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十六专题写作亮点句式专题 1.建议信 1. Informed that …,I am writing with the aim /intention of offering some suggestions2. I feel honored/privileged to make some recommendations as follows. 3. It is highly recommended to do….4. …. is well worth trying/considering / What is well worth mentioning is that…5. What is the most important is that you are supposed to do .6. Doing sth is a wise /good choice (idea)7. Were I you , I would do sth.8. From my perspective, what is highly recommended is …, which …. . 9. Not onl... [收起]
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专题 1.建议信

1. Informed that …,I am writing with the aim /intention of offering some suggestions

2. I feel honored/privileged to make some recommendations as follows.

3. It is highly recommended to do….

4. …. is well worth trying/considering / What is well worth mentioning is that…

5. What is the most important is that you are supposed to do .

6. Doing sth is a wise /good choice (idea)

7. Were I you , I would do sth.

8. From my perspective, what is highly recommended is …, which …. .

9. Not only should you do sth , but also you are expected to do …

10. On knowing that ... , hardly can I resist the temptation to recommend ...

专题 2.邀请信

1. Knowing that you have a burning passion for …, I’m writing to invite you to participate

in/engage in/get involved in … to be held by….

2. Aimed at sparking students’ interests in …, the activity is scheduled / is launched ….

3. With a variety of appealing activities, the exhibition has quite a lot to offer.

4. During the activity, a lecture on … will be delivered, which helps/enables us to gain a deep

insight / insights into the origin and development of … .

5. Not only will the activity serve as an ideal platform where sb can …, but it will also add spice

to ….

6. Not only will this session 环节 offer you a fascinating hands-on 实操的 experience, but it

will also make you… .

7. The activity will surely/definitely leave you unforgettable memories.

8. I assure the performances will be a feast for eyes.

9. Don’t hesitate to join us. You are bound to have a great time.

10. You can’t afford to miss the great chance to do sth.

专题 3.感谢信

1. I’m writing to you to extend\\express my sincere gratitude\\appreciation for helping me.

2. Words fail to convey my gratitude to you.

3. It was you who helped me out of trouble.

4. If it hadn’t been for your help, I wouldn’t have...=(Had it not been for your help, I wouldn’t


5. Please accept my sincere thanks for your help, which I will never forget.

6. Nothing could ever return the favor you gave me.

7. It’s your timely help that contributes to this success.

8. Thanks to your generous help, the festival has turned out to be an amazing success.

9. Thanks again for your generous help.

10. It was so kind of you to treat me as your best friend.

专题 4.申请信

1. Your advertisement for an Internet Engineer has caught my attention. I would like to apply


for this position/to do....

2. I wish to apply for the position which you advertised in today's newspaper.

3. I have strong written and verbal communication skills.

4. My name is...I graduated from...university,majoring in...

5. I am confident my professional knowledge has prepared me to handle the job.

6. I am skilled in /be expert at...

7. I have good performance in every course,especially in...

8. I believe that I am well qualified for the position as...

9. If any further material is still required for my application, please let me know at your earliest


10. Should further information be required, please let me know.

专题 5.投诉信

1. I’m writing to complain / make a complaint about a…which I bought …days ago in…

2. I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with ...

3. I regret to inform you that…

4. I can hardly bear/tolerate …any more.

5. After using it, my disappointment was beyond description when I discovered …

6. I would like to have a full refund or change a new one for me that …. Otherwise, ...

7. If you prefer, we could meet in person to resolve/address this matter.

8. Frankly speaking, I am not prepared to put up with the situation any more.

9. Under these circumstances, I find it difficult to…

10. We believe that you will take this matter seriously from now on and make every effort to

prevent its happen again.

专题 6.道歉信

1. Much to my regret, I am writing to beg your forgiveness for.../what I have done.

2. I am terribly sorry that I failed to..., which has caused a great deal of inconvenience for you.

3. I understand it will certainly put you in a very bad mood.

4. To answer for/make up for the consequence, I would appreciate your allowing me to make

another date to...

5. So guilty am I that I promise I am bound to make up for (弥补)...

6. I assure you/ make a promise that I will compensate(弥补)....

7. Many apologies again for all the inconvenience I’ve caused you.

8. Your pardon and understanding will be appreciated.

专题 7.求助信

1. I am writing to ask for your help and professional advice.

2. It would be of great help if I could have your constructive suggestions/instruction on doing..

3. Would you please share some time to ...Besides, I would appreciate it if you could help me...

4. I’m writing to seek for your help since I encounter 面对 some problems in....

5. What I'm worried/concerned about most is...

6. What disturbs/confuses me most is that...


7. When it comes to the tuition/ As for the tuition, could you please give me an exact/specific


8. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some guidance. Looking forward to your reply.

9. Your attention to this letter would be highly appreciated and I’m looking forward to a

favorable reply at your earliest convenience.

10. Sorry to bother you, and your kind help would be highly appreciated.

专题 8.倡议信

1. In order to ....., we should keep the following things in mind.

2. As is known to all, ....is of great importance.

3. In recent years, with the popularity of digital devices, students pay little attention to their


4. As an old saying goes, living without a clear and achievable aim is like sailing without a


5. Therefore, we should.... Second, let’s .... Finally, I call on / appeal to all to....

6. I’m appealing to you to spend more time in reading...

7. If we can do as mentioned above, there is no doubt that...

8. It is high time that we took immediate measures/steps/action.

9. Let’s all take action now and contribute to the prosperity of our mother—the earth .

10. Hope to see you participate in the activity! Take action now and you won’t regret it!

专题 9.演讲稿

1. Hello, everyone! It's a great honor for me/It is my honor to stand here and give my speech.

My name is ___________ (自我介绍). The topic of my speech is ___________________(发


2. First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to make a speech here.

3. Many people hold the view that….

4. People’s views on …vary from person to person. Some hold that …. While, others believe


5. With the rapid increase of China’s population, housing /environment /aging problem is

becoming more and more serious.

6. It really benefited me a lot from previewing lessons, getting actively involved in class and

reviewing what had been taught after class.

7. I am firmly convinced that with your great efforts, you will enjoy a colorful and fruitful life


8. What I want to stress is that__________(重申主题). For one thing, __________. For another,

__________. Besides, __________(原因或重要性列举). In conclusion, ___________(总


9. Taking all these factors into consideration, we naturally come to the conclusion that….

10. That’s all, and thank you for your listening!

专题 10.口头通知、书面通知

1. May I have your attention, please? I have an announcement to make.(口头通知)


2. That’s all. Thank you for your attention/listening.(口头通知)

3. To enrich our school life and arouse students’ enthusiasm for...

4. There will be a lecture on pollution given by professor Wang from Peking University in the

school hall at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

5. Our school has decided to hold an activity to climb Xiangshan Hill this Saturday.

6. Contestants are required to ....

7. All entries 登录 must be submitted to ...by Friday.

8. All the students are required to attend the meeting to be held in the meeting room on the third

floor at 6:30 this Wednesday.

9. There is sure to be a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome.

10. Whoever show their keen interest in the activity will be highly welcomed

专题 11.日记

1. Last Saturday witnessed our active participation in ….

2. To get away from the stress of the study, my classmates and I volunteered to … on … last


3. As scheduled, we gathered at …, bringing our cleaning stuff and willing hearts.

4. On our arriving at…, we began our voluntary work.

= We began our voluntary work the moment / the minute / the instant we arrived at …

= Hardly had we arrived at … when we began our voluntary work.

= No sooner had we arrived at … than we began our voluntary work.

5. Shortly after arriving there, we marched to the elderly caring center, where we helped mop the

floor, dust the furniture and clean the windows.

6. The highlight of the day, no doubt, was the programs performed by ….

7. After arriving home, I became aware that hard work really pays off ….

8. All people, no matter what they do, are making contributions to our country.

9. It has been a rewarding day and will benefit us in the long run/term.

10. Through this experience, I realize how tough it is to work in the fields in the burning sun. /

I figure out that we really can get joy from work.

By no means should we only stay indoors and never go outside to engage in physical


11. Despite the sweat, we were flooded with a sense of achievement.

专题 12.招聘启事 A Teacher Wanted

1. If you are keen on/ passionate about ..., here comes a precious opportunity.

2. If you have a talent/gift for ... you can’t afford to miss this precious opportunity.

3. Those who are expert in ... are highly expected.

4. Those who/Whoever are qualified to do... will undoubtedly have a priority.

5. Knowledge of ... and ... will be viewed favorably.

6. We will definitely provide a unique stage where you find your passion deep within


7. Your responsibilities are in charge of ...

8. The role requires/ involves ...

9. With the requirements above satisfying, why not have a try?


10. You application should be no later than July, 7, 2022

11. For any/ further questions, please contact us in no time via 1234567.

专题 13.议论文


1. There is a widespread concern over whether we should …/There is a heated discussion

about whether we should….

2. Our opinions are divided on this topic /The opinion concerning this topic varies from person

to person .

3. … percent of the students are in favor of the idea, thinking it necessary to…/Those who

are in favor of the idea believe that …

4. There are several factors contributing to their opinion . /A number of factors can account

for /contribute to/ be responsible for the increase in…

5. For one thing ,… For another, … . Therefore, it goes without saying that …/ There are

numerous reasons why _________. To begin with,… Moreover,… /In addition,…. What is

also worth noticing/mentioning is that ...

6. However, the other people hold the opposite opinion, believing/arguing that … .


7. In order to …, I strongly recommend that some effective measures should be taken to ….

8. Taking all these factors into account/ consideration, we may safely reach the conclusion


专题 14.说明文

1. A survey has been conducted about whether……. As is shown in the chart, 80% of…


2. It’s obvious in the graph/table that the rate/number/amount of… has experienced dramatic


3. The number of…. has risen/fallen/declined/dropped by ….since…

4. As is vividly illustrated in that picture ,…/As the table/graph indicates,…

5. Basically, several reasons are listed for…….. From what is mentioned above, a conclusion

can be reached that…

6. There are several reasons for…., but in general, they come down to three major ones.

7. Many factors may account for…, but the following are the most typical ones.

8. There seem to be two causes as we try to figure out what led to the subtle difference.

9. What calls for special attention is that…/ What can’t be emphasized too much is that…

10. From what has been mentioned above, it is …that give rise to the phenomenon. Only

by…can the problem be solved.

专题 15.记叙文(叙事)

1. I can well remember the first time when…

2. … was the most unforgettable day for me.

3. Vivid memories come flooding back to … when I was…

4. I was doing… when …

5. The unforgettable scene will impress me permanently.


6. I couldn’t help thinking that…

7. Tired as we were, we had great fun and a sense of achievement.

8. Although the activity came to an end, it has an everlasting/far-reaching influence on us.

9. The activity was spoken highly of by our teachers.

10. On our arriving at....,what came into sight was....

专题 16.记叙文(叙人):

1. Sb specializes in … / got over obstacles / set a good example to the world/is a role model to

the World /be recognized as /greatly inspired people who …

2. His /Her great courage to face the misfortune positively and overcome obstacles sets a good

example to the whole world .

3. When it comes to his achievements, what I admire most are his perseverance and optimism

when struggling with difficult and tough times.

4. With surprising persistence and enthusiasm , he made great contributions to …

5. She proved that her perseverance with sweat of hard work and constant exercise throughout

the year eventually paid off.

6. So diligent and persistent was he that he …

7. Successful as he is, it’s his persistence and modesty as well as his devotion to the society that

impress me most./ Admirable as his accomplishments are in the business field, what impress

me most is his persistence and modesty.

8. Sb. gives us all his love and care, but never expects anything in return.

9. It impressed me so much that…

10. What deserves our respect is that ….

11. Such is …., a celebrated scientist of great determination, who is honoured by ….