两地’模式能

家、分销商、供货商及零售商,提供多元化的配对洽商机会,促进商机。 容纳更多参展商及优秀产品、服务以至包装趋势,迎合买家、分销商、供

展会吸引来自135个国家及地区的83,793名业内人士前往两地场馆参 货商及零售商的需求。亚太区美容展绝对是美容业的年度盛事,预料展会

观,人数较2016年增加9%。共有2,877名参展商参展,分别来自54个国家 将继续发展增长,前景一片光明。”


达11%。 与您相约

2017亚太区美容展共有25个国家及团体展馆,分别来自澳大利亚、 第23届亚太区美容展将于2018年再度登场,11月13至15日Cosmopack Asia

比利时、保加利亚、加州、中国、法国、德国、希腊、香港、以色列、意 将于亚洲国际博览馆(博览馆)展出,11月14至16日则于香港会议展览中心

大利、日本、韩国、拉脱维亚、巴基斯坦、菲律宾、波兰、新加坡、西班 (会展)亮相。






大理国际大酒店/Dali Hotel
Beside Longshan Admin Center, Dali Eco. Dev. Zone, Dali

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徐姗姗 编译 movie book & CD review | 电影好书与好碟推荐

spachina movie spachina BOOK review


2015年,《老爸当家》上映后大获成 《呼吸解剖学》是一本专业而实用的呼吸法指南。书中收录了数百位
功,两年之后,这部合家欢喜剧再次归 专家所做的权威图解以及呼吸练习,加以简单易懂的描述,让读者熟
来,去年底在北美上映一周便获得了全 悉影响呼吸的人体器官、组织以及用力方式,了解呼吸背后的原理,
美第二的票房。在续集中,孩子们的生 学习不同的呼吸技巧与方法等,读者亦将掌握到如何根据具体环境选
父Dusty和继父Brad决定把他们的分歧放 择合适的呼吸方式,并在日常生活中通过正确的呼吸法来提升健康与
在一边,携手为孩子们打造一个完美的 生命质量。这本呼吸的科学与艺术图本的作者是著名的舞蹈家、物理
圣诞节,然而当孩子们的两个爷爷也到 疗法学家Blandine Calais-Germain。舞蹈家背景让Blandine具备了更大优势,她从神经生理学与
来时,一场家庭大战风雨欲来。Dusty的 机械力学的研究入手,深入剖析人体中各类复杂运动的机理。
父亲粗豪守旧又大男人,与Brad感性且 Anatomy of Breathing is a clear and helpful guide to both the theory and practice of breathing in
爱心爆棚的父亲格格不入,还没有收到 its many variations. Hundreds of expert drawings along with easy-to-understand text help readers
圣诞老人的礼物之前,两家人先要迎接 explore how breathing works. Once you’re acquainted with the principal organs, structures and
来自两位阿公的超级挑战。整部影片充 forces that affect breathing, you will learn how to control them to enhance the quality and variety
满欢笑,是难得的不输于第一部的电影 of breathing in your own life. Along the way, you will also correct many common misconceptions
续篇。 about breathing. Anatomy of Breathing is also filled with helpful practice pages. Here you will learn
simple exercises to prepare your body for the benefits of different types of breathing. You will then
Daddy’s Home 2 is the sequel to be shown, step by step, how to practice some of the most common and useful breathing techniques
2015’s Daddy’s Home. The Christmas on your own. The book author Blandine Calais-Germain’s lifelong involvement with dance, both as
themed follow-up film has done well performer and teacher, eventually led to an interest in other physical disciplines, and then to more
at the box office since coming to the formal study of the complex and integrated movements of the body.
screen. In the sequel, Brad (Ferrell) and Purchase via www.amazon.com Price: $25
Dusty (Wahlberg) have put away their
differences to becoming a dynamic duo spachina CD reviews
of awesomeness for their kids. Two dads
get along well and are quite the team. JOEY, MONK, LIVE! CARRY FIRE
But when they take it to the next level by BY JOEY ALEXANDER BY ROBERT PLANT
agreeing to combine family cheer for a
Christmas with both families, they also Joey 2003年出生于印度尼西亚,是个古典音 Robert是齐柏林飞艇乐队的成员,乐队解散
put themselves in the path of conflict by 乐神童。作为一名爵士乐钢琴家,他吸取了 后,他一直努力摆脱这个巨大光环带来的身
inviting each of their own fathers. Dusty’s
Dad (Gibson) is an ultra-masculine tough 整个爵士音乐界的精华,加以融合与再创, 份桎梏。Carry Fire是他所做的最新努力。不
guy that makes Dusty look progressive, 过讽刺的是,这张专辑的风格与齐柏林飞艇
while Brad’s Dad (Lithgow) is extra- 演绎了众多不同凡响的作品,不仅在技巧上
emotional and highly affectionate. Hijinks 晚期的曲风极其相似。虽然吉他手不再是
ensue. Despite some critics’ sharp reviews, 令人惊叹,更是情感与品格的倾注。Joey在
the movie is generally recognized as “no 之前已经发布过另外两张专辑,主要灵感来 Jimmy Page,但是整个作品的感觉都非常的
less funny than the previous one”. 齐柏林。他的声音依旧完美、独特。不过整
则再现了钢琴家Theloneous Monk的杰作。他 张专辑似乎在对世界宣告:我还是我,依然
而Joey很完美地将其驾驭。 Robert Plant is the former singer with Led
Joey is Indonesian boy born in 2003, and he is Zeppelin and he has worked hard to build
a classic prodigy. He is a jazz pianist and has himself a life beyond the shadow of that mas-
somehow absorbed all the heritage of the jazz sive and iconic rock ensemble. This is his latest
world, digested and reworked it, and plays with effort, but ironically the sound is in many ways
far more than just skill. His personality is in reminiscent of later Zeppelin. The guitarist
there too. He has released two other albums, accompanying him is no Jimmy Page, but the
both stressing Coltrane tunes. This latest col- overall effect is Zeppelin-like. His voice is still
lection, recorded live, is Theloneous Monk great, distinctive and strong, so not much has
compositions. Monk tunes are amongst the changed. But the overall package says to the
most challenging in the popular jazz catalogue world: I’m me, I’m still enjoying it, and I will
and Joey handles them superbly. not be pigeonholed. Good for him.

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亲爱的读者, Nanshan Retreat 5) Xujiahui Branch 璞丽酒店 Spa by MTM, Shanghai
上城区南山路176号 徐家汇店 Anantara Spa @ The PuLi 4/F Chong Hing Finance
SpaChina杂志为读者们网罗了一系列健康娱乐场 176 Nan Shan Road, 88 Xingeng Road Hotel and Spa Center,288 Nanjing Road
所并诚邀您共享。目前杂志列出的所有加盟店均 Shangcheng 辛耕路88号 3F, 1 ChangDe Road, JingAn West, Shanghai
能为SpaChina会员提供折扣消费或精美礼品。 T: 0571 8706 3750 Business Hour: 11:30 am – District, Shanghai 上海市南京西路288号创兴金
2) 西溪店 01:00 am 上海市静安区常德路1号璞丽 融中心4楼
Dear SpaChina Reader, 西湖区西溪路141号 Tel: 021 6468 7076 酒店3楼 T: 021 3366 3099
Our directory editor lists up-to-date information No 141, Xixi Road, Xihu 6) Xintiandi Branch II T: 021 3203 9999 ext. 6899 www.spabymtm.com
specially selected by SpaChina magazine for its T: 0571 8502 3288 新天地II店
relevance and helpfulness. Currently, all the listed 宁波 68 Taicang Road SPA by MTM Escope Spa
content is from SpaChina Partner Shops, where 1) 老外滩店 太仓路68号 1) 4/F, Chong Hing Finance 上海希尔顿酒店水疗中心
SpaChina members can enjoy a variety of prefer- The Old Bund Retreat Business Hour:10:30 am – Center, 288 Nanjing Road West 4th floor, No.250 Hua Shan
ential treatments, gifts and great discounts. 宁波江北区老外滩羊山巷37号 02:00 am 上海创兴金融中心南京西路 Road, Shanghai
No.37,Yangshan Lane, The Tel: 021 6384 1356 288号创兴金融中心4楼 上海市华山路250号4层
*前往SpaChina加盟店消费,请随身携带 Old Bund, Jiangbei www.greenmassage .com.cn T: 021 3366 3099 T: 021 6248 7777 2600
会员卡,以此作为折扣凭证。 T: 0574 8723 9925 2) 北京千禧大酒店 shanghai.hilton.com
* Please take your SpaChina www.dragonfly.net.cn Hai Shang Hui Grand Millennium Hotel Beijing
member card with you when visit 海上会 7 DongSanHuan Middle Road, Regency Taipan (Shanghai
SpaChina Partner Shops. Clarins Skin Spa 3F Bund Square,No.99 Chaoyang District Shop)
上海娇韵诗美妍中心 Jiangbin Road,Huangpu 北京市朝阳区东三环中路7号 丽晶大班(上海)
* Please complete the form and fax it to Rm.418, 4/F, Plaza 66, District,Shanghai 北京千禧大酒店 大沽店 Dagu Shop
+86 21 5385 8953. Ms. Amanda Yang will contact 1266 Nanjing Road 中国上海市黄浦区江滨路99号 T: 010 6533 0751/6533 0752 370 Dagu Road (Near North
you for future details. 南京西路1266号 海外滩3楼(近打浦路) www.spabymtm.com Chengdu Road), JingAn
Tel: + 86 21 5187 9633*850 恒隆广场4楼418 T: 021 6378 3330 Shanghai
E-mail: amanda.yang@spachina.com T: 021 6288 9615/9625 PING Leisure Club & SPA at 上海静安区大沽路370号(近
www.clarins.com.cn 400 8656 000 Guoman Hotel Shanghai 成都北路)
请填写资料后传真至+86 21 5385 8953,负责人 www.haishanghui.com.cn 上海国丰大酒店平水疗中心 T: 021 6340 0366
杨秋梦会尽快联系您们,告知优惠细则和签订 FAYE SPA 3F Block 1, No. 388 Daduhe 大同店 DaTong Shop
菲SPA L SPA at Sunrise Road, Guoson Centre Putuo, 595 Xie Xu Road (Near Li
加盟合同。 6F, WH Ming Hotel, On The Bund Shanghai Yuan Road), Shanghai
777 Jiamusi Road Yangpu, 上海外滩浦华大酒店涟水疗 上海市普陀区大渡河路388号 上海斜徐路595号(近丽园路)
Spa 水疗 • 上海 LG2-47, Shanghai ifc, 8 Shanghai 6F Shanghai Sunrise On The 国盛中心1号楼三楼 T: 021 6340 0366
Century Avenue,Pudong 上海市杨浦区佳木斯路777号 Bund 168 Gaoyang Road, T: 021 60958888*4003
Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat T: 021 6878 5008 上海小南国花园酒店6楼 Hongkou District www.guoman.com Rubis Spa
悠庭保健会所 7) 碧云店 T: 021 2525 8800 虹口区高阳路168号6楼 丽妍雅集
上海 Biyun Retreat www.whminghotel.com 上海外滩浦华大酒店 Siyanli 1) Rubis Spa (Changning
1) 南昌店 浦东新区碧云路616号 T: 021 5558 9999*6008 思妍丽 Raffles Plaza Branch)
Nanchang Branch 616 Biyun Road, Pudong Green Massage www.sunrisesha.com 1) 太阳广场 丽妍雅集(来福士广场长宁店)
南昌路559号2楼 T: 021 5835 2118 1) K11 Art Mall Branch 1st Floor,South Gate,No.88, 3/F, West Raffles Plaza,
2F, 559 Nanchang Road 8) 嘉里中心店 上海K11店 Le Spa Xianxia Road. Kaixuan Road, Changning
T: 021 5456 1318 Jingan Kerry Centre 305, 3rd FL, K11 Art Mall,300 Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 上海市仙霞路88号太阳广场 Road, Shanghai
2) 新乐店 延安中路1218号静安嘉里中 Huaihai Road Central 789 Nanjing Road East 南门一层 上海市长宁路凯旋路交叉口来
Xinle Branch 心商场南区地下一楼SB1-05B 淮海中路300号 南京东路789号 T: 021 6270 4488 福士广场西区3层
新乐路206号 (25号商铺) K11购物艺术中心3楼305室 上海世茂皇家艾美酒Le Spa 2) 时代广场 T: 021 6140 3821
206 Xinle Road SB1-05B (Shop #25), Business Hours: 10:30 am – T: 021 3318 9999*7900 Suite 317, Time Square, 2) Rubis Spa (Xintiandi
T: 021 5403 9982 B1 South Retail, Jingan Kerry 00:30 am www.lemeridien.com/ No.500, Zhangyang Road Branch)
3) 虹梅店 Centre, 1218 Yan’an Middle Tel: 021 6385 8800 royalshanghai 上海市浦东张扬路500号 丽妍雅集(新天地店)
Hongmei Branch Road 2) Xintiandi Branch 时代广场317室 7B, 2/F Building 1 Corporate
虹梅路3911号5号别墅 T: 021 6266 0018 新天地店 PALAISPA Beauty World T: 021 5836 7155 Avenue, 222 Hubin Road,
Villa 5, Lane 3911 Hongmei 苏州 58 Taicang Road 贝黎诗美容世界 3) 锦江迪生 Shanghai
Road 1) 圆融星座店 太仓路58号 615 Gold City Road, 3rd Floor, Disheng Store, 上海市湖滨路222号企业天地
T: 021 6242 4328 Harmony City Retreat Business Hours: 10:30 am – Changning, Shanghai No.400,Changle Road 1栋2层7B
4) 胶州店 苏州工业园区旺墩路269号 02:00 am 上海市长宁区黄金城道615号 上海市长乐路400号 T: 021 6340 6338
JiaozhouRetreat 圆融星座商场3楼3210 Tel: 021 5386 0222 T: +86 21 51872259 锦江迪生商厦3楼 3) Rubis Spa (Jiuguang
胶州路193号 Room 3210, Third Floor, 3) Shanghai Centre Branch www.palaispa.com T: 021 6472 1155 Branch)
193 Jiaozhou Road Harmony City Mall, 269 Wang 上海商城店 4) 欣安 丽妍雅集(久光店)
T: 021 5213 5778 Dun Road SIP Suzhou 202 West Retail Plaza, Minor Hotel Group Management 1st Floor, No.200, Zhengning D535 5/F Join Buy City Plaza,
5) 花木店 T: 0512 6763 0486 Shanghai Centre,1376 West (Shanghai) Limited Road 1618 Nanjing Road West,
Kerry Parkside Retreat 北京 Nanjing Road 每诺酒店管理(上海)有限公司 上海市镇宁路200号欣安大 Shanghai
浦东新区花木路1378号浦东嘉 1) 燕莎店 南京西路1376号上海商城西 Mandara Spa 厦1楼 上海市南京西路1618号久光百
里城商场L119 Yansha Retreat 峰202室 三亚喜来登度假酒店 T: 021 6289 2722 货5楼D535
Shop L119, Kerry Parkside 朝阳区燕莎桥东方东路19号外 Business Hours: 10:30 am – Mandara Spa @ Sheraton 5) 金汇 T: 021 6288 3482
1378 Hua Mu Road, Pudong 交会所一层(燕莎中心北100米) 00:00 am Sanya Resort 4th Floor, Bldg.A, No.148,
T: 021 2025 2308 Tel: 021 6289 7776 1F, Sheraton Sanya Resort, Songhong Road The Daisy Spa
6) 国金店 Ground Floor, Grand 4) Lujiazui Branch Yalong Bay National Resort, 上海市闵行红松路148号A 戴西养生堂
IFC Retreat Summit Plaza,19Dongfang 陆家嘴店 Sanya, Hainan Island 座4楼 1) The Daisy Spa (818 Plaza)
浦东新区世纪大道8号国金中心 Rd. East,Liang Ma Qiao, 304, 3F, Shanghai World 海南省三亚市亚龙湾国家旅游 T: 021 5476 0048 戴西养生堂(818广场店)
商场LG2-47 Chaoyang District Financial Center, No.100, 度假区三亚喜来登度假酒店1楼 www.siyanli.net.cn 410-411 Plaza 818, 818
T: 010 8532 3122 Century Ave T: 0898 8855 8855 ext.8497, Nanjing Road West, Shanghai
2) 嘉里中心店 世纪大道100号上海环球金融中 8498 Spa InterContinental & 上海市南京西路818号818广场
Kerry Centre 心3楼304室 Anantara Spa Balance Fitness 410-411商铺
朝阳区光华路1号嘉里中心商场 Business Hours: 10:30 am – 洲际水疗馆&健身中心 T: 021 5228 2591
地下一层B10 00:00 am 4F, InterContinental Shanghai 2) The Daisy Spa
B10, Kerry Centre, No.1, Tel: 021 6877 8188 Expo, 1188 Xueye Road, (Jinmao Fashion Plaza)
GuanghuaRoad,Chaoyang Pudong, Shanghai 戴西养生堂(金茂时尚广场店)
District 上海市浦东新区雪野路1188号 3/F, Jinmao Fashion Plaza,
T: 010 8529 6331 世博洲际酒店4楼 Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century
杭州 T: 021 3858 1188 Avenue, Shanghai
1) 南山店 www.intercontinental.com 上海市世纪大道88号金茂大厦
T: 021 5056 0580

Yuan Spa

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B1, Hyatt on the Bund, 漂浮岛 3) 哈尔滨Lea Spa万达会所 Road, Chaoyang District 北京市复兴门外大街19号 Tianjin, China
199 Huangpu Road, Shanghai 288 Dagu Road, 2nd Floor, Harbin Lea Spa Wanda Club 朝阳区安立路68号 唐拉雅秀酒店6层 天津市河北区海河东路凤凰商
上海黄浦路199号 Huangpu District, Shanghai No.68, Ganshui Road, 阳光广场首层东侧 T: 010 5857 6561 贸广场A区
上海外滩茂悦大酒店地下一层 上海市黄浦区大沽路288号, 大 Development Zone, Harbin T: 010 6481 2080 www.anglahotels.com/spa.asp T: +86 22 2627 8888
T: 021 6393 1234 Ext: 6527 沽庭, 5号楼, 2层, A室 哈尔滨市开发区赣水路68号 6) Willow Yicheng Plaza, www.holidayinn.com.cn
www.shanghai.bund.hyatt. T: +86 21 6385 5189 T: 0451 8771 7906 Block B, 11 Changchunqiao The Peninsula Spa Beijing
com/hyatt/pure/spas/ 4) 沈阳Lea Spa维景会所 Road, Haidian District 王府半岛酒店水疗中心 Spa 水疗 • 广州&深圳
M&D Collection Spa Shenyang Lea Spa Weijing 海淀区长春桥路11号 8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing,
Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai 苗侗百草精选水疗 Club 万柳亿城中心B座 Beijing, China CHUAN SPA at The Langham,
上海悦榕Spa 1) 10F, LeRoyal Meridien 沈阳市和平区同泽北街35 T: 010 5881 6576, 北京王府井金鱼胡同8号 Shenzhen
3/F Westin Hotel & Resort, Shanghai,789 Nanjing Road 号8层 010 5881 6577 T: +86 10 6510 6321 深圳朗廷酒店「川」水疗中心
88 Middle Henan Road, East, Huangpu District, 8F, 35 Tongze North Street, 7) Shop P-C3-01, Oriental www.peninsula.com 7888 Shennan Boulevard,
Shanghai, China Shanghai Heping District, Shenyang Plaza, Dongcheng District Futian District, Shenzhen
上海市黄浦区河南中路88号 上海市黄浦区南京东路789号 Tel: 024 2341 1222 东城区东方广场P-C3-01号 Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont 深圳市福田区深南大道7888号
威斯汀大饭店3楼 世茂皇家艾美酒店10楼 www.leaspa.com T: 010 8515 0520 Beijing (农轩路与香林路交叉口)
T: +86 21 6335 1888 T: +86 21 6111 1583 8) China World Trade Center 北京华彬费尔蒙酒店蔚柳溪 T: 0755 8828 9888
www.banyantreespa.com 2) 3F, Renaissance Shanghai i spa B1, 1 Jianwai Street 水疗中心 http://shenzhen.
Putuo Hotel, 50 Tongchun 泰美好 建外大街1号国贸商城 8 Yong An Dong Li, Jian Guo langhamhotels.com
Shine Spa for Sheraton, Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 1) I SPA鼓楼店 地下一层晨曦百货内 Men Wai Avenue, Beijing, China
Sheraton Shanghai 上海市普陀区铜川路50号 1st Floor, Gehua New Century T: 010 6505 0552, 北京市朝阳区建国门外大街永 The Spa at Park Hyatt
Waigaoqiao Hotel 上海明捷万丽酒店3楼 Hotel, NO.19 Gulouwai Dajie, 010 6505 0553 安东里8号北京华彬费尔蒙酒店 Guangzhou
上海外高桥喜来登酒店 T: +86 21 2219 5888 Chaoyang District www.palaispa.com T: +86 10 8507 3737 广州柏悦酒店—柏悦水疗中心
喜来登水疗 ext.6130,6131 北京市朝阳区鼓楼外大街19 www.fairmont.cn/beijing 16 Huaxia Road, Zhujiang
Sheraton Shanghai www.miaodong-group.com 号,歌华开元大酒店1层 Siyanli New Town, Tianhe District,
Waigaoqiao Hotel, 28 Jilong 15% discount on all spa T: 010 6202 6708 思妍丽 CHI The Spa at Shangri-La, Guangzhou
Road, Shanghai Pilot Free treatments for Spa China 2) I SPA上东店 1) 百盛美容院Parkson Salon China World Summit Wing, 广州市天河区珠江新城华夏
Trade Zone, Shanghai, China members. B1, Trader’s Upper East Suite 9103, Bldg.A, No.101, Beijing 路16号
上海自由贸易试验区基隆路28 Hotel, NO.2 NW 4th Ring Fuxingmennei Avenue 北京国贸大酒店香格里拉 T: +86 20 3769 1234
号上海外高桥喜来登酒店 Spa 水疗 • 北京 Road, Chaoyang District 复兴门内大街101号 CHI水疗 guangzhou.park.hyatt.com
T: +86 21 3121 9999*6166 北京市朝阳区东四环北路 百盛大厦写字楼9103A 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue,
www.sheratonwgqhotel.com Biologique Recherche Haute 霄云桥阳光上东,上东盛贸 T: 010 6653 5599 Beijing, China The Ritz-Carlton Spa,
Couture Flagship Store (Beijing) 饭店B1 2) 中国大饭店China Hotel 北京市朝阳区建国门外大街1号 Shenzhen
Spa Intercontinental 原液之谜私人定制旗舰店(北京) T: 010 5307 8877 B1, No.1, Jianguomenwai T: +86 10 6505 2299 深圳星河丽思卡尔顿酒店水
上海瑞金洲际酒店水疗中心 B35 Ground Floor, Beijing 3) I SPA机场店 Avenue www.shangri-la.com 疗中心
118, No.2 Ruijin Road, Luwan Yintai Centre in01, Chaoyang 6F, Hilton Beijing Capital 建国门外大街1号 5/F, 116 Fuhua San Road,
District, Shanghai, China District, Beijing Airport, Terminal 3, Beijing 中国大饭店地下一层 Regency Taipan (Beijing Futian District, Shenzhen
上海卢湾区瑞金二路118号 北京银泰中心in01首层B35号 Capital International Airport, T: 010 6505 0909 Shop) 深圳市福田区福华三路116号深
T: +86 21 6472 5222*2016 Tel: 010 6591 8625 Beijing 3) 丰联FengLian Branch 丽晶大班(北京) 圳星河丽思卡尔顿酒店5楼
www.ruijinihotel.com 北京市首都机场3号航站楼,北 Suite 408, No 18, Chaowai Xiaguangli, 66th Building, T: 0755 2222 2222
FINEFULL SPA at Wanda 京首都机场希尔顿酒店6层 Avenue, Chaoyang District Chaoyang District, Beijing www.ritzcarlton.cn/shenzhen
Willow Stream Spa Realm Beijing T: 010 6540 4777 朝阳区朝外大街18号丰联广 北京朝阳区霞光里66号远洋新
(Fairmont Peace Hotel) 北京万达嘉华酒店臻淼水 4) I SPA华贸店 场408 干线D座(三元东桥) Lifestyles Health & Fitness
蔚柳溪水疗(和平饭店) 疗中心 2F,JW Marriott Hotel Beijing, T: 010 6588 3688 T: 010 8446 7150 Sdn Bhb
Fairmont Peace Hotel, 3/F,Wanda Realm Beijing,No. 83 Jian Guo Road,Chaoyang 4) 万柳WanLiu Branch 时式康体有限公司
20 Nanjing Road East, Jia 18 Shijingshan Road, District, Beijing 1st Floor Annex, Unit C, Yuan Spa at Fragrant Hill 1) SHUI Spa & Fitness Club
Shanghai, China Shijingshan 北京市朝阳区华贸中心建国路 No.11, Changchunqiao Road, Empark Hotel at Wanda Vista Hotel
上海市南京东路20号和平饭店 北京市石景山区石景山路甲 83号,北京JW万豪酒店2层 Haidian District 北京世纪金源香山商旅酒店 太原万达文华酒店SHUI水疗及
T: +86 21 6138 6810 18号1号楼 北京万达嘉华酒 T: 010 5908 8380 海淀区长春桥路11号万柳亿城 源水疗中心 康体中心
www.peaceshotel.com 店三层 5) I SPA天津店 中心C座裙房一层 59 North Zhenghuangqi, Jiefang Rode 169 Taiyuan
T: 010 8868 1188 ext.6888 6th Floor,Hotel Nikko Tianjin, T: 010 5881 6322 Haidian, Beijing, China Shanxi
Banyan Tree Spa Shanghai 20% discount on all spa NO.186 Nanjing Road,Heping 5) 棕榈泉Kitool Spring 北京市海淀区北正黄旗59号 太原市解放路169号
On The Bund treatments for SpaChina District, Tianjin Suite H2, No.8, South Park T: +86 10 5989 8888 太原万达文华酒店3楼
上海外滩悦榕Spa members 天津市和平区南京路186号, Road, Chaoyang District www.empark.com.cn T: 0351 777 6666 ext
19 Gongping Road, Hongkou, 天津日航酒店6层 朝阳区公园南路8号棕榈泉生 6760/6766
Shanghai, China Heavenly Spa by Westin ™ T: 022 8319 8888 Ext3399 活广场H2 Spa 水疗 • 天津 2) Dikara Spa at Crowne
上海市虹口区公平路19号 威斯汀天梦水疗 www.ispa.cn T: 010 6539 7887 Plaza Tianjin Binhai
T: +86 21 2509 1188 B9 Financial Street, www.siyanli.net.cn The Spa 天津圣光滨海皇冠假日酒店迪
www.banyantreespa.com Xicheng District PALAISPA Beauty World at The Ritz Carlton, Tianjin 卡拉水疗中心
西城区金融街乙9号 贝黎诗美容世界 SPA by MTM, Beijing 天津丽思卡尔顿酒店 55 Zhongxin Avenue Airport
Chuan Spa, The Langham T: 010 6629 7878 1) 3001, You Town,2 2/F, 7 DongSanHuan Middle 天津丽思卡尔顿水疗中心 Economic Area Tianjin
Xintiandi, Shanghai www.westin.com/ Sanfeng Beili Chaowai Road, Chaoyang, Beijing 167 Dagu Road North, 天津市空港经济区中心大
上海新天地朗廷酒店「川」 beijingfinancial/ Street,Chaoyang,Beijing 北京市朝阳区东三环中路7号北 Heping, Tianjin 道55号
水疗中心 www.starwoodspacollection. 北京市朝阳区朝外大街三丰北 京千禧大酒店二层 天津和平区大沽北路167号 T: 022 5867 8888 ext 2400,
B1/F The Langham Xintiandi, com 里2号悠唐生活广场3001 T: 010 8587 6888 Ext. 5131 T: 022 5857 8888 2401
99 Madang Road, Xintiandi, T: 010 5977 5675 www.spabymtm.com www.ritzcarlton.com 3) Dikara Spa at Ridisson
Shanghai, China Lea Spa 2) V-0107, Jianwai SOHO Plaza Hotel Tianjin
上海市新天地马当路99号上海 1) 北京Lea Spa瑞廷会所 Villa 8, 4 Jianwai Street, The Ritz-Carlton Spa Dikara Spa at Radisson Blu 天津丽笙世嘉酒店迪卡拉水
新天地朗廷酒店B1层 Beijing Lea Spa Ruiting Club Chaoyang District 北京丽思卡尔顿酒店水疗中心 Plaza Hotel Tianjin 疗中心
T: +86 21 2330 2288 B1st Floor, Kangyuan Ruiting 朝阳区建外大街4号, 建外 The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing 天津天诚丽笙世嘉酒店迪卡 4/F, 66 Xinkai Road, Hedong
www.chuanspa.com Hotel, NO.19, Panjiayuan SOHO 8号别墅,V-0107 83A Jianguo Road, Chaoyang 拉水疗 District, Tianjin
South Road, Chaoyang, T: 010 5869 0690 District, Beijing 4/F Radisson Plaza Tianjin, 天津市河东区新开路66号
SPA InterContinental at Beijing 3) C104, Lido Country-club, 北京朝阳区建国路甲83号 66 Xinkai Road, Hedong, 天津丽笙世嘉酒店4楼
InterContinental Shanghai Puxi 北京市朝阳区潘家园南里19号 Jichang Road, Jiangtai Road 北京丽思卡尔顿酒店 Tianjin, China T: 022 24578888 ext 3910
上海浦西洲际酒店洲际水 康源瑞廷酒店B1层 首都机场路将台路丽都广场 T: 010 5908 8888 天津市河东区新开路66号 15% discount on all treatments
疗中心 T: 010 5909 7558, 丽都乡村俱乐部C104室 http://www.ritzcarlton.com/ 天津天诚丽笙世嘉酒店4楼 for SpaChina members
6/F InterContinental Shanghai 010 5909 7559 T: 010 6430 1150 en/Properties/Beijing/Spa/ T: +86 22 2457 8888
Puxi, 500 Hengfeng Road, 2) 北京Lea Spa万豪会所 4) 2/F, Parkson Department Default.htm www.radissonblu.com/plaza-
Shanghai, China Beijing Lea Spa Wanhao Club Store, 101 Fuxingmennei tianjin
上海市恒丰路500号 北京市朝阳区霄云路甲26号海 Dajie T.SPA at TANGLA BEIJING
上海浦西洲际酒店6楼 航大厦万豪酒店6F 复兴门内大街101号, 北京唐拉雅秀酒店T. SPA Oasis Spa at Holiday Inn
T: +86 21 5253 9999 ext.6269 6/F Wanhao Hotel Haihang 百盛购物中心夹层二层 6/F of TANGLA BEIJING, Riverside Hotel
www.intercontinental.com Building, 26A Xiaoyun Road, T: 010 6606 7877, 19 Fuxingmenwai Street, 天津海河假日酒店绿洲水疗
Chaoyang District, Beijing 010 6606 7887 Chang’an Avenue West, Phoenix Shopping Mall A,
Floatasian Float Spa T: 010 5927 8060 5) Sunshine Plaza, 68 Anli BeIjing East Haihe Road, Hebei,

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Hua SPA Angsana Spa (The Garden Hyatt Shenzhen 三亚半山半岛洲际度假酒店 Hainan, China 3fl. Sheraton Hefei, No.1666
花水疗 Hotel Guangzhou) 深圳君悦酒店 水乡水疗中心 水疗会所 海南省三亚市亚龙湾国家旅 North Tongling Road, Hefei,
69 Floor, Four Seasons Hotel 悦椿Spa(广州花园饭店) 3/F Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, InterContinental Sanya 游度假区 三亚亚龙湾瑞吉度 Anhui Province
Guangzhou, 5 Zhujiang West 4/F, 368 East Huanshi Road, 1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu Resort, No.1 Zhouji Lu, 假酒店 安徽省合肥市铜陵北路1666号
Road, Pearl River New City, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Sanya, Hainan T: +86 898 8855 5555 ext.3280 合肥利港喜来登酒店3层
Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广东省广州市环市东路368 China 海南省三亚市洲际路1号 www.stregis.com/sanya T: 0551 62969999/6333 or
广州市天河区珠江新城珠江西 号4楼 广东省深圳市罗湖区宝安南路 三亚半山半岛洲际度假酒店 6336
路5号广州四季酒店69层 T: +86 20 8333 8989 1881号深圳君悦酒店3楼 T: 0898 8861 8888 Spa 水疗 • 江苏 2) 芜湖世茂希尔顿逸林店
T: 020 8883 3000 www.angsana.com T: +86 755 8266 1234 www.intercontinental.com/sanya (Doubletree by Hilton Wuhu)
www.shenzhen.grand.hyatt.com The Spa at Regalia Resort 5fl. Doubletree by Hilton hotel
Heavenly Spa by Hei Spa, The Canton Club V·Spa at Grand Metropark & Spa Hotel (Suzhou Li Wuhu, 15 Changjiang Middle
Westin Shenzhen 广粤会禧水疗 Chuan Spa at Langham Resort Sanya Gong Di) Rd Jinghu Dist, Wuhu
深圳益田威斯汀酒店天梦水疗 6/F The Canton Club, Place, Guangzhou 三亚维景国际度假酒店V·Spa 苏州御庭精品酒店水疗中心 芜湖市镜湖区长江中路15号
4/F, The Westin Shenzhen Zhujiang New City, Tianhe 广州南丰朗豪酒店「川」水疗 Yalong Bay National Resort (李公堤) 芜湖世茂希尔顿逸林酒店5层
Nanshan 9028-2 Shennan District, Guangzhou, China 638 Xingang Road East, District, Sanya, Hainan 2 Li Glng Di, Suzhou, Jiangsu T: 0553 8228888/7000 or 7080
Road, Nanshan District, 广州市天河区珠江新城广粤天 Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 海南三亚亚龙湾 Province, P.R,. of China 3) 上海嘉定喜来登店
Shenzhen 地广粤会6楼 Guangdong, China 国家旅游度假区 苏州工业园区李公堤2号 (Sheraton Shanghai Jiading)
深圳市南山区深南大道9028 T: +86 20 3821 2072 广东省广州市海珠区 T: 0898 8859 8888 T: 0512 6295 0888 6fl. Sheraton Shanghai jiading
号-2深圳益田威斯汀酒店4楼威 新港东路638号 www.hkctshotels.com www.regalia.com.cn hotel, No.66, Jiatang Road,
斯汀天梦水疗 Spa Moment (Sheraton T: +86 20 8916 3388 Juyuan New Area, Shanghai
T: 0755 8634 8860 Dameisha Resort Hotel www.guangzhou. Hua Yu Spa at Huayu Resort The Spa at Hyatt Regency 上海菊园新区嘉唐公路66号
www.westin.com/shenzhen Shenzhen) langhamplacehotels.com.cn & Spa Yalong Bay Sanya Wuxi 上海嘉定喜来登酒店6层
琉璃时光(深圳大梅沙京基喜来 三亚亚龙湾华宇度假酒店华宇 无锡苏宁凯悦酒店水疗中心 T: 021 3992 8888 / 6288 or
The Ritz-Carlton Spa, 登度假酒店) Athena Spa at Pullman 水疗中心 109 Renmin Middle Road, 6289
Guangzhou M/F Sheraton Dameisha Dongguan Forum National Tourism Resort, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 4) 杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选店
广州富力丽思卡尔顿酒店水 Resort Hotel Shenzhen, 东莞旗峰山铂尔曼酒店云 Yalong Bay, Sanya, Hainan, 江苏省无锡市人民中路109号 (Luxury Collection Hotel
疗中心 Yankui Road, Yantian District, 涧水疗 572000, China T: +86 510 8989 1234 Hangzhou)
4/F, 3 Xing An Road, Pearl Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 32 Dongcheng Road Central, 海南省三亚市亚龙湾国家旅 wuxi.regency.hyatt.com 1fl. Luxury Collection Hotel
River New City, Tianhe 广东省深圳市盐田区盐葵路 Dongcheng District, Dongguan, 游度假区 Hangzhou, 39 East Wangjiang
District, Guangzhou 大梅沙京基喜来登度假大酒 Guangdong, 523129, China T: +86 898 8855 5888*8352 RE Wellness SPA, Crowne Road, Shangcheng District,
广州市天河区珠江新城兴安 店M层 广东省东莞市东城区东城中 www.cpsanya.com Plaza Changshu Hangzhou
路3号4楼 T: +86 755 8888 6688 路32号 佳莉雅水疗中心(常熟中江皇冠 杭州市上城区望江东路39号
T: 020 3813 6668 www.spamoment.net T: +86 769 2336 8888*6699 The Spa at Le Méridien Shimei 假日酒店) 杭州尊蓝钱江豪华精选酒店1层
www.ritzcarlton.cn/guangzhou www.pullmanhotels.com.cn Bay Beach Resort & Spa 3F Crowne Plaza Changshu, T: 0571 2823 7777 * 3002
Devarana Spa at Dusit 石梅湾艾美度假酒店水疗中心 6 Kaiyuan Avenue, Changshu,
Siyanli Devarana Hot Spring Hotel Royal Spa at TANGLA Shimei Bay, Wanning, Hainan, Jiangsu, China 铂健康俱乐部
思妍丽 Conghua Dongguan 571533, China 江苏省常熟开元大道6号 合肥万达威斯汀店(Westin
1) 金域蓝湾店 广州从化都喜泰丽温泉度假酒 东莞唐拉雅秀酒店皇家水疗 海南省万宁市石梅湾旅游 中江皇冠假日酒店3楼 Hefei Baohe)
Room102-106, N0.6-9, The 店 泰丽水疗 8 Yingbin Road, Dongcheng 度假区 T: +86 512 5272 9999*8877 5fl. Westin Hefei Baohe hotel,
Paradiso, Furong Road, 352 Yuquan Avenue, Liangkou District, Dongguan, T: +86 898 6252 8888*7262 www.wellnessspa.com.cn No.150, Ma'An Shan Road,
Futian District, Shenzhen Town, Conghua, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 523129, China www.starwoodhotels.com/ Baohe District, Hefei
深圳市福田区福荣路金域蓝湾 Guangdong, China 广东省东莞市东城区迎宾路8号 lemeridien RE Wellness SPA, Crowne 合肥市包河区马鞍山路150号
6-9号裙楼102-106 广东省广州市从化良口镇御泉 T: +86 769 2269 8888*3801 Plaza Suzhou 合肥万达威斯汀酒店5层
T: 0755 8347 7832 大道352号 www.hnahotel.com Dikara Spa at Doubletree by 佳莉雅水疗中心(苏州中茵皇冠 T: 0551 6298 9888*6170 or
2) 万科店 T: +86 20 3798 8888 Hilton Hainan Qixianling 假日酒店) 6171
2nd Floor, Bldg. Vanke www.dusit.com Song Spa at Hyatt Regency 海南七仙岭希尔顿逸林温泉度 G1, Crowne Plaza Suzhou,
Jinsejiayuan, No.2018, Dongguan 假酒店迪卡拉水疗 168 Xing Gang Street, Spa 水疗 • 云南
Lianhua Road, Futian District, eforea SPA at Hilton 东莞松山湖凯悦酒店松池水 Qixianling Spring National Suzhou Industrial Park,
Shenzhen Guangzhou Tianhe 疗中心 Forest Park, Baoting, Sanya, Jiangsu, China Shin SPA at Spring Soul
深圳市福田区莲花路2018号 广州天河希尔顿酒店 Qinyuan Road, Song Shan Hainan, China 江苏省苏州工业园区星港街 Garden Spa & Resort
万科金色家园一期二楼 eforea水疗中心 Lake Industrial Development 海南省三亚市保亭七仙岭温泉 168号 苏州中茵皇冠假日酒 心景安宁温泉酒店心景SPA
T: 0755 8319 3072 215 Linhexiheng Road, Zone, Dongguan, Guangdong, 国家森林公园 店G1 1) 昆明一店
3) 卓越店 Tianhe, Guangzhou, 523808, China T: +86 898 8360 8888 T: +86 512 6761 6688*8068 Kunming No.1 Branch
Room 307-308, Excellence Guangdong, China 广东省东莞市松山湖高新技术 www.doubletree.com.cn/syxhqd www.wellnessspa.com.cn 安宁市温泉旅游度假区升
Century Intown Center, 广东省广州市天河区林和西横 产业开发区沁园路 庵南路
Junction of Fuhua 3rd road & 路215号 T: +86 769 2289 1234*85710 Raffles SPA at Raffles Hainan RE Wellness SPA, Scholars South Sheng’an Road, Anning
Jintian Road, Futian District, T: +86 20 6683 9999 www.hyatt.com 海南雅居乐莱佛士酒店莱佛 Hotel Pingjiangfu T: 0871 863 3008
Shenzhen www.hilton.com.cn/cangthi 士水疗 佳莉雅水疗中心(苏州书香世 2) 昆明二店
深圳市福田区卓越世纪Intown Spa 水疗 • 海南 Clearwater Bay Avenue, 家平江府) Kunming No.2 Branch
3楼307-308室 AWAY® Spa at W Guangzhou Yingzhou Town, Lingshui Building 10, Scholars Hotel 昆明市滇池路1288号滇池度假
T: 0755 8253 3529 广州W酒店AWAY®水疗中心 Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa County, Hainan, China Pingjiangfu, 60 Bai Ta Dong 区管委会内游泳池旁
4) 上河坊 26 Xiancun Road, Zhujiang (Spa Retreat) 海南省陵水县英州镇清水 Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 1288 Dianchi Road, Kunming
RoomW50-W55,1nd Floor, New Town, Tianhe District, 水疗体验中心 湾大道 江苏省苏州白塔东路60号书香 T: 0871 466 4800
Homestead Of Scholars, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Yalong Bay National Resort T: +86 898 8338 9888 世家平江府10号楼 wwww.wqxjspahotel.com
Minzhi Road,Baoan District, 广东省广州市天河区珠江新城 District, Sanya www.raffles.com/hainan
Shenzhen 冼村路26号 三亚市亚龙湾国家旅游度假区 Yue Spa Hyatt Regency Tianyi Resort YunNan.MiLe
深圳市宝安区民治街道书香 T: +86 20 6628 6628 T: 0898 8858 8888 Shine Spa for Sheraton Suzhou 天邑水疗.云南弥勒
门第上河坊广场1栋1楼W50- www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels www.hilton.com/ Shenzhou Peninsula Resort 悦水疗 苏州凯悦酒店 HuQuan Ecological park.MiLe.
W55号 worldwideresorts 神州半岛喜来登度假酒店 88 Huachi Street, SIP, YunNan
T: 0755 2943 5859 O Spa at Grand Hyatt 炫逸水疗 Suzhou, Jiangsu 云南省红河哈尼族彝族自治州
www.siyanli.net.cn Guangzhou Mandara Spa at Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort, 江苏省苏州市工业园区 弥勒县湖泉生态园
广州富力君悦大酒店 Sanya Wanning, Hainan, China 华池街88号 Tel: 0873 6169 999
Spa at Futian Shangri-La, [清]水疗中心 三亚喜来登度假酒店Mandara 海南省万宁市神州半岛旅游 T:0512 6983 1016 Fax: 0873 6182 222
Shenzhen 24/F Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, Spa 度假区 suzhou.regency.hyatt.com
深圳福田香格里拉大酒店水 12 Zhujiang West Road, Sheraton Sanya Resort, T: +86 898 6253 8868 30% discount on single
疗中心 Pearl River New City, Tianhe, Yalong Bay National Resort, www.sheraton.com treatment; Join spa
Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Sanya membership to have free
4088 Yi Tian Road, Futian 广东省广州市天河区珠江新城 三亚市亚龙湾国家旅游度假区 Iridium Spa at The St. Regis access for gym and pool
District, Shenzhen 珠江西路12号广州富力君悦大 三亚喜来登度假酒店 Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
深圳市福田区益田路4088号深 酒店24层 T: 0898 8855 8855 三亚亚龙湾瑞吉度假酒店 Spa 水疗 • 安徽
圳福田香格里拉大酒店 T: +86 20 8396 1234 ext.3520 *8497/8498 铱瑞水疗
T: 0755 8828 4088 Ext: 6668 www.guangzhou.grand.hyatt.com www.mspa-international.com The St. Regis Sanya Yalong 铂SPA
www.shangri-la.com Bay Resort, National Tourism 1) 合肥利港喜来登店
Shui Xiang Spa at Grand SPA InterContinental Resort, Yalong Bay, Sanya, (Sheraton Hefei)
94 | SpaChina • 2018

SpaChina Partners | 加盟商户

Banyan Tree Spa Lijiang T: 0451 8203 3336 18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Plaza Shopping Center Tower Town, Yangshuo County, 贝黎诗美容世界-
丽江悦榕Spa 4) 女王传奇SPA传奇会所 Tin, Hong Kong B 690 Jiefang Road, Wuhan Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang 浙江义乌市民广场店
Yuerong Road, Shuhe Village, Harbin Queen Legend Spa 香港沙田泽祥街18号 武汉国际购物广场B座406 Autonomous Region, China No.39 Ying En Men, Yiwu,
Yulong, Lijiang, China Chuanqi Club T: +852 3723 7684 Tel: 027 8551 7717 广西壮族自治区桂林市阳朔县 Zhejiang
云南省丽江玉龙纳西族自治县 哈尔滨市开发区天顺街42号 www.melospa.com 2) 徐东店 福利镇正东街168号 浙江省义乌市迎恩门39号
束河悦榕路 No.42,Tianshun Street, Karifa, 4F, Xudong Shoppingmall T: +86 773 322 888 ext.7500 T: 0579 526 9269
T: +86 888 533 1111 Harbin Altira Spa No.18 Xudong Street www.banyantreespa.com www.palaispa.com
www.banyantreespa.com T: 0451-8228363 「澄」水疗 Wuchang Distirct, Wuhan
www.queenbeauty.cn Altira Macau 15/F, Avenida de 徐东销品茂四楼南街4160 Spa 水疗 • 四川 Spa Village
Banyan Tree Spa Ringha Kwong Tung, Taipa, Macau Tel: 027 6889 8068 润Spa
仁安悦榕Spa Spa 水疗 • 吉林 澳门凼仔广东大马路, 澳门新 3) 同成店 The Ritz-Carlton Spa, The Dragon Hotel Tower 5
Hong Po Village, Jian Tang 濠锋15楼 1F, Tongcheng Square No.538 Chengdu Level2, 120 Shuguang Road,
Town Shangri-la, Diqing, Changchun Yijing Toga & T: 853 2886 8886 Jianshe Avenue, Wuhan 成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店水 Hangzhou
Yunnan, China Spa Club www.altiramacau.com/spa- 建设大道538号同成广场一楼 疗中心 杭州市曙光路120号
云南省香格里拉建塘镇红坡村 长春逸静瑜伽水疗会馆 health/#/altira-spa Tel: 027 8556 4066 269 Shuncheng Avenue, 黄龙饭店5号楼2楼
T: +86 887 828 8822 Unit1, 6th Building, No.777 www.siyanli.net.cn Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan T: 400 838 5599
www.banyantreespa.com NanJunShuiYunTian HuXi Zensa Spa 10% discount on all treatments 中国四川省成都市青羊区顺城 www.roonspavillage.com
Road, ChangChun, JiLin 「涟」水疗 for SpaChina members 大街269号
Dikara Spa at Hilton Yuxi 吉林省长春市湖西路777号 3/F Star Tower, Studio City T: 028 8358 8888 Banyan Tree Spa Hangzhou
Fuxian Lake 南郡水云6栋1号 Hotel, Macau Spa 水疗 • 山西 杭州悦榕Spa
抚仙湖希尔顿酒店迪卡拉水疗 T: 0431 8962 8855 澳门新濠影汇酒店巨星汇3楼 Iridium Spa at The St. Regis 2 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang
10 Huanhu East Road, 0431 8962 8866 T: +853 8865 1888 Kempinski Spa at Kempinski Chengdu Road, Hangzhou, China
Chengjiang County, Yuxi, 0431 8962 8877 www.studiocity-macau.com Hotel Taiyuan 成都瑞吉酒店铱瑞水疗中心 浙江省杭州市紫金港路21号
Yunnan, China www.yijingspaclub.com 太原凯宾斯基饭店凯宾斯基水疗 88 Taisheng Road South, 西溪天堂国际旅游综合体
云南省玉溪市澄江县环湖东 SPA by MTM No. 115-1 Changfeng Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu, T: +86 571 8586 0000
路10号 Jing Spa at Purple 1) Shop A, G/F, 3 Yun Ping Taiyuan, Shanxi, China Sichuan www.banyantreespa.com
T: +86 877 668 8888 ext.6936 Jade Riverside Resort, Road, Causeway Bay 中国山西省太原市长风街 中国四川省成都市青羊区太升
www.hilton.com.cn/fuxianlake ChangBaiShan ChiBei 铜锣湾恩平道3号地下A店 115-1号 南路88号 Shine Spa for Sheraton
紫玉度假酒店长白山池北净 T: 852 2923 7888 T: 0351 866 0131 T: 028 6287 6666 Hangzhou
Spa 水疗 • 江西 宇水疗 2) Shop 118, Citygate, Tung www.stregis.com/chengdu 杭州西溪喜来登度假酒店
No.1 Binhe Road, Chung, Lantau Island Shui Spa, Taiyuan Wanda 炫逸水疗
Dikara Spa Yingtan Changbaishan Chibei, Jilin 大屿山东涌东荟城118店 Vista Hotel Spa 水疗 • 重庆 1 Westbrook Resort, Zijingang
鹰潭天裕豪生大酒店迪卡拉 吉林省长白山池北区滨河路1号 T: 852 2923 6060 太原万达文华酒店水水疗 Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang,
水疗中心 T: 0433 593 8888 www.spabymtm.com 3/F Wanda Vista, 169 Jiefang ISPACE 310030, China
7/F Howard Johnson www.purplejaderesorts.com Road, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China 1) 重庆天地 浙江省杭州市紫金港路西溪天
Tianyu Plaza YingtanNo.12 Spa 水疗 • 湖北 山西省太原市杏花岭区解放路 Chongqingtiandi Store 堂国际旅游综合体1号
Zhangjiang Road, Yingtan Spa 水疗 • 大连 169号楼太原万达文华酒店3楼 4/F, Chongqing Xintiandi T: +86 571 8500 2222*8281
鹰潭市站江路12号鹰潭天裕豪 慕丽莎健康美容会所 T: +86 351 777 6666*6760 Business building, 128 Ruitian www.starwoodhotels.com/
生大酒店7层迪卡拉水疗中心 Oasis Spa at Kempinski Hotel 1) 香港路店 www.wandahotels.com Road, Chongqing sheraton
T: 0701 2166 888 Dalian 湖北省武汉市汉口解放大道 重庆市瑞天路128号
大连凯宾斯基饭店欧意希斯 香港15号 Spa 水疗 • 湖南 重庆新天地商业主楼4楼 The Art of Water Spa by Run
Spa 水疗 • 黑龙江 水疗中心 15 Hong Kong Street Jiefang Tel: 023 6326 3900 Spa Village
6F, Kempinski Hotel Dalian Road HanKou, Wuhan, Hubei The Spa at Sheraton 2) 英利国际 New Century Grand Hotel
CoCo Spa 92 Jiefang Road, Zhongshan Tel: 027 8556 1855 Changsha Hotel Yingli International Hangzhou
可可水疗 District 2) 金色华府店 长沙运达喜来登酒店水疗中心 4/F, 26 Minquan Road, 杭州开元名都大酒店
1) Crowne Plaza Tianjin 大连市中山区解放路92号,凯 湖北省武汉市汉口解放大道解 Yunda International Plaza, Chongqing 润Spa Village·水舞涧
JinnanLingyu Road Balitai 宾斯基饭店6楼 放公园路83号商铺3-4 478 Furong Zhong Lu, Section 重庆市民权路26号4楼商铺 45/F New Century Grand
Area, Jinnan T: 0411 8259 8888*8616 /8610 83-3-4 Jiefang Park Street 1, Changsha, Hunan Tel: 023 6362 9388 Hotel Hangzhou, 818 Shixin
天津市津南区八里台镇津港 www.kempinski.com/dalian Jiefang Road Hankou,Wuhan, 湖南省长沙市芙蓉中路一段 www.ispace-spa.com Road Central, Xiaoshan,
公路北侧 域路京基皇冠假日 Hubei 478号运达国际广场 Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
酒店G层 Cobase Spa at Grand Mercure Tel: 027 8264 3075 T: 0731 8488 8848 Shin SPA at Chongqing 浙江省杭州市萧山区市心中
T: 022 2870 7856 Teda Dalian 3) 新华路店 www.starwoodhotels.com Sheenjoy Hotel 路818号杭州开元名都大酒
2) 1 South Road,Zhong 大连泰达美爵酒店康贝思水 湖北省武汉市汉口建设大道新 重庆心景酒店心景SPA 店45层
Huan,Longsha,Qiqihar 疗中心 华小路新世界百货旁 Shui Spa at Wanda Vista No.1 Canal South Road, 10 T: +86 571 8288 8888 ext.8600
齐齐哈尔市龙沙区中环南路1号 205 Zhongnan Road, Xinhua Street Jianshe Road, Changsha Miles HotSpring Town, Beibei, www.roonspavillage.com
君汇国际酒店4层CoCo Spa Zhongshan District, Dalian, Hankou,Wuhan, Hubei 长沙万达文华酒店“水”水疗 Chongqing
T: 0452 2222 222 ext.6706 Liaoning, China Tel: 027 8578 7856 308 Section 1 Xiangjiang 重庆市北碚区十里温泉城运河 SPA by MTM Hangzhou
辽宁省大连市中山区中南路 4) 水果湖店 Middle Road, Kaifu, 南路1号 SPA by MTM杭州
Queen Legend SPA 205号 湖北省武汉市武昌水果湖 Changsha, Hunan, China T: 023 8608 8888 Millennium Resort Hangzhou,
女王传奇 T: +86 411 8250 0190 188-1号 湖南省长沙市开福区湘江中路 No.15 Jiuxi Road, Hangzhou,
1) 哈尔滨女王传奇SPA晶 www.cobasegroup.com 188-1 Shui Guo Hu Road, 一段308号 Banyan Tree Spa Chongqing Zhejiang, 310008, China
鑫会所 Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei T: +86 731 8800 8888 ext.6306 Beibei 浙江省杭州市九溪路15号
Harbin Queen Legend Spa Spa 水疗 • 香港&澳门 Tel: 027 8736 0531 www.wandahotels.com 重庆北碚悦榕Spa 杭州千禧度假酒店
Jingxin Club 5) 襄阳店 101 Wenquan Road, T: +86 571 8769 9876
哈尔滨道里区安发街71号 Biologique Recherche Haute 湖北省襄阳市大庆西路永 Shine Spa for Sheraton at Chengjiang, Beibei District, www.spabymtm.com
NO.71, Anfa Street, Daoli, Couture Flagship Store 安广场 Sheraton Changde Wuling Hotel Chongqing, China
Harbin (Hong Kong) Yongan Plaza,Da Qing Xi 常德武陵天济喜来登酒店喜 重庆市北碚区澄江镇温泉路 The health club and spa at
T: 0451 8420 9292 原液之谜私人定制旗舰店(香港) Road, Xiangyang, Hubei 来登水疗 101号 Hyatt Regency Hangzhou
2) 哈尔滨女王传奇SPA中 Suites 1006-7, 10/F, World Tel: 0710 3459 155 899 Zaoguo Road, Wuling, T: +86 23 6030 8888 杭州凯悦酒店
央会所 Commerce Centre Harbour Changde, Hunan, China www.banyantreespa.com 湖泉水疗健身中心
Harbin Queen Legend Spa City, Hongkong Siyanli 湖南省常德市武陵区皂果路 28 Hubin Road, Hangzhou,
Zhongyang Club 香港海港城世界商业中心10楼 思妍丽 899号 Spa 水疗 • 浙江 Zhejiang, China
哈尔滨市道里区西八道街12号 1006-7室 1) 国际广场店 T: +86 736 788 8888 浙江省杭州市湖滨路28号
No.12, West 8th Street, Daoli, Tel. 852 2115 3198/ 3189 406, Wuhan International www.sheraton.com PALAISPA Beauty T: +86 571 8779 1234
Harbin World-ZHEJIANG www.hangzhou.regency.
T: 0451 8770 2255 Melo Spa at Hyatt Regency Spa 水疗 • 广西 YIWU-Shimin Square hyatt.com
3) 哈尔滨女王传奇SPA宣 Hong Kong, Sha Tin
化会所 香港沙田凯悦酒店MELO SPA Banyan Tree Spa Yangshuo SpaChina • 2018 | 95
Harbin Queen Legend 水疗中心 阳朔悦榕Spa
SpaXuanhua Club 168 Zhengdong Street, Fuli
No.380 Xuanhua Street,
Nangang District, Harbin

SpaChina PartnerS | 加盟商户

Spa 水疗 • 福建 Spa 水疗 • 山东 info@biologique-recherche.cn Floor, DongmennanRoad 武汉市武昌区中山路317号 Tianshanwest Rd, Changning
Biologique Recherche No:3002,Luohu District, T: 027 8670 4540 District, Shanghai
Angsana Spa (Seaview Xiamen) Heavenly Spa by Westin, The (Hongkong) Shenzhen, 518001 China www.KOHLER.com.cn 上海市长宁区天山西路568号6
悦椿Spa(厦门海悦山庄) Westin Qingdao 原液之谜(香港) 深圳市罗湖区东门南路3002号 楼B1617, 邮编 200335
1/F No. 2 Seaview Resort, 青岛威斯汀酒店威斯汀 Suites 908-909, Ocean 华都园大厦29层 Venus Concept T: +21 5578 9987
3999 Huandao Road South, 天梦水疗 Centre, Harbour City, 5 T: 0755 2515 9236 Shanghai offoce
Xiamen, Fujian, China 8 Hong Kong Road Central, Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Mob: +86 137 2377 1596 Venus Concept (Shanghai)  +86 183 2190 8121
福建省厦门市环岛南路3999号 Shinan, Qingdao, Shandong, Kowloon, Hongkong www.pevonia.com.cn Co., Ltd www.jogswimwear.com.cn
海悦山庄二期1楼 China 香港九龙尖沙咀广东道5号海港 维锶(上海)生物科技有限公司
T: +86 592 502 3333 青岛市市南区香港中路8号 城海洋中心908-909室 龙仿有限公司 Room 901, No. 6088 Humin Beijing Organic Life Business
www.angsana.com T: +86 532 6777 1888 T: 852 2111 9998 龙仿贸易(深圳)有限公司 Road, Minhang, Shanghai Consultant Co,.Ltd
www.westin.com E-mail: info@lifebalance.com.hk ChinaShow Limited / 上海市闵行区沪闵路6088号 北京市奥锦丽莱商务顾问有
The Spa at Sheraton Xiamen www.biologiquerecherche.com ChinaShow Trading 901室 限公司
Hotel The Lalu SPA at The Lalu (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. T: 021 6406 6126 1205 Room, Block 1, Wanda
时式水疗康体中心(厦门喜来 Qingdao Ningbo Dankunya Trade Rm2101, Remington Centre, Hong Kong Office Plaza, No.93 of Jianguo road,
登酒店) 青岛涵碧楼酒店 Company Limited 23 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Venus Concept(HK) Limited Chaoyang, Beijing
386-1 Jiahe Road, Xiamen, 涵碧楼温泉SPA会所 宁波丹坤雅商贸服务有限公司 KLN, Hong Kong 维斯概念(香港)有限公司 北京朝阳区建国路93号
Fujian, China 277 Jiu Long Shan Road , 184 Qianhu South Road, 国内:深圳市福田区CBD民田 Units 2608-9, 26/F, Prosperity 万达广场1号楼1205室
福建省厦门市嘉禾路386-1号 Qingdao, Shandong, China Yinzhou, Ningbo 路178号华融大厦423室 Place, 6 Shing Yip Street, T:  010 58205148
T: +86 592 550 8998 山东省青岛市经济技术开发区 宁波鄞州区钱湖南路184号 T: +86 755 8383 4533 / Kwun Tong, Kowloon
www.sheraton.com 九龙山路277号 Tel: 186 1154 3080 九龙观塘成业街6号 010 53348586
T: +86 532 8316 6666 www.dankunya.com 8383 2737 泓富厂场26楼2608-9室 www.gemology.com.hk
Chuan Body + Soul at www.qd.thelalu.com +852 2116 4521 / 2116 4522 T: 852 3152 2330
Langham Place, Xiamen Joy Plus International Group www.phytomer.fr Institut-esthederm
厦门朗豪酒店「川」身+心水疗 Fang Quan Spa at Hyatt 香港嘉悦国际集团 www.phytoceane.com Technogym (Shanghai) Naos China Company Limited
4668 Xianyue Road, Xiamen, Regency Jinan Natura Bissé悦碧施, Comfort www.thalissi.hk 泰诺健(上海) 上海诺司贸易有限公司
Fujian, China 济南万达凯悦酒店 Zone舒适地带中国区运营商 4/F Building 1, 881 Wuding Road 12A, 999 Shinmay Union
福建省厦门市仙岳路4668号 芳泉水疗中心 7/F, B Building, Rongchao Kohler Showroom 武定路881号1号楼4楼 Square, South Pudong Road,
T: +86 592 602 9999 ext.8779 187 Jingsi Road, Shizhong, Business Center, 6003 科勒展厅 T: 021 5888 6355 Shanghai
www.langhamhotels.com Jinan, Shandong, China Yitian Road, Futian District, 1) 456 West Nanjing Road, www.technogym.com 上海市浦东南路999号
山东省济南市市中区经四路 Shenzhen Shanghai 新梅联合广场12A
Spa 水疗 • 陕西 187号 深圳市福田区中心区益田路 上海市南京西路456号 Europa Trading (Shanghai) Tel: 86 21 6155 6566
T: +86 531 8828 1234 6003号荣超商务中心B座7层 T: 021 5375 5058 Co., Ltd. www.institut-esthederm.com.cn/
Shine Spa at Sheraton Hotel www.jinan.regency.hyatt.com Tel: +86 755 8290 4681 2) Ground Floor Store of 欧莱芭贸易(上海)有限公司
Xi’an +86 755 8290 4682 Huateng New Horizon, 195 2007 Tower 1 Guosheng TOUCHAMERICA
西安喜来登大酒店炫逸水疗 Spa 水疗 • 台湾 www.joyplus.hk East 4th Ring Road Middle Center, Lane 388 Zhongjiang 佛山市达奇千那贸易有限公司
262 Fenghao Road East, Section, Beijing Road, Putuo, Shanghai Xingli Road Central, Lunjiao
Xi’an, Shaanxi, China Angsana Spa (Caesar Park EVALINK INVESTMENTS 北京市东四环中路195号华腾 上海市普陀区中江路388号 Ind. Avenue, Shunde, Foshan,
陕西省西安市丰镐东路262号 Kenting) LIMITED 新天地底层 国盛中心1号楼2007室 Guangdong
T: +86 29 8426 1888*13888 悦椿Spa(垦丁凯撒) EVALINK投资有限公司 T: 010 8795 1684 T: +86 21 5295 8001 广东省佛山市顺德区伦教工业
www.starwoodhotels.com/ 6 Kending Road, Hengchun Asia Pacific Exclusive 3) Ouyada Home Furniture, 18 A1, 7/F Yeung Yin Chung, 大道兴荔中路
sheraton Town, Pingdong, Taiwan Distributor of MBR South Road, Tianjin No.6 Industry Building 19 Tel: +86 757 2788 1377
台湾东屏东县恒春镇垦丁路6号 MBR亚太区独家总代理 天津市南马路18号 Cheung Shun, St Cheung Sha www.touchamerica.cn
Chuan Body + Soul at Branley T: +886 8886 1888 3/F, Kunlun Hotel, 2 Xin Yuan 欧亚达家居 Wan, Kl, Hong Kong
Spa at Branley Hotel www.angsana.com Nan Lu, Chaoyang District T: 022 5828 1355 香港九龙长沙湾长顺街19号 JARDIN GLOBAL
吉朗丽大酒店吉朗丽水疗 Beijing 4) 282 Northern Park Street, 杨耀松(第六)工业大厦 O'Nine Technologies, Ltd.
3/F Branley Hotel, 22 Feng Products & Equipment 中国北京市朝阳区新源南路2号 Ji’nan 7楼A1室 上海零玖科技有限公司
Hui South Road, High-tech 产品/仪器 昆仑饭店3层 济南市北园大街282号 T: +852 2310 8432 2/F Building 9, 318 Yuanxi
District, Xi’an, China Tel: 010 6590 3388 T: 0531 8860 3645 www.germaine-de-capuccini.com Road, Pudong, Shanghai
陕西省西安市高新区沣惠南路 Aromatherapy Associates Asia www.mbr-cosmetic.net 5) 15-20,195 Middle Huangpu 上海市浦东新区园西路318号
22号吉朗丽大酒店3层 Regional Office Street, Guangzhou World Health Store 9号楼2楼
T: +86 29 6858 8888 Suite 22L, 151 Hollywood Wisdom Trading Co.,LTD 广州市黄埔大道中195号15-20 康美然健康馆 Tel: +86 21 6879 2209
www.branleyhotel.com Road, Central, Hong Kong 深圳市惠成誉美贸易有限公司 T: 020 8567 7646 1) CBD Store CBD零售店 www.oninebeauty.cn
Tel: 852 3711 3232 Huaduyuan Bldg 29 6) 1/F New Sun Building, R 2152, North Tower, SOHO
Angsana Spa Xi’an Lintong www.aromatherapyassociates. Fourth Bagua Road, Shenzhen Shangdu,No.8 Dongdaqiao
西安临潼悦椿Spa com 深圳市八卦四路新阳大厦首层 Rd, Beijing
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espaskincare.com 域4区1号 Shunyi District, Beijing
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西安香格里拉大酒店『气』水疗 Biologique Recherche (China) 8) 18, Ximian Bridge Street, 号欧陆广场地下一层09A
38B Keji Road, Hi-Tech. 原液之谜(中国) Chengdu T: 010 8046 2524
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T: 010 6496 0418/19 10) 317 Zhongshan Road, Unit B1617, F6, No.568
Shine Spa for Sheraton at E-mail: Wuchang District, Wuhan
Sheraton Xi’an North City Hotel
32 Weiyang Road, Xi’an,
Shaanxi, China
T: +86 29 8886 6888

96 | SpaChina • 2018

spa People | spa 人士

杨少惠/Gloria Yeung Gullusah Kendir
香港置地文华东方酒店水疗经理 上海浦东香格里拉大酒店水疗及康乐总监
Spa Manager of The Landmark Mandarin Director of CHI, The Spa & Health Club of
Oriental Hong Kong Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai
杨少惠女士于2017年正式加入香港置地文华 来自土耳其的Gullusah现于上海浦东香格里
东方酒店东方水疗中心担任水疗中心经理。 拉大酒店担任水疗及康乐总监,拥有近20年
拥有多年水疗中心管理经验的Gloria曾在澳 服务行业运营管理经验的Gullusah在加入香
门及香港作为开发团队监督水疗、美发沙 格里拉集团之前曾就职于多个国际酒店及水
龙、泳池和健身中心的运营。Gloria持有国 疗品牌,并带领团队屡获殊荣。Gullusah于
际认可的管理文凭、教学和培训技能以及Esthetician CIDESCO Spa国 2012年加入土耳其伊斯坦布尔香格里拉担任
际认可的专业文凭。她将致力于为东方水疗中心的尊贵客人和会员提 水疗及健身中心总监,参与酒店水疗及健身中心的开业筹备,之后
供顶尖的豪华服务。 于2014年再次参与毛里求斯香格里拉度假酒店的开业筹备。凭借其
Ms. Gloria Yeung joined The Oriental Spa at The Landmark Mandarin 香格里拉CHI水疗将一如既往为人们营造一处宁静怡人的世外桃源。
Oriental Hong Kong as Spa Manager in 2017. Gloria comes with a
wealth of Spa Management experience, having worked in both pre- As the Director of CHI, The Spa & Health Club of Pudong Shangri-La,
opening teams and operations overseeing Spa, Salon, Pool and Fitness East Shanghai, Gullusah Kendir has almost 20 years of management
within luxury companies both in Macau and Hong Kong. Gloria holds experience in a broad range of international brands. Gullusah joined
internationally-recognised diplomas in management studies, spa teaching Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts in 2012 at Shangri-La Bosphorus, in
and training skills and as a CIDESCO Esthetician. She will be a great Istanbul’s pre-opening team as Director of CHI, The Spa & Health Club,
asset, assisting the Oriental Spa in continuing to enhance its luxury and then she took the same position in Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort
services to valued guests and members. & Spa, Mauritius for its rebranding. With her rich experience of the hotel
spa industry and her spirit of innovation, she will lead the team to create
a peaceful oasis in the centre of the city.

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